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remember september September 6, 2008

When i heard about super modern artistic performance.. instantly my mind was on Pocari Sweat Action ad. my guts.. they gonna be in white uniform 🙂  SMAP gonna released new album SMAP 019 [s]uper.[m]odern.[a]rtistic.[p]erformance on upcoming 24th September 2008. On the same day, they gonna be in Tokyo Dome to perform their first show of 3-months duration concert tour. Their new single “Kono Toki, Kitto Yume Jannai” already released last August and already chose as official Olympic song for TBS station. It’s a good song and i love their PV. Simple and humble presentation.. suitable to deliver “dream is not possible” message to ordinary people. Watch PV HERE.

But of course, in term of spirit-motivational-boosting, nothing could beat SMAP 2003 song of “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana”. Sekai song was written and composed by a famous song-writer Makihara Noriyuki. Too bad, Makihara was arrested in 1999 for drug-using. Duu, i wonder why some people with genius works do ended up with stupid acts. Same thing happened with a brilliant scriptwriter Hisashi Nozawa who wrote Ice World (act by takeno, nanako & nakamura toru) and Sleeping Forest (act by takuya, nakayama miho & nakamura toru). Nozawa was found suicide in June 2004. During that time, he was in the middle of working on Saka no Ue no Kumo (act by abe hiroshi, matsu and kanno miho).

Saka no Ue no Kumo press conference already done early of this year. Takako Matsu was beautiful in her striped kimono {cannot deny, OTaka always looks good in kimono!}. Somehow, I’ve to tell that this is really a giant Jdorama. FIRST, this project will span the next three years (autumn of 2009 until 20011). SECOND, the filming location would including Russia and China. THIRD, the production cost will be 400 million yen {wooo.. it’s about 6.66 times much higher than a normal production..!! normally NHK dorama budget is only around 60 million yen}. The series will be 13 episodes of 90-minutes duration.. and will be broadcast in 3 parts. Five episodes in year 2009, four episodes in year 2010 and the rest in year 2011.

I’ve learning something on this Saka dorama… especially the making-process. This is what I understand after reading various articles and sites. Based on a famous historical novel “The clouds on the slope” (1968 to 1972) by Sima David Liao.. the dorama would be under name “Upslope cloud”.  Sima’s visualization work was negative at first.. because the staff were under capacity for being inferior to a tremendous toll on what had become a writer’s views. The pros and cons are still there. Because of this, Nobukatsu Fujioka who is the so-called liberal point of view led to the call for this work. Despite to that, Sima’s wife already inherited the copyright permission to NHK which is supposed to broadcast in 2006. Lots of problems happened –> production costs are too high –> June 2004 the scripwriter Hisashi Nozawa was found suicide –> in between 2004 and 2005, series of scandals were uncover. But the review is keep going. Takeshi Shibata & Mikio Sato are going to finish the task of script writing and Shiyunsaku Ikehata & Shigeru Okazaki will supervise as external advisory committee.

Lots of things happened with Matsu. She’s still working and working non-stop. It’s amazing when she managed to be in the most amazing projects!! Maybe that’s why she couldn’t resist and couldn’t say NO to those job offers! Let’s talk about what’s happening to Matsu after HERO The Movie 2007. She appeared in Tsuyoshi‘s PuSma in January and performed The Man from La Mancha stage play with her papa Koshiro-san from March till April. In between of the most hectic schedules, K-20 movie’s filming with Takeshi Kaneshiro already started in January and I guess Matsu finished her shooting in the middle of April. She won Best Actress for 15th Annual Yomiuri Engeki Award in April, released 10th Anniversary Footsteps Complete Best Album in June and was together with Sanka Band for Olympic song’s Warrate Misete Kure recording which also released in June. In June, Matsu appeared in so many TV shows.. doing promotion on her album and stage play. And that was including Shingo‘s SmaStation program. She performed Sisters stage play from July till August with Suzuki Anne and was attending K-20 movie press conference on last 28th August. I will talk more about this K-20 movie later. Alright WHAT’s NEXT?!

K-20: The Fiend with 20 Faces movie will be premiere in December 2008 which  gonna have Matsu with Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nakamura Toru, Kaname Jun and Hongo Kanata. Btw, her schedule for year 2009 almost full-booked. Matsu will be acting together with Miyazawa Rie in Piper stage play from January till February 2009. This month, she already start filming Villon’s Wife movie with Asano Tadanobu. Villon’s Wife going to public screening in Fall 2009. Her NHK Upslope Clouds series with Abe Hiroshi and Kanno Miho also will be on-air in Fall 2009.

Takuya Kimura‘s CHANGE dorama already done. The DVD already available. But I’m not in a mood to watch it. Not yet. My shopping list is still loooong and i’m such a conservative buyer who won’t buy stuff no. 10 if I didn’t find items no. 1-9. Yes, the series also available on the streaming net. But still I’m so not in a mood to watch it. Not yet. I’m desperately rushing to find back old stuff.. like Narita Rikon (act by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) and Tobousha (act by Yosuke Eguchi and Abe Hiroshi) and I love to keep Brand (act by Somegoro and Miki Imai) as collection and it’ll be miracle if I manage to find Rocket Boys (act by Somegoro, Oda Yuji and Yusuke Santamaria). And i dunno how I could find Mona Lisa’s Smile (act by Yosuke Eguchi and Koshiro-san) or Ashita wo dakishimete (act by Oguri Shun, Koshiro-san and Yamamoto Koji.. which Ring by B’z was the theme song). Uwaa.. depression!! That’s why I said again to myself. I’m not in the mood to watch CHANGE. Not yet.

