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my Men… June 15, 2008

– Hall of Gallery –> still thinking what to do –> but you still could visit the page HERE

i’m too tired. hehe…
i have a great time discussing SMAP’s doramas and movies with bunch of friends.. also talking about Koshiro-san, Somegoro, Sorimachi and Takeno ….. those my men 🙂

and lately.. i miss my Anuar Zain a very very nice guy, a great singer from my country Malaysia.
i’ve been his fan since he was young.. yeah, i was a kid too during that time.
He grew up.. working with Malaysia Airlines.
After 10 years, he did a comeback in 1998… and now 10 years later,
in this year 2008.. he proved that he still the Best performer.

I love his song “Lelaki Ini” (This Guy/This Man) from his latest album… really love it.
feel wanna cry ..
i love my men … those who were already passed away (my grandfathers, my younger brother, my boyfriend) … and those who are still alive (my dad, my brother). i know they love me too..
Happy Men Days! Doozo.. Hope you’ll enjoy this non-Japanese song 🙂


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