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11 to 12: rain sweet rain December 3, 2008

rainyYeah i know.. lately i’m sooo lazy to update this blog.. And that’s because i’ve to keep updating other blogs, forums, doing survey, watching doramas and movies.. also hunting new potential young people (e.g Ikuta Toma, Moriyama Mirai, Narumi Riko etc) to become new members of treasure Jbox family.

and here.. monsoon season. so you can expect heavy rain, big thunder and strong wind.. with water everywhere… Yeah, we’re having flood and muddy stuff around. and a day before i was trapped inside the campus building.. damn, cannot go home. coz from front gate of university till the back gate… water from two lakes overflowed.. and so with the nearest river. the scary thing is South China Sea is just at the backside of my campus.. i hope there won’t be another tsunami in future. even in present situation, just watching those black clouds and strong waves.. huhu ~ kowai! It’s been how many days.. 1-2 weeks.. raining almost non-stop for the whole days. Hemm.. only God knows.

now for the  time being, let’s move back for awhile… to the past.

6_0005 Tsuyoshi Kusanagi gonna starring in a period film titled “Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta” . Basically the movie revolves around a love story between a Sengoku-era general (Kusanagi) and a princess (Yui Aragaki). And Mr. Director is Takashi Yamazaki!(^^)/ Yes.. the person who directed The Returner, Always and the one who did CG for K-20 movie.

The story is actually based on the plot of the 2002 animated movie “Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Appare! Sengoku Daikassen.” Previously the animation movie won many awards, including the grand prize in the animation division of the Japan Media Arts Festival. So what’s up with Ballad movie?

In “Ballad”, Kusanagi plays a general of a small state. The princess, played by Aragaki, is offered a political marriage with a daimyo of a neighboring state, and war ensues when she turns down the offer. A key character in the plot is a young boy named Shinichi (originally Shin-chan), who comes from the future. That 11-years-oldboy of Shinichi will be play by Akashi Takei.

The movie apparently budgeted at 2 billion yen; will heavily use CG effect for its battle scenes. The supporting cast includes Michitaka Tsutsui, Yui Natsukawa, Takao Osawa and Atsuo Nakamura. {hehe.. love it.. a line of old skools!} . The filming already begin since September and is expecting to finish in January. The movie will be release in September 2009.

4927f10cc2c93_57252nNakai Masahiro x Nakama Yukie‘s new movie “Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai” (“I Want to Be a Shellfish”) already on roadshow now which start since 22 November aka The Husband and Wife Day. The new movie already tie-up with Mr. Children to come up with a ballad called “Hana no Nioi” – chosen as the theme song. It is a good song. I’m glad it’s from Mr. Children.. but i dun mind if it’s from Dreams Come True. Remember Nakai best re-make dorama “Suna no Utsuwa”? Yeah, the same director Mr “Giant” Katsuo Fukuzawa. Fukuzawa-san is tall and big.. Love seeing him with Nakai doing promotion. They’re like.. emm.. old buddies. Same like HERO Kimura Takuya-Masayuki Suzuki.


Back to Shellfish movie.. the movie depicts the tragedy of a man sentenced to death as a war criminal. Tsuyoshi also here in a minor role. I’ve been waiting this movie for how long.. a year?
Argh i feel old.. but worth for this long-hard waiting. bistro_nakaifamily08 With Yukie-san and Tsubasa-kun.. owh, they’re seriously lovely.. like a sweet nice family! Really good.. the chill-warm and off-screen funny do reminds me of HERO 2007 September Live Promo.
Huhu. Yokatta ne~ Fukuzawa-san picked Yukie as a co-star.
Hiro-chan, you should start getting advice from Goro-chan now!
Ah, I guess that’s the power of NakaNaka ~ ii ne.

photo061205 Takako Matsu was participating as a chorus on Oda Kazumasa‘s new song “Somewhere Today”..  And the filming of “Villon’s Wife” already finished. But does she taking rest now..? emm, no.. still doing CMs, attending interview, talk shows and movie promos. I really love her new Fujitsu airport CM. She’s sooo cuuute with pinky pinkish sweater! And Christmas bell already ringing and buzzing.. so you could expect to watch her new Yamazaki Christmast Cake CM.

20081126mog00m200046000p_size5 gnj0811270503003-n1

“K-20 Phantom of the tale of countenance”. Greeting from the casts!
K-20 movie was entering Cannes Festival promo last April. Then the pre-show at Santa Monica on 7-8 November. And on 26 November, it’s time for Tokyo preview. Kaneshiro Takeshi, Takako Matsu, Nakamura Toru, Kanata Hongo etc were among on the stage.. happily welcoming audiences. Director by Asako Sato Yoshitsugu. Let’s wait for upcoming official nationwide roadshow on this 20 December 2008.