Btw, Kimura‘s Bushi no Ichibun was screening yesterday, 5th September in USA.
People already talk much about Mr Director Yoji Yamada who also directed Twilight Samurai (act by Sanada Hiroyuki and Miyazawa Rie) and Hidden Blade (act by Matsu).

So here, I’m gonna write about Mr Writer Shuhei Fujisawa. How well we know about him, I wonder… I dunno why. But when I read few lines from his profile.. somehow it reminds me of my late grandfather. He used to write. Even it’s not for publishing or commercial purpose. He kept writing.. handwritten or with his old typewriter. There at the corner of living hall room, he created his own world. My grandfather passed away in 1995. And Shuhei Fujisawa was died in 1997. Emm, haha.. at this time I might sounds silly to relate Shuhei and my grandpa. But I love their writings… the way of how they told the story.. with some kinds of deep emotion.. i guess that’s it. Our old generation’s way of thinking might be in a same pattern, na.

For that I’ve done reading Fujisawa Shuhei’s famous book, “The Bamboo Sword and Other Samurai Tales”. Thanks to Gavin Frew for translating this treasure. The book consists eight stories which set in early 17th-century. Those eight titles are The Bamboo Sword, A Passing Shower, All for a Melon, Kozuru, Shinza the Samurai, Out of Luck, The Runaway Stallion and Dancing Hands. I’ll did some review on those if I got time.
If you love his work, you should find the movie.. so far his works had been transformed to 5 movies. Twilight Samurai, Hidden Blade, Bushi no Ichibun, Semishigure and Yamazakura. More details about Rena in Yamazakura in THIS CLIP. Arghh, I wish i could watch Rena!!
Talking about Rena.. I’m so H.A.P.P.Y ^^ coz at last my wish become true! For her 10th Debut, Rena-chan will be performing her first debut in stage play next month!! Warghhh.. i hope she’ll reconcile with Tsuyoshi one day. Onegai. how I miss TsuRena.

Some interesting chain of facts, Semishigure (Somegoro) and Bokoku no Aegis (Sanada Hiroyuki) were lost to Always: Sunset to Third Street (Yoshioka Hidetaka and Tsutsumi Shinichi) in Japan Academy Award 2005. Ironically, Takashi Yamazaki (the director of Always) was once acting in “Twilight Samurai”! He is really amazing director/writer.. famous with his CG special effect works. He was the one who directed Juvenile (acted by Katori Shingo), Returner (acted by Takeshi Kaneshiro), Always and Always 2. At first, I thought K-20 movie also would become his work.. but no, it’s not. However, Always movie and K-20 movie is from the SAME producers. Yoshh, I’m 120% SURE this upcoming K-20 movie will be in a great yummy packaging! Back to Always movie.. do you remember Akira, the cute boy in SmaCourt and Shingo’s dorama? Suga Kenta (that Akira boy) also was in this Always movie.

Upcoming movie will be K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces. The roadshow will be on 20 December 2008. Last 28th August, Matsu Takako was attending the press conference together with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Nakamura Toru. The movie trailer already circulated on the net. Wow, sugoii.. I’m so excited!! You could visit their OFFICIAL website HERE. Yes, i’ve got some stuff and details about this movie already.. but let me keep it in the box until next December. The other casts in the movie are Kyusaku Shimada, Kaname Jun and Hongo Kanata.

Seriously, watching K-20 movie PR.. I’m really happy to see my lady in RED. Seeing OTaka in red is so rare nowadays.. But I know she love red. And she love blue. In Waratte Ii Tomo 1997, she said she always end-up to wear black. {Ah, one fine day.. I’ll talk about Matsu [and Kimura] in Ii Tomo 97. During that time, they promoting LoveGene dorama. Something funny happened}. K-20 movie press conference was on 28th August. Two days before, OTaku‘s Nissin Noodle Cup CM was released on TV. Huhu, can’t believe I’d see him again in LoveGene uniform with red jacket. How many times he wore that uniform.. in Gatsby, in FMV, in Smap Concert etc.
Since 1997 till 2008, he wearing LoveGene and HERO uniforms for periods! Back to his new CM, it’s a beautiful setting in Africa… and the theme is Yumei (Dream). The official CM is HERE.

Next time, I’ll bring up report about Matsu in SISTERS stage play which was performed last July-August 2008 with Suzuki Anne. FYI, Matsu was always amazing in her plays.. Anytime, anywhere.. she would never disappointing audiences.. that’s why the tickets always sold out! But foremost, I’ll recommend you to watch her in Roningai, OIL and SISTERS. Btw, you could watch the Closing Speech of Roningai HERE. Matsu’s cousin (Shido) was so funny acting as Spiderman.. haha, that was remind me of Tsuyoshi’s Spiderman skit in SmaSma.

Currently, I’ve done much searching for Refreshment Hall blog – Takako Tokiwa and Kimura Yoshino. I was impressed with Yashima Norito and Katsumura Masanobu in their stage play jobs. Oh, forgot to tell.. I’ve just open the new site.. REFRESHMENT HALL. There’s interview of Mizuno Miki with Jackie Chan. Also Yashima Norito with George Lucas. I’ll put down profiles and infos of actors/actresses or historical persons that related with people of Tresure Jbox. But I need to do that part by part.. very very slowly coz lack of time..  Visit my another blog HERE.


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