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Jbox news update June 11, 2009

*will be going to update later, more proper*

– nanako matsushima will return to FujiTV Kyumei Byoto Season 4 with eguchi yosuke.

– katori shingo and sorimachi takashi already filming Zaitochi The Last movie.

– yutaka takenouchi and karasawa toshiaki and amami yuki will be in FujiTV Fumo Chitai. based on all-time-bestselling novel. rumor: kimura and matsu as the guest star (?).

– kimura’s Mr Brain drama still on-air. The guest stars were including ichikawa ebizo and nakama yukie.

– nakama yukie promoting Gokusen movie. rumor: gegege movie[?]

– nakama yukie and nakai masahiro Kai movie DVD already released. from Oricon’s report, the DVD already hit as #1 at this moment.

– matsu takako, kanno miho and abe hiroshi in NHK drama Saka no Kumo.

– tanaka rena already started filming NHK drama Haken no Oscar with suzuki anne. based on famous girl’s manga.

– katori shingo will star as the police officer in Kochikame drama – based on police comedy manga.

– tsuyoshi kusanagi will continue promoting Ballad movie.

– tsuyoshi kusanagi gonna having new drama NinKyo Helper.

– katori shingo & mitani koki are going to NY Broadway musical play.

– matsu takako now is practising Jane Eyre musical play.

– matsu takako and asano tadanobu in FujiTV Villon’s Wife movie.

– matsu takako unofficially might be in a dark mystery Kokuhaku movie.

– 4 years old of matsumoto kintaro = itsuki-chan [ somegoro’s son, koshiro’s grandson and matsu-kio’s nephew] was performing kabuki lion dance.

– all koshiro-san’s family and matsumoto clan will having Shoukokai Dance Performance. somegoro is the Organizer who’s in charge of everything.. from A to Z.

– the return of kusanagi tsuyoshi = the return of tanaka rena. okairi!

– kimura talking about ebizo [matsu’s cousin] in WUS. at another time, kimura said he met yukio ninagawa who once directed his stage play. ninagawa also worked many times with matsu and koshiro’s family. ninagawa asked kimura: let’s do the stage play again some other time

– ikuta toma is a big fan of matsu takako. proudly watching her Metal MacBeth and having ‘matsu soul’ jacket. kanno miho once watching matsu’s Szechuan no Zennin play. that’s miho’s favorite play.

– last year, rena came watching tsuyoshi’s play “mabuta no haha” [end of may].  matsu and family also watched tsuyoshi’s play[early of june]. also last year, kio [matsu’s sister] praised rena’s debut “memory card” play.

– B’z gonna release new single “Dive”.. already chosen as a theme song of CM. argh, how i wish it’s a Toyota. listening to the sample, i will say Dive is a super great song! hontou ni hontou. yaabai, after this my brain will keep on lailailailai… lala lala lailai. koshi inaba’s vocal sounds soooooo FRESH. and matsumoto tak was giving a very energetic-aesthetic-sophisticated INTRO. constantly till the end.


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