Next year, Matsu Takako with Miyazawa Rie will be perform The 14th NODA MAP performance play “Piper”. The director is of course Mr. Hideki Noda himself. Other casts will be Hashizume Isao, Kouzi Ookura, do Ki Tamotsu Kitamura, Kazue Komatsu, Tanaka Tetsuji, Sato Eriko, KONDORUZU and Hideki Noda. Piper will be showing from 4 January 2009 until 28 February, 2009 at Bunkamura Theater Cocoon.
The story? Ah, sounds interesting… Miyazawa and Matsu are sisters. And they are living on Mars planet in 1,000 years in future. Somehow both of them once dream of mankinds and trying to recall back the dreams.. and the story revolving around that issue and how they daily life going to be. {hehe, what’s that.. so M & M sisters are sort of aliens on Mars?}. Here the official site

3585dph2 “Man of La Mancha”. It’s already confirmed that Matsu will be together again in this classic masterpiece with her father Koshiro-san on next May 2009.  The official website:

Oh, Btw… an interesting show “Our Era” from Fuji TV. Presented three-conversations together with father, son and daughter.. {should i say something like this is actually the first time happened?} Yes yes.. Koshiro Matsumoto, Ichikawa Somegoro and Matsu Takako were appeared for two episodes of Our Era on last 23 and 30 November. Aaa~ mitai na.. I wanna watch those. But still fine.. coz got written report from newspaper for early episode. And a friend also managed to catch up, watching the final episode. Next!

SMAP – ok what’s up with them.. ahh, i didn’t updating about their new album and new tour concerts yet. Actually all smappies non-stop updating about this group… so, i just let it cool down. it’s ok if these not gonna be hot topic anymore. after all, i’m living in treasure Jbox 🙂 Just a moment… i finish others first.

Rena Tanaka, a prize award, "Paper" will receive Taichi Suzuki, the director of the信二. "I race for the prize of this Paper is worth more than 1 million yen" Rena Tanaka was appointed to be in a panel of judges for Tokyo International Film Festival Competition recently. Applicants could be made from home, and easily being viewed, as a festival for young talent seems already grown. Around 171 entries being made this year 2008 and 15 works were nominated.  Taichi Suzuki‘s “Paper” was selected by Rena for prize award. Rena now busy with filming and spending her free time on new hobbies.

Nanako will be doing a project with Fuji TV next year and Sorimachi will be endorse new product campaign. Father and son will be playing football for Kao Attack detergent. Such a father figure ne..Hemm, i wonder what Takeno doing now… lay down in his cozy hidden cave probably.

Shingo Katori will be acting in Special Drama next spring 2009 for Fuji TV 50th Anniversary “Kurobe Sun”. Meanwhile Goro Inagaki will be in a mystery, suspense dorama “Triangle” with Eguchi Yosuke and Ryoko Hirosue. Shingo will be a lead role while Goro only as supporting. Demo, to me.. whether lead or supporting role doesn’t really matter… it is not something important. i’m just expecting to see another sparkles and improvement to be better and better.

Somehow i need to return home now.. lil ‘bit sleepy now. ah, sou da.. i should buy a dinner now.. or else i’ll might end up sleeping in my car.

{hemm~ suddenly song of Roxette keep tune in my head…
baby babe we’re moving so fast. i try to hang on. try to hang on! … sleeping in my car i will undress you. sleeping in my car i will caress you. staying in the back seat of my car making love oh yeah. sleeping in my car i will possess you. sleeping in my car certainly bless you. laying in my back seat off my car making up making up…}

Sexy na… Hemm, Ignore me.. I’m tired.
Oyasumi ~ home sweet home

*The rest is still unwritten… Will be continued … [P. E . A . C. E]


2 Responses to “11 to 12: rain sweet rain”

  1. Lisya,

    Thanks for the update.

    There’s a lot going on in the J-entertainment scene, as usual.

    I didn’t know that “K-20” had already had its US premiere in Santa Monica, CA, last month. If my memory is correct, the Takao Osawa-Yuko Takeuchi film, “Midnight Eagle” also had its US premiere in Santa Monica in October/November 2007. Hopefully, this will be a continuing trend. From what I understand, “Midnight Eagle” was a disappointing film. Too bad, really, because the plot certainly sounded interesting.

    Have you read any initial reviews about “K-20”? I know that a plot summary of the film has been on the internet for the past several weeks. However, I’ve been avoiding reading any of them. I just don’t want to be disappointed when I finally get to see the film (when it comes out on DVD).

    The Matsu-Miyazawa stage play certainly sounds interesting.

    The “Our Era” show would have been an interesting show to watch. Speaking of Somegoro Ichikawa, what’s he been up to lately? For a while there, he seemed to flirt with success in film a couple of years ago, but then kind of stopped.

    Nanako Matsushima returning to TV? Interesting. I guess we’ll just have to see what kind of a project it is.

    A new show with Yosuke Eguchi and Ryoko Hirosue? I’ve always liked Yosuke Eguchi. He’s a brilliant actor in whatever he does. I thoroughly enjoyed the only episode I’ve seen of “Tobosha”. He was wonderful in that playing the Harrison Ford role.

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