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charm of april April 14, 2008

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looks like i’m updating this site once a month.. hehe…
just finish my urgent work.. quite hectic with my research presentation and proposal to Ministry.

thnx to people who leave few comments here and there.. arigatou.
just now, i checked my mail.. Youtube removed my Kimumatsu Charm video due to reporting from someone.. when i translated the kanji.. it’s a Art Bank Ltd (?). Huh, any idea what’s happened around? 😛
i love Charm.. Frankly, it’s my labor of love to KimuMatsu…that’s why my video-making quite smooth (even with laptop’s limited space and simple basic Window Movie Maker software). btw, now my account already suspended. i don’t like Youtube actually.. but i upload those clips coz a small group of my friends are there. weird ne.. how come Charm is reported as illegal… i was expecting SmaSma clips or any TV shows.. haha. hemm, never mind… let it be.

Last night, i made omatsu video Minna Hitori for my little sis.. she celebrated her birthday this month.

kimumatsu – needing you (63.09MB)

And today, i’m nearly banging my head to the wall… due to exhausted and tiredness completing my task. Thanx to B’z .. listening to Koshi singing and Tak’s guitar.. make me fresh, alive.. Too good to think, to feel that.. i’m still alive!

there’re several smappies asked me if i got sexual attraction towards SMAP.. emm, no. SMAP is like my childhood friends.. thinking of them is like thinking of my old Japanese pen-pal (year 1993) who introduced me to this group. {except last month, i’ve got silly craziness with Tsuyoshi 😛 }
KimuTaku? nai.. nai.. He is for oMatsu only!
……….. maybe i could say my dream man is someone like Takeno (Yutaka Takenouchi) or Koshi.. Actually i also think, Tak is a romantic guy. I’m not good in describing.. just watch the above clip.. HONTOU ni, Koshi is triple HOT than oTaku (Kimura)! Plus, Koshi is high educated especially in Maths. As my dad is Professor in Maths and Fuzzy.. i’m sure my dad would invite someone like him to be his son-in-law.. muahaha.

All Words by Koshi Inaba | All Songs by Tak Matsumoto
Album: Big Machine (2003) – NBA Japan 2003 theme song – credit to Keen

Even if I cry or struggle, the answer won’t come back
The key to open this heart, seems like I have forgotten it somewhere

One way or another, I had a premonition that everything will break down
Not understanding where my level is, I’ve started giving praises to myself
Riding on a conceited illustration with not even a rope to cling to

I have become the type of person I hate the most
Let’s laugh at my ignorance self and situation

Where ever I go, with the speed increased
Not recalling forgotten things, my boots are getting worn out
Whatever the outcome is fine, nothing scares me anymore
Don’t have time to care about other people’s pain either
Such empty diamond

Running with accessories on the outside and immediate good feeling in the heart
Getting drunk in the midst of people who handle well their skillful conversation
Words to restore me back to reality are rather curt

For certain, someday we will have the same dream
We believed and understood each other to a frightening extent

Having done bad things, the penalties are coming back right at me
My heart turned pale, inside it I’m concealing a useless smile

Where ever I go, with the speed increased
Not recalling forgotten things, my boots are getting worn out
Whatever the outcome is fine, nothing scares me anymore
I can’t do anything, I can’t give no answer, keep running swiftly on this character

Everyone has disappeared, for the first time it soaks into my mind
The thing I’m running after without even a sideway glance is actually
Such empty diamond
I can’t help it
An illusioned life


3 Responses to “charm of april”

  1. Leraggazze Says:

    konbanha…atashi LeRagazze desu. one of your friend from youtube friendlist. Gosh..i dissapoint with youtube had done to all of your kimumatsu charm video..cos’ i haven’t seen all of them yet. actually, one of my video i’ve made about kimutaku’s dorama was removed too from youtube…
    thank’s god i haven’t delete your message from my inbox on youtube….so i can visit your blogs. your blog’s….2 thumbs up!! it…

  2. Baka New Mexican Says:


    Don’t like YouTube?

    Due to its popularity, it is becoming a rather uncool place. It’s a lot like Wikipedia, when it first started YouTube was a lot of fun because it was new and you could find a lot of video clips that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

    Now, all of the big corporations are starting to muscle in on YouTube since it is so popular. This is just one of the inevitable side effects ever since the creators of YouTube sold out to Google. Personally, I feel that Google is the new Microsoft – the computer company that everyone loves to hate.

    What could be going on with the video that you posted onto YouTube was part of the compromise that was announced last week, or very recently, between YouTube Japan and several copyright holders in the Japanese entertainment industry. It’s sad, but true. The Japanese entertainment industry, as far as I can tell, hates YouTube. Fuji TV, TBS, NHK, and the other major TV stations should actually try to find a way to co-exist with YouTube in my opinion. However, no one in Japan wants to take the risk of developing a new model and have it fail. From what I can tell, everything you have heard about Japanese companies being resistant to change is entirely true. This is a very good example.

    If only Takafumi Horie had successfully taken over Fuji TV and thrown out all of those old men who run the TV station!!! Love him or hate him, Horie was correct: Japan needs new business models.

    On a side note, I recently read another article about a Japanese website, called Nicos (?), in which you pay money to watch videos. Apparently, it’s not too popular. Go figure.

  3. nuralisya Says:

    hye, nice to meet you here.. i just know about youtube mess yesterday.. on the way back to my hometown. tonight, i take a peek.. i think my account has been suspended.. well, the kimumatsu clips still could be upload somewhere online or in file version. i’ll try to figure out and solve this.. there’s also friends couldn’t download my clips.. so, i’ll give copy in VCD or DVD format..delivered by mail. thnx for coming anyway…

    hehe.. i’m grinning reading your comment. yeah i understand that. very well. and yes, i don’t like youtube since long time ago. the management of youtube itself. btw, i also know about those Japanese media stations hate youtube. And frankly, i also know the risk and already well-prepared for any action for uploading those.. hehe, but i don’t expect my account to be suspended so early.

    Other site like still give many chance and sent fast report to account holder if any unapproved clip being upload by giving full detailed reason why the clip being removed.

    Of course any site won’t be popular (like Nicos) if we’ve to pay for watching or downloading the videos. no fun at all. instead of paying.. i’ll prefer donation. for that, people will be happy and willing to help promoting the site 🙂

    anyway.. to those people out there who couldn’t watch my videos at youtube.. thousand apologize from me. i’ll find a solution for this. hontou ni, i’m only sharing with friends in private. but, people like you keep encouraging me to spread it with public.

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