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October Apple in Red October 22, 2008

Firstly, my condolence to Ogata Ken’s family.

Ogata Ken was passed away on 5th Oct 2008, at the age of 71 because of liver cancer
which was diagnosed 5 years ago. Meanwhile he was having hepatitis since 8 years ago.
Five days later after his death,
his final dorama  “Kaze no Garden” is broadcasting on Fuji TV.
Ogata Ken is my favorite veteran actor who act with Takeno in Ruri no Shima and Time Limit.
He also act with Rena in Gegege no Kitaro 2008 movie.
One of his most outstanding work was “Revenge with Us” and also
“The Ballad of Narayama” which he won Top Prize in Cannes Film Festival 1968.
Btw, according Daily Sports and Yomiuri news..
Takeno was attending his private funeral and he even carried the coffin.
{ahh, how sweet are you.. my Takeno}

It’s time for Nanako-Sorimachi pair.

This couple Nanako-Sorimachi now are concentrated more on their 2 daughters.
All this 4-members of family were attending school’s sport event.
Both were cheering up to their first daughter,
taking pictures and eating home-made bento together.
Nanako even participated the relay game with her kid and won the gold medal.
Right now she didn’t accept any jobs yet, since Nanako’s giving birth second child.
Meanwhile Sorimachi’s works were not really work.
Demo, as long as their marriage is still strong and happy.. it’s OK.
I really hope Sorimachi could get up and fight back.
Not for his popularity but for his own professionalism.
Takeno is consistent in gaining respect of his work.
So I hope his best friend, Sorimachi would getting back his power..
like 13 Steps, like OverTime, like Ruten no Ouhi – Saigo no Koutei, like GTO

Many times i promised to bring Takako Matsu in her stage plays…
Coz not many people know Matsu and her stage’s world.
Emm, for the beginning.. this video might be give you some idea on how shining she is..

Latest news about Koshiro-san and his beloved son, Somegoro. From what I read in Yomiuri, both gonna work together in kabuki play. But this time, they will bring something new… they gonna be in Edogawa Rampo‘s “The Panther Man”. Somegoro as the Panther Man (the murderer). Meanwhile Koshiro-san as Akechi (a detective). And 3 women will be around Somegoro.. Akechi’s wife, Akechi’s daughter and a dancer. Duuu.. sugoii.. while Matsu gonna release with K-20 movie.. her father & brother will be in another masterpiece from the same famous novelist. But a mystery fiction into kabuki? I guess it’s gonna be challenging ne.. Demo, that will be interesting too. I’m curious to know. Anyway, both Koshiro and Somegoro will perform at National Theater next month which is on 3-26 November.


