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happy new year 2008! January 6, 2008

Filed under: kimumatsu — nuralisya @ 11:00 pm

it’s already 6 days.. only now i come down to say my new year’s wish.. hehe

well, lots things happened around..
but i think now i feel.. ok. it’s like i just pumped a powerful energy.
err, you don’t really get what i’m talking.. do you? πŸ™‚

ah, now i feel.. it’s time to get back to work.. shigoto shigoto..
i just listening to my good friend’s story about kimumatsu.. Just now.
seems like my sky getting brighter.
it’s good to hear a real facts about this two golden combi.
haha, a small group of people must be so envy to somebody like us, ne..
hoho.. what’s that..
happy above our suffers? so you think you gonna celebrate it..?
better check yourself.. oh my, feel pity to these poor people.
why being so bad and selfish? indirectly, you give a big signal that you’re so scared and jealous.. deshou? if you do.. thank you for that. coz actually we just found a great gems.. which adding kimura-matsu’s legendary.
owh.. their love chemistry would be never-ending.. keep that to your mind, ne πŸ™‚kimurapointing.jpg

riko.jpg so for now.. i’m still working on La Mancha Stage Play. i’ve done my part.. waiting for the next. i already completed compiling kimuramatsu stuff.. i’ll say it’s quite comprehensive.. those 3-dics are for my friend actually. or else, i never have any intention to do this thing. emm, i’m still finding time to burn Yankee’s dorama (yutaka takenouchi) and waiting to receive my videos from online store. i still didn’t check with Auntie Ani (my sister-in-law mother) whether those already arrived or not. what else.. ah, i should check out nanako-sorimachi and b’z latest news. it’s been awhile i didn’t check those. no, no.. even i’m late to follow up.. doesn’t mean anything ne… they’re still my royal.. SMAP would release new single for Goro’s new dorama. I managed to watch short clip of OTaku during opening Kouhaku. and OTaka gonna start filming with Kaneshiro. OTaku also would have a new dorama this year. and …. hehe, koda-nakai still hot.. this issue again being mentioned during kouhaku’s day. :p

owh, that’s it. i’m not going to do any gossiping in this blog. Happy New Year 2008!!
*i made kimumatsu soul of love last time..
maybe i’ll upload here later… emm…. maybe


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