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from 11 to 12: Iro Iro Ii Na~ January 4, 2009

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*I have update Matsumoto Koshiro’s Family Profile Page..
please have a look –> *

was acting with his father Koshiro. the story Rampo Edogawa‘s novel, Panther Man. the novel was transformed to kabuki. the play was perform at National Theater on 3-26 Nov 2008.

Somegoro as the Panther Man.. the murderer.
while Koshiro-san as Akechi.. a detective. and there were three women around Somegoro.. Akechi’s wife, Akechi’s daughter and a dancer.

last 23 and 30 Nov, Matsu – Somegoro – Koshiro were on Fuji TV “Bokura no Jidai – Our Era” show.. Those three were having 3-ways conversation. The most interesting talk, I must say! 🙂

For intro VTR of their activities in TV dramas and widescreen, they used clips from HERO Movie, PRIDE and Love Generation. EXACTLY on the scenes together with Kimura. For that, we could see Koshiro-Kimura, Somegoro-Kimura, and Matsu-Kimura!
And again I’ll say… Our Era program was really interesting show.. Thanx to Koshiro-san, we know a lot of things from him. He boldly expressing his feeling in front of public. the curios gone. such a great enlightenment!

On 17th December, Matsu, Somegoro & Kio’s mother named Fujima Noriko were in talk show on Asahi TV. Many things about her family were shown. Emm, i could see Matsu’s grandmother [father’s side], Matsu’s parent lighting the giant candles during wedding reception, some photos of  Somegoro’s kid.. the cute Itsuki-chan.

Noriko-san and Koshiro-san really nice loving couple, ne.

Btw, last 21 Dec.. another TV show about the family.
special celebration for Koshiro-san.
You could see the new heir of the family.. Itsuki-chan.
a son of Somegoro Papa aka Koshiro GrandPa’s grandson.
he’s really cute.. and also talented.
Itsuki-chan made his first kabuki performance on last June 2007
with his father and grandfather.

smapxsmap_-20081215-_0006smapxsmap_-20081215-_0007 15 December 2008. Matsu was a secret special guest of SxS skit “Say You Say Me”. She was dubbing Arale-chan anime with Shingo. Meanwhile Otaku, Goro and Tsuyoshi guess the person. Kawaii~. Really. Otaka really good as Arale-chan. And Otaku simply could guess from the second line of 1st Scene.
Such a beautiful banner from yanie. As usual, we could see kimumatsu moment there. Last part was the BEST. The only thing is.. it is hyper exciting. Nande~? Both of them were really in their own small world. I guess i know.. but let’s leave them having their moment . They just need their own space.

in last Kouhaku 2008, Koshiro-san was there as a jury. And right before SMAP’s performance… Koshiro was giving his comment about SMAP! Frankly, Koshiro really looks happy. He was smiling full-of-heart. He said: He worked together with SMAP in Bistro. And SMAP always do something that could moved or touched people.. which actually difficult to do. That’s exactly the entertainer’s job.
Dakara, i can say to the world.. SMAP is not ordinary. Receiving good praise from Koshiro-san is such a honor. He love SMAP and he love P-chan. I’m sure SMAP really happy that night, am i right Otaku?

Some people got misunderstanding with Matsumoto Koshiro’s family. Actually they’re simple, modest, funny, open-minded and love to be with. Like my Parents & and Grandfather used to say: A good seed will grow well no matter where. Like Kimura & Matsu said: What is good.. is just good. Like Kohinata-san said: Could you feel the aura.

Jan 2009
Sometimes things around could be bimyou, na.
When CHANGE dorama (kimura-fukatsu-abe) gonna air, Fuji TV was re-run Love Gene dorama. And when K-20 movie (matsu-kaneshiro-toru) is on roadshow, Fuji TV was re-run HERO.
Not only 2001 series.. there also 2006 SP and 2007 movie.
All for all.. in 2 days 1 night.

On 2 Jan, HERO ep 1 to ep 7 was aired from 9.30 am to 4.15 pm.
On 3 Jan, HERO ep 8 to ep 11 was aired from 8 am to 12.15 pm. Then HERO SP from 1.55 pm to 4.15 pm. Then followed by HERO The Movie on 9.00 pm on the same day.  {hehe, what a marathon!}.


Btw, HERO The Movie on TV.. got 22.6% rating.
No matter how old the stuff, people still wanna watch kimumatsu, na.

Fall 2009.
Matsu gonna on-screen on both FujiTV and NHK.

Fuji TV with “The Villon’s Wife”.
While NHK with “Saka no Ue no Kumo”.
hehe, what a station fight XD

just few details about “The Villon’s Wife”.
i’m so happy to know all the co-stars ^^

Fuji TV “The Villon’s Wife” was wrote by Youzou Tanaka.
Directed by Yoshitarou Negishi. The cast are Takako Matsu, Tadanobu Asano, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Ryoko Hirosue etc.


One Response to “from 11 to 12: Iro Iro Ii Na~”

  1. I once read an interview in The Japan Times with Noriko Fujima. It was an interesting read. In the interview, she talked about what it’s like to be the wife of a kabuki actor and all of the responsibilities that that traditionally incurs. It was the kind of interview that Yuko Takeuchi should have read before getting involved with Shidou Nakamura and his mother, Noriko’s sister. Like a lot of things inside Japan, modernity and change come slow to those in the kabuki world.

    Hmmm, the “Hero” marathon for New Year’s Day. Sounds interesting. It took me a while to appreciate and actually enjoy the “Hero” TV dorama. When I first saw it, I thought that it was something of a disappointment. I really loved watching Matsu and Kimura. I also really liked Hikaru Utada’s “Can You Keep a Secret?”. However, I didn’t really like most of the plots. Then, one day, everything clicked and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything in the dorama made total sense. The show has a lot of excellent social commentary about Japan and it’s justice system. It’s too bad that one of the show’s most memorable characters, the lawyer-for-hire played by Naoko Iijima, was featured in only one episode. She was such an intriguing character. Plus, Naoko Iijima just burns up my TV screen whenever I watch that episode.

    As for the “Hero” movie, I was really disappointed. Matsu and Kimura were let down by an incredibly weak script. Plus, I really didn’t care for the whole sub-plot about the two of them going to Pusan, South Korea. It just smacked of getting on the so-called “hanryu” bandwagon and was a lame excuse for including Lee Byung Hun for less than five minutes of screen time.

    On the plus side, I really did like Koshiro-sama as Kimura’s opponent. It could have been a great character. There were a lot of possibilities that the character presented that the film just didn’t take advantage of.

    “The Villon’s Wife” has a very intriguing cast. That’s an A-List cast for a Japanese film if there ever was one. It will be interesting to see how this turns out since Matsu, to my knowledge, hasn’t acted with most of the people on this list. Matsu just keeps on working with the best. It is kind of a shame that she put her film career on hold after “April Story”. If she had continued with making films after “April Story”, who knows where her film career could be now?

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