treasure Jbox

treasure Jbox summary December 16, 2007

df.jpg most smappies already know that SMAP will be release new single Dangan Fighter plus couple song Xmas song on this 19th december. The songs and the clips already everywhere. Dangan Fighter is official song for baseball olympics program for Asahi TV. {emm, honestly… even everyone keep praising them… i still feel lack of something. maybe coz i feel the music.. emm, how can i say.. no creativity there.. a very simple plain disco beat.} Anyway, there’s shop called Happy Happy SMAP from 2nd Dec to 7th Jan 2008 for fans.. small exhibition and merchandise sale there. and their new image.. yeah i like it. everyone in a good condition. {but i’m not a fan because of their faces.. so i dun really care about the image. the inside is more important than outside, ne… so, let’s work hard!!}

– another great news about matsu, she will be with another TK:
tk.jpg ikon-mataka.jpg Takeshi Kaneshiro and Takako Matsu will star in “K-20: Kaijin niju menso den” (The Fiend With Twenty Faces), a mystery inspired by the work of Japanese scribe Edogawa Rampo. Based on a novel by So Kitamura that uses Rampo’s most famous characters, pic is set in a fictional Japanese city in 1949.

Kaneshiro plays the titular master criminal and Matsu his victim. Toro Nakamura co-stars as a detective. Shimako Sato will helm the film, while Robot Communication will handle production chores, with shooting skedded to start in January and wrap in April. Among members of the production consortium are the NTV network and Toho, which is planning to release the pic in December 2008. – credit to
{matsu is a great actress.. especially in stage play and movie! so don’t miss her ne.. }

– my dream become true coz i really wanna matsu in dark story.. i keep hoping there’ll be opportunity again for takeno and matsu acting together… keep believing!
295px-with_love.gif early this month, i made clip for takeno.. there’s nothing, just miss him only.. from With Love dorama.. you could see From Crackle: Takeno Love


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