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super B’z November 6, 2007

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i’m a B’z fan since 1990s… and still loyal to them. B’z currently launched their new single album on 3rd Oct 2007. Limited version of Super Love Song. Go to their official site for more info. Emm, looking to the cover it’s something like a new logo to Superman… hehe.. as i’m more prefer to local superhero.. better put Kuryu-Amamiya animation then!


alright, let’s see their achievement in 2006…
(source: to B’z Official)

The sales of B’z The Best “Pleasure II” reached one million by the end of 2005, just as the first single in 2006 “Shoudou” was released. Signaling a fresh start for the year, B’z had two new members on their production team.

Jay Baumgardner, the engineer and producer for Linkin Park and Evanescence, did the mix; he is also the owner of NRG recordings in Los Angeles (where B’z recorded the album Brotherhood in July 1999). In addition to that, mastering was done by Ted Jensen, who, in 2002, became the first winner of a Grammy Award as a mastering engineer; he is also the chief mastering engineer of Sterling Sound in NY.

B’z recorded two more new singles in 2006, which were also done by both Jay and Ted.

On April 12th, B’z released their 41st single “Yuruginaimono Hitotsu” which was the theme song for the movie Detective Conan ~Tanteitachi no Requiem~ (known as Case Solved in the U.S.) –> {sigh}how i wish…. any B’z song as a theme of KimuraMatsu!!

The 3rd single in 2006 “SPLASH!” was released on June 7th. For the first time with B’z, the single came with one of three free DVDs, each containing a live performance of one song on the center circle stage from B’z LIVE-GYM 2005 “CIRCLE OF ROCK”. The three live songs are “Ai no Bakudan,” “Pulse” and “Fever”. This was for the first press only, so people reserved them in advance; the CD was sold out even before its release.

The B’z performance will be broadcast all over the world via the internet. NETWORK LIVE (Los Angeles, USA) chose B’z as the first Japanese artist for its broadcast, with the fact B’z is the best selling and no.1 artist in Japan. International top artists have already been on their list, but B’z will join as the first artistfrom Asia.

On June 28th, their 15th original full album MONSTER was released. It includes 3 singles from 2006: “Shoudou-MONSTER Mix-” (new remix version), “Yuruginaimono Hitotsu” and “SPLASH!”, and also 2005’s big hit single “OCEAN ~2006 mix~” (new remix version). The wide variety of 14 songs, which are well balanced and beautifully constructed, truly make a “MONSTER” album. Most of the recording took place in Los Angeles, again with the two great engineers, Jay Baumgardner, who did the mix and Ted Jensen, who mastered it.

B’z kicked off the tour B’z LIVE-GYM 2006 “MONSTER’S GARAGE” from Amami Bunka Center on July 2nd. B’z just finished the tour, with the final show at Osaka Dome. There were 17 shows in all, including 5 big domes in 11 locations and 450,000 audience members all together.


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