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Jbox summary of May May 20, 2008

notes: i already updating B’z, SMAP, KimuraMatsu, TsuRena, NanakoSorimachi, Takeno
and even Jbox Updates.. Check those pages too 🙂
I also already refresh “Click Me Shoot Me” blogspot page
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i love Kobukuro. You know why.. Because their songs and their personalities. Previously, Kobukuro with Matsu were in Bokura no Ongaku (Our Music 2) show. Kobukuro also sang for Ruri No Shima‘s theme song.. which is Takeno‘s dorama. Then, they appeared in SmaSma.. singing Tsubomi” with SMAP. And their song “Aoku Yasashiku” was chosen to be Dream Again‘s theme song (Sorimachi‘s dorama).
{Emm, that makes their fifth consecutive single to be used as a television drama theme actually!}

If you ask me who’re my favorite actresses..
automatically i’ll say nanako matsushima-takako matsu-rena tanaka-kanno miho.
yes, kanno miho.. that Inagaki Goro’s girlfriend. before i know about her or Goro or Sommelier dorama… she already impressed me with her acting in “Dolls” movie (directed by Takeshi Kitano). and i was happy when i know she was with Takeno doing CMs together some time ago.

And now… i’m so excited when i heard that Takeno-Miho will be doing dorama together!!
{yappari ne, seems my dream already come true… to see this two together}

This TBS drama is “Tomorrow” which already planned 4 years ago.
Uwaa.. the producers even did a deep research by visited hospitals across Japan.. and those doctors’ opinions about the problems faced by the hospital system and its patients are gathered.

According to Sankei Sports, Takenouchi will be plays a surgeon who retired 8 years ago to work for the municipal government. But then, he ends up returning to the profession to help a local hospital on the verge of bankruptcy. Kanno plays a co-worker, as a nurse for the first time in her acting career. The filming will be start end of this month.. and being scheduled on-air on July 6.. just right after TsuRena ‘s dorama ended.

KimuTaku‘s dorama is still on-air now.. “Change”. According to Sponichi Annex, the first episode received a respectable 23.8% rating, though it was surely lower than the network had hoped for. It failed to beat out NTV’s “Gokusen 3” which started out last month at 26.4%. This is the first time since the 1998 “Nemureru Mori”, that his series didn’t got the highest-rated first episode of the season. On the other hand, the series can also be seen as a minor triumph in an era of declining ratings,
given that it has the highest-rated premiere for an original series in the past 3 years.
I still didn’t watch Change yet.. maybe later, i’ll watch it all-in-once!

MatsuTaka finished her stage play “The Man From La Mancha” with her father. and she’ll be in another stage play “The Sisters” in August with Suzuki Anne. On the other hands, Matsu also would be involved with singing project – together with other 10 singers.
A song titled “Waratte Misete Kure” is going to release on 25 June … showing of support to the Japanese athletes competing in this 2008 Olympics. {Emm, thinking about China’s earthquake that happened recently.. i wonder how this Olympic Game gonna be this year…}

Both TsuRena’s movies would be in cinema (theater) in this May
{Err.. i mean their separate movies, ok…}

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi‘s movie is “Yama no Anata ~Tokuichi no Koi~”. This cover version movie is directed by Katsuhito Ishii – the story of a romance between a blind masseur and a beautiful woman.
Meanwhile Rena Tanakas movie is “Yamazakura”.

FYI, “Yamazakura” (act by Rena Tanaka) novel book comes from the same author of “Twilight Samurai” (act by Miyazawa Rie), “Hidden Blade” (act by Takako Matsu) , “Semishigure” (act by Ichikawa Somegoro) and “Bushi no Ichibun” (act by Kimura Takuya)!!! The author of all those is Fujisawa Shuhei! Everybody love his works…. those are the great samurai’s love stories ~

According to yanie: Tanaka Rena’s role name is Isomura Noe, and she is the leading character. Fujisawa Shuhei rarely has female character as the lead. Noe has had unhappy marriages twice. Her first husband died. And with the second husband, Isomura, his family background is totally different with hers, so she feels like she’s in a different world, she’s unhappy and feels lonely. One day, after she visited her aunt’s grave, she saw mountain cherry blossoms (yamazakura) on a tree. She’s intrigued with the yamazakura flower and wanted to reach for it, but she can’t. Suddenly a man helps her get the flower. The man is Tezuka Yoichiro (Higashiyama Noriyuki). Noe is surprised, coz he is one of the name mentioned for omiai (arranged marriage) with her, before Isomura. But that time, even before they met, Noe turned down the marriage deal after she heard Tezuka has a mother and a child.
Tezuka asked her, “Are you happy now?”. Noe hesitantly replied, “Yes….”.
But somehow… after this met, their future changes…. It is a circling path to happiness…
Another thing is the theme song of Yamazakura titled “Shiori” is from Hitoto Yo!
What a great movie… looking forward to this, yeayy!

null Btw, thanx to Keen.. i just discover another B’z fansite..

“B’z Off The Lock”- a simple plain, but really up2date. wow, i love these people… a BIG thanks to all of you guyz no matter who you are! B’z already released their best-of album B’z The Best “ULTRA Pleasure” . Talking about B’z.. last time i did Matsu-Nanako fanfic video “Easy Come Easy Go!”… and few days ago, i did Matsu-Rena “Roots of Love”.. based on B’z song “Roots”.
Hope i could do more clips on “ladies” after this…


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