treasure Jbox

i’m home May 1, 2009

konnichiwa.. long time no see, ne.
where i’ve been around?
emm.. somewhere. i’m just taking some rest.. which is not really a real ‘rest’ actually.

lots things happened in this few months back..
haha, do we need to flashback all those again? 🙂

maybe yes.. maybe not.
i dunno where to start actually.
treasure Jbox got..emm, how many.. emm, around 16 members [not including matsu’s sister and mother].. yes, i’ve been following all of them.. past present and their future jobs. but to report one by one, i think i need a break. you’ll understand how i feel when my head was full and excited with their stuff.. and suddenly become ‘blank’ in front of this screen.. alwaaaays happened every time i start blogging. [sigh].

let’s try if i could pick up my mood, this time.
yosh, nuralisya .. ganbatte!

just now.. what i did:
– at last i got time to watch BOSS [takeno and amami yuki’s dorama]. oh overall… this is great.. especially the cases and the way they solved. really.. can i give 10 stars!?

– watching sorimachi new CM series [kirin zero and kao attack detergent].
yappari, sorimachi kirin zero with B’z Zero song!^^

i also love sorimachi’s Kao CMs solo version.
there are family version.. but i love solo version most.
make me fall in love again with this Onizuka.

– nanako make her comeback. still beautiful as usual.
she also got new contract with Kirin 🙂
hoping for her new dorama or movie.. with new role.

– matsu’s new rumor on new dorama? still waiting.
– matsu still working non-stop.. with her stage play, movie and NHK drama and CM, CM, CM and musical play and… on and on and on and on. argh, we want HERO 2!
demo, i’m happy to know kimura is still dying waiting for it. hehe. what a torture.. poor Otaku.
Otaka, ne.. just spare on him plz 😛

– waiting for kimura’s dorama Mr Brain.. ebizo (matsu’s cousin) will be special guest in first episode… ebizo will be a prosecutor. kyaaa!! can we have Gamo-san (koshiro-san aka matsu’s father) back? 🙂

– watching old stuff.. like SanmaSMAP 2008 and FujiTV drama behind drama [SMAP with my special treasure Jbox stars]. someone request LoveGene FNS 1997.. so i re-watch again kimumatsu. and yes…i’m longing tsurena..! tsu’s Ballad movie will be released in september [yosh, keep remember our september!].. however, i must think about rena. last time when i watched rena’s Yamazakura movie.. i kept thinking about tsuyoshi. have you seen rena’s drawing… ichigo strawberry and two (twin) trees. hukhuk, remind me of MSG drama.

– watching takeno in his new coca-cola tea CM.. kakkoi!!
i feel heaven watching him in that fantasy forest.

– my shingo and my sorimachi now filming Zaitochi The Last movie.
one of the cast is koshiro’s cousin aka matsu-somegoro-kio’s uncle.

– what about nakanaka? nakai now busy searching for wife.. does he know yukie really want to go out with him? oy, hiro-chan… can’t you hear the bell?! where you put that registration form.. under the bed? ah, don’t forget to bring your special gloves, ne… 🙂

– oh, not to forget… the pair i’m waiting most..
all the best goromiho. *wink* save the wine for the special dance.

full stop.
for people [strangers and friends] who keep supporting me along this time.
sankyu.. really nice to meet you. the only thing my hands already full with multi-request… hehe. what could i say.. sumimasen deshita.. and domo arigato!


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