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unique January 8, 2009

Filed under: let's smap,tsurena — nuralisya @ 6:19 pm

Rena Tanaka has been chosen as endorser for Nissen (online catalogue store). For this Spring 2009, Rena will be working with their social campaign “Heart to Heart – You and Me” which is for breast cancer fund. Nissen also launching their new great CM.

MY TWO.. the concept of black and white STYLE brand product will coordinating the fashion items and create a high taste and good view of black and white’s world.

It’s lovely and sophisticated CM.. Rena white and Rena black were lying in the middle of the space of room.. waking up.. facing each other.. getting up, standing to each other and walk. CG technique was using. i really love with the movement of water. It’s been said that the staff shoot 1500 shooting with ultra fast camera frame.

Rena in Black and White is a symbolic message as “unlimited potential beauty of women”.. Water movement & balloons are to highlight the beautiful line.

Miho Asahi [singer & songwriter] was invited for the score.. and music Pachelbel’s “Canon” was arranged.

i’m sure this is not easy task.. looking to the clip behind of scene, this must be difficult and long-hard-work. But i’m glad Rena did it to gain a new experience. She’s unusual something, doesn’t she? It’s been told that the staff were impressed with her high professionalism.

Talking about CG.. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi also in making CG movie “Ballad”. Talking about STYLE.. Kimura‘s solo song also titled Style. Talking about SMAP skit.. they should do parody skit of  Nissen CM.

And please invite Rena.. onegai!


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