I’ve told you about this before. Last October, Rena Tanaka was celebrating her 10th debut in acting by starting her portfolio in stage play for 9 days.. I’m really happy with this actually.. because this is what i wish. And I’m glad to see her in yellow. The play titled “Memory Card” – about a good relationship between daughter-in-law (Rena) and mother-in law (Toshie Negishi). They still get along even Rena or Eiko was already divorced and live separately…  Character of Eiko is suitable for her.. She is talented woman. I don’t think she’s got any problem.. but first-timer will still facing a first time experience, na… Looking to the pic, she looked relax and comfortable. [pause] Ok, I take my words back.. when I watched the press coverage clip.. Rena was totally in nerve, nervous mode.. Daijobu rena-chan, you already there!  Anyhow, so good to see her again.. Ah, I wish TsuRena will be on stage one day – with yellow pink uniform.. haha!
Talking about Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.. i found out that he was once worked with Kiyoshi Kurosawa (the famous contemporary director who is well-known in doing horror movies). I’ve heard about Kiyoshi.. but never know Tsuyoshi was in his. Even Tsuyoshi’s die-hard fans never mention it. Emm, or maybe those fans didn’t interested to know.. =) Anyway, the title of the movie is Kourei @ Seance. Tsuyoshi was acting with Yakusho Koji (damn, I love this man!) and Fubuki Jun.  And the genre is .. yeah.. horror. Ehh, chotto… Koji and Jun? Horror? Etto, somehow I was once stumbled with short teaser or trailer on them.. showing Koji’s frightening expression, panicking here and there. Arghh, where I could find the clip again! Iya’ … Ignore Ignore. Let’s get back to the story… A man who went to the forest for recording and collecting sound effect. A girl who was running away from a kidnapper.. trying to hide between the man’s stuff. Somehow he didn’t realize that there is a girl was accidently locked inside his equipment case.. and kept in his garage. Later, his wife found the girl unconciously.. Both husband and wife decided to ‘prison’ her inside their home for awhile – fearing the girl and the polices gonna mistook them as kidnapper.. But then, everything become a mess when the man accidentally kill the girl. What a nightmare.. As the wife was gifted with paranormal or physic’s ability, both husband and wife were haunted even in a sunny day! You could read more detailed review HERE.  It was in 1999. Tsuyoshi who still look cute on that time was in supporting role there. So I guess he might held role as a student in psychology. I found short clip,  you could watch HERE. Kourei@Seance was released in year 1999. I’m curious.. so I was searching more. And I found the movie!! Warghh, hold on! Honestly, I’m soooo not into horror or suspense stuff.. even if I desperately wanna watch it.. i’ll watch in on a bright day.. open all the windows and door.. putting my sofa far far far away from the TV.. and sit with both legs kneeling til my elbows touch my hips.. with my BIG pillow on my face. That’s me.. personally me. But somehow, with my curious.. i keep searching and find another screencaps & detailed review HERE. Whoaaa.. kowaii~ nani soree… what a creepy, soo scary! This movie is based on early 1960s British novel “Seance on a Wet Afternoon”.. But the script was re-write to fit with Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s taste. And it’s getting better! Emm enough. i’m gonna tried to forget the child ghost image now or else I couldn’t sleep for weeks! … Huu, that hand on that shoulder… Iyada~
To erase back all the black black green image… I’m thinking to talk something here. October is the month of kimumatsu‘s LoveGene.. Then i’ll be thinking of red uniform.. Yeah that RabuGene uniform.. the square-checked long-sleeves shirt in red colour. LG dorama which was on October till December 1997 was succeedly to keep putting a fashion trend. Even in year 2007, the LG uniforms were returning back to the store shelf. Thanx to the wise marketing of HERO The Movie. Even Nina Richi was influenced by LG and producing new fragrance used by Amamiya.. plus even create the bottle’s design into forbidden apple shape!
Looking to the shirt, remind me of Rena. I still called her Rena Tanaka, ne. Even her name already changed to be Lena Tanaka.. no matter what, I’ll keep called her Rena.. forever and ever! Up to year 2008 is exactly 10 years since her debut in acting. It was the movie Ganbatte Ikimasshoi which was based-on Yoshiko Shikimura‘s novel. In 1997, Rena was 17 years old that time. Still schooling and living in Fukuoka Pref, Kyushu island at southern Japan. Behind the curtains, the production staff were having difficulties to get the lead role – Etsuko coz her character need to be a simple, innocent, ordinary-look.. suitable for a character of a rural girl 20 years back. Time passed by.. and it’s already 6 months.. but nobody could ‘find’ Etsuko. It’s already more than 200 girls came for audition.. but nobody could ‘be’ Etsuko. Somehow everybody were delighted when Rena Tanaka appeared for audition. She was in her young days with a small size body and short plain hairstyle – really looks pure with her natural charm. Having zero experience, Rena was amazing in giving her professional acting. No wonder she won The Best Newcomer in Japan Prize Academy and some other awards. She’s really an amateur. The filming shooting was only taking 2 months only. Rena was leaving her house for the first time, went to Tokyo for training and filming. If you see back those 5 girls in the movie.. nobody were moving forward in acting career except Rena. When the 2-months filming is over… Rena was returning back to her home, her school.. and nothing changed. Only FAME getting increased! Especially after all her series of Suntory’s Natchan drink CM! Really, I was enjoyed watching those.. she really impressed me in every 15 seconds commercial movies. Btw, Rena was actually starting her work in CM since 1996 and  now still continuously doing photography, publishing photo books and commercial campaigns.
Btw, Nakajima Tomoko (i mean, the other actress with the same name who was acting in Ice World, the one who killed all Nanako’s boyfriends) also acting in this movie as the coach for the team. Somehow I just realized the several similarities.. Nakajima, Matsu and Rena are Gemini! From what I learned, Nakajima Tomoko talented not only in doramas, but also stage plays and movies. One of her dorama was “Rocket Boys” (which is also Somegoro’s dorama). Besides, Nakajima also active in poetry reading and writing. And recently, Nakajima was reading poetry in classical play where she did colloborating with orchestra+jazz+ethnic music. Whoaa.. how come I could know this rare info? Coz I was stumbled with Sapporo International Short Film and Market site.. Nakajima Tomoko was one of the Festival 2008 Jury.. and she was the one and only Japanese who selected to be a judge. ~ Ah, Nakajima was in “Orestes” stage play under Ninagawa Yukio. Ninagawa is a famous director who well-known with his Japanese language Shakespeare’s work. Ninagawa also had been working with Matsu and Somegoro and Kimura. 


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