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let’s smap.. nakai-kun November 11, 2007

Filed under: let's smap — nuralisya @ 10:46 pm

emm, it’s been long time i didn’t follow up SmaSma.
i might lazy to find them and didn’t give a damn to download it..
unless the links coming pop-up right to my window screen.

but lately, seems like.. i miss nakai-kun so much…
that’s what moved me to continue “let’s smap” series…

“Lets Smap” is actually self-made fun videos i made since last year.
making smap pv is totally different than making kimumatsu.
i could do smap simple pv in very very short time..
zap zap zap.. done!!

coz i dun need to think anything. well, that’s a good thing about smap. who really care about the theme or what?! as long as i enjoying the process and end result.
the materials also simple coz i’m just using not-so-good screen caps. i dun really need to impress anyone.. or showing blossom of love and sweet words to smap coz i believe they won’t watch mine. and who really care about their birthday
or special videos.. i do whenever i wanna do.

to think again, i am smap-ichiban.
no kimura, no tsuyopon, no shingo, no goro, no nakai.
but smap.. as a group.. support by individual strength and weakness.
i know them since end 1993 and began to favour them in 1995.
emm, that’s a long story ne….

just now, i received pm from myra.. saying that my kimumatsu true kisses video already at other sites. duh, i check and….. i found out…. all my smap are there.
Heee… hontou ni?!! ALL of videos?! i didn’t mind actually… but how to say..
feel bit weird to see mine at other people site. emmm… somehow…
i’m quite surprise that the person could absorb every single of them.
i feel honored then, if she/he really appreciated those “craps”.

hikhik.. say what you will.. i just love my craps! s47.jpg
to watch nuralisya “let’s smap” videos playlist

*ehemmm.. please do respect copyright of my craps, ok 🙂


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