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under the tea tree January 14, 2009

shingo3a 50 Years Anniversary of Fuji TV.. Shingo’s new special dorama “Kurobe no Taiyo @ The Sun in Kurobe” will be aired in this Spring.

Katori Shingo will be the lead cast as Kuramatsu Hitoshi. The story is about the colloboration of Kumagai Group’s Kuramatsu Team and Kansai Electric’s Kuroyon Building Office to complete Omachi’s tunnel project. Also the journey of completion of Kurobe dam. So, I’ll looking forward to their challenging experiences.

The dorama is based on original novel with the same title written by Kimoto Shoji. And Mr. Director is Kawake Shunsaku.

If you don’t know who is Kawake Shunsaku.. he is the one who directed Chuushingura 1/47 ( by Kimura-Matsu), Rocket Boy (by Somegoro), Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi (by Miho),  Our Textbook (by Miho), Proof of The Man (by Takeno), Gift (by Kimura), Oishii Kankei (by Tsuyoshi) and Gakkou e Ikkou! (by Nakai and Goro).

report_02 Kurobe dorama is the third time Shingo will work with Kawake-san. The first time was Sashow The Last Case (by Shingo, Sorimachi and Tsuyoshi) and the second time was Ai Kotoba wa Yuki (by Shingo, Yakusho Koji and Suzuki Kyoka) .

2k1u7d00000i3ze3 Matsu Takako. After K-20 movie, i’m gonna wait her movie of  “Villon’s Wife” next Fall”.


under the tea tree.. there is an apple hiding.


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