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KimuraMatsu November 6, 2007

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hemm what should i say.. no need to say i think.. just watch them and we’ll know… they’re so good to be with. Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu already been known as Japan golden combi… on screen and off screen.

i love mika’s art work.. she’s so kind making avatar and banner for us!


HERO movie will be coming to singapore on this 22nd november… i’m not sure when it will come to malaysia… hopefully not too long… but insyaallah i’ll be in singapore.. to meet hachiko and myra! Basically, i think i already know everything… not only the “blankblank end scene” but also behind of scene… haha… thanx goodness to have yanie for non-stop sending us her report and translation. without her, really i dunno what to do! :p

myra informed us the Encore link… if you wanna watch the Hero trailer with english subtitle… go to



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  2. yurichanciel Says:

    can you upload to youtube the scene when they kissing in the movie of hero? please T_T

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