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treasure JBox summary December 9, 2007


rockwalk01.jpg Rock giants B’z became the first Asian artists to be inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk on last 19th November 2007. Inaba Koshi (43) and Matsumoto Takahiro (46) were at the Guitar Center in Los Angeles for the induction ceremony. Speaking in English, Matsumoto said how when they started out they had never dreamed of ending up in such a place, and the pair thanked their fans for their success. Inaugurated in 1985, the Rock Walk includes all the major names of U.S. rock history. B’z earned their place with combined sales of well over 70 million albums and singles credit to: Keen’s site
{just got back from my holiday, i’m still searching and downloading the news and speech. anyhow really, i’m so proud for them… BIG CONGRATS to ’em. well, you could find some pieces at youtube about this special event!}

Yutaka Takenouchi
risounokekkon.jpg – i just bought takeno old dorama vcd “Wedding Story”. it was good. takeno as usual being a good actor. his role as a good nerd, workaholic man, loyal lover and very obedient to his mama. it’s fun to see him in this kind of “lurus bendul” character.. emm, actually in this story.. i was quite surprised when he gave marriage proposal after 2 weeks.. waa, how come so fast to make decision.. but if someone like him do the same thing to me.. haha, i dun mind!

– takeno being narrator for “ashita he no yuigon (of will to of movie tomorrow)”. the recording was done last july 2007 but it would release in march 2008. takeno also involved in “ano sora wo oboeteru (remember that sky)” movie which originally taken from american child literature. ah, i could see the different of takeno here… the hairstyle… a bit fresh.. portrayed as a normal father living with his family somewhere in forest. ah, i see a tree house there.

The director is Shin Togashi. Last time, he said “I feel Yutaka Takenouchi fits the character very well as it requires naivety. He is a wonderful individual who has a vision in movie making as a whole, and respects other actors and actresses. I’m looking forward to working with him”. emmm, sweet but humble compliment isn’t it? :p he still look cute papa… hukhuk, my heart melt already. btw, the movie would be release next may 2008 – source: takeno’s offical

Takashi Sorimachi
sorimachi_takashi.jpg alright after reading some translations, i understand that sorimachi’s drama was on-air last 13th october.. the title is “dream & something-something”
{hikhik, i wish i know kanji! 🙂 }
sorimachi play two characters here.. as Shunsuke Ogi, a professional baseball player for Yomiuri giant troop and Kouya’s fund president Asahina. I just give a brief in simple words about this… The story: Ogi died suddenly in accident before he could fulfill his dream. so he borrow the body of Asahina who is 180% different character to finish what’s not done. hemm, sound nice ne… a home-run man. he has a good image in that role. sorimachi as i could see is growing matured and charm.. compatible with his nanako. he’s still something!

btw, keep watching him in New Voxy Toyota.. the CM and the making of…


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