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end year gift December 25, 2007

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riko2.jpg i wonder if you feel lucky when you’re stumble with this weblog.
emm, i’m sorry if you feel don’t.. this is treasure blog.. so there won’t be any latest news.
i didn’t like to have sort of “run and catch” just to get exclusive news.. i’ll be more prefer to sit down “digging and craving” old files.. search and analyze. that’s why this site named as treasure Jbox.

so much things i learned.. i feel like i need to catch up everything fast. breathtaking but yes, bit challenging. how it’s feel.. it’s like my brain keep stimulating non-stop and give instruction to my memory to keep more and more space to process all the inputs. emm, sort of..whether i still have energy on this or not..

some people just love their idols (Johny’s boyband for example) and concentrating on them only.. but me, i’m looking to the J-entertainment industry as a whole picture in details.. macro and micro.

music, variety, movie, dorama, stageplay, management, technical etc. not only outcome but also the process or behind the scene. thanks to have some friends who have same interest.. that could share or discuss about scriptwriter, director, composer etc. frankly speaking, i dunno Japanese at all. but i’m good doing observation. and feel glad if i managed to get translation or summarize. whateva it is, i’m still learning.. and keep learning just to fulfill my needs of interest.

for you who visiting this site.. hontou ni arigatou!
and this is a small gift that i could give.. actually i start learned video-making only four months ago.. so don’t expect more. but my friends asked to share it with public.. so as their wish.. i share ten clips here. nothing much but hope you’ll like it 🙂

happy new year 2008 and have a great life!

riko3.jpg DOWNLOAD VIDEOS LINKS – simply made by nuralisya

1) kimumatsu – true kisses (66.35 MB)
kimura-matsu. song Kisses by takako matsu – HERO 2001, 2007
2) takeno – hold me (8.62 MB)
3) takeno – promise (36.07 MB)
yutaka takenouchi. pieces from dorama “Dropout teacher returns to school”.. you could watch the drama at
4) takeno – with love (29.2 MB)
yutaka takenouchi. piece from With Love and takeno CMs.. song Everybody needs Somebody by Love Pscychedelico.
5) HERO dorama 2001 promo mv (64.92 MB)
kimura-matsu. original from my friend yanie, Can You Keep A Secret? .. i remake just to make for Hero promo mv.
6) kimumatsu love phantom (74.87 MB)
kimura-matsu. BGM: VO by takako matsu and Love Phantom by B’z.
7) kimumatsu feat smap refreshment (75.55 MB)
smap-matsu. song sakura no ame itsuka by takako matsu. this is first piece from 3 videos i made.. dedicated to ex-SMAP, katsuyuki mori.
8- kimumatsu mercy (36.34 MB)
kimura-matsu. piece from matsu’s stageplays and kimura’s CM. the reason i made this video coz i wanna see them in dark dorama/movie..
9) kimumatsu i stand alone (9.55 MB)
kimura-matsu. song i stand alone by takako matsu.
10) easy come easy go! (64.62 MB)
nanako matsushima-takako matsu. cameos: takashi sorimachi, takuya kimura, yutaka takenouchi. song Easy come Easy Go! by B’z. i made this for myself and to all ladies out there.


One Response to “end year gift”

  1. joyce Says:

    yep, u’re probably right i don’t feel lucky coz i’m hunderd folds lucky,WOW! this is indeed a treasure,I’m just so glad I come across this box of treasure. WOOAAH!I can’t contain how lucky I feel right now,you don’t know how you “fulfill my needs of interest” hontou ni arigatou!otsukare sama.

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