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january summary January 23, 2008

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let’s start..
i’m still having marathon watching NanakoSorimachi doramas. Just finish Nanako list and would start Sorimachi’s. OverTime – Dream Again – Virgin Road – Wonderful Life – Cheap Love. {emm, those are old doramas rite? am i too old to watch this old actor? nawhhh.. instead, i feel young!}

As usual, B’z still in my music playlist. I’m thinking to start collecting their solo works. Have few pieces already. TmG (Tak Matsumoto Group) is great.. but feel bit ‘lonely’ when Koshi is not around. Oh, btw.. B’z Live-gym “ACTION” will have 49 concert dates, starting from 28th of January at Nagasaki and scheduled to finish on 17th of August at Okinawa. B’z also will start their 20th anniversary tour B’z Live-gym “Pleasure 2008” with 6 concert dates. {Ah, this good.. i love Pleasure!! if they gonna release DVD Pleasure 2008 con, definitely i would buy.. after all it’s their 20th birthday rite}

I’m waiting for Takeno (Yutaka Takenouchi) new movie which will release this year. Hope more job will come for him. He’s a great actor.. it would be a waste if industry doesn’t use his ability. Ah, previously.. i watched some trailers and fanfics videos made by fans.. amazing. i love it. see… fans still wanna see Takeno. so, let’s work hard!

SMAP new single, Sono Mama would be release on next 5th of Mac. this song will be a theme song for Goro new dorama “Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai”. and Tsuyoshi would be a guest for the first episode. Meanwhile Shingo dorama of “Bara no nai Hanaya” still on-air. A script by Nojima Shinji about a flower shop owner and a blind beauty who met when she was sheltering herself from the rain in front of the flower shop. So far so good. The first episode got 22.4%. my friend gave her rating: 12 out of 10! so, if you love Sleeping Forest by KimuTaku and Shiroi Kage by Nakai.. you should take a peek on this Bara.

talking about oTaku.. there’s an unexpected thing happened on last 18th Jan. he spilled about oTaka again.. but this time more open and bold. hemm, this KimuraMatsu is really unpredictable, ne… we couldn’t expect what will come in future. i might say, someday somehow.. a true thing will remained true. keep the key, coz we still keep those bags of memories!

Besides filming with Kaneshiro in “K-20” movie, Matsu also got great job doing NHK drama “Saka no ue no Kumo”. It is based on a book by Shiba Ryoutaro. She will play a wife of an army officer (played by Abe Hiroshi) in Meiji era. The drama will start in fall of 2009 and will be broadcast for 3 years! And the great news is, Kanno Miho also will be acting in this NHK drama. The last time, MihoMatsu together was in drama “Akarui Hoe e”.
hehe, sounds like i’m going to watch TakuGoro acting together 🙂


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