treasure Jbox

small gift June 11, 2009

month of JUNE. 10 June 2009 is matsu takako’s birthday. and my birthday is just around the corner. emm, would like to spread my small gift. made by nuralisya.. from the bottom of my heart, i would like to say thank you. love me, hate me.. this is ME 🙂

1) Give It All, Rena-chan
– 56.51MB, duration 7:26
song Ogiyodiora – Lee-Tzsche with The Penguins.
this music video i made for rena tanaka’s birthday 22.5.2009.
it’s also for her 10 years movie debut.
including theme song official pv [english version], lyric, original song [korean version], behind scenes, movie caps.

2) Everlasting [matsu-miho-rena] – 43MB, duration 5:10

song Anata no Tame ni Dekiru Koto
– KIK [kimura-inagaki-kusanagi].
this music video was made just last night -made without knowing the meaning..
so i just do whatever my hands and heart want to do.
[*why i’m still crying with the song.. i wonder!]

OMG! such a miracle..
the video FIT so WELL!
no wonder i was crying few times last night.
oh, this video only about matsu takako – kanno miho – tanaka rena.
so, if you’re a fan of one of them… you’re lucky.
if you’re a fan to all them.. definitely you’re suppa-lucky!
ENJOY.. hope you’ll feel their chemistry 🙂

*i’ll try to make MF@MU mirror later.

for those who still DIDN’T watch my ladies [nanako-matsu-miho-rena]

3) Jbox – ladies.. destiny dream dejavu (61.84 MB)
song Traveling by Utada Hikaru

the first half was a bit blurred.. my intention to do not-so-clear video. but later on, slowly you’ll find the mv become clear.
My message: uncleared wishes, dream, fate in the past, present and future… keep believing and trusting. you’ll find your way somewhere.

or if you didn’t have this MV.. all SMAP B’z members including katsuyuki mori, takashi sorimachi, yutaka takenouchi, ichikawa somegoro, matsumoto koshiro.

4) Jbox – my men.. my wish.wmv (39.33 MB)
song by Dream Comes True – Love Love Love


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