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live-action anime manga June 23, 2009

ga_25_01nanako matsushima in “Jungle Emperor
anime voice acting debut.
Fuji TV upcoming Fall.
role as a mother and her co-star is Tokito Saburo.
Osamu Tezuka’s timeless anime masterpiece..
Jungle Emperor Leo @ Kimba The White Lion.
screen writer = the script writer of SmaSma.

komshingo katori in “Kochikame”
live-action renzoku drama.
TBS upcoming August.
as a lead cast with other stars like Hayami Mokomichi and Karina.
shounen manga wrote by Akimoto Osamu.
screen writer is Magii.

030524rena tanaka in “Haken no Oscar”
NHK upcoming August.
live-action drama – “Shoujo Manga” ni Ai wo Komete.
as a lead cast, starring with Suzuki Anne and Tokui Yoshimi.
shoujo manga wrote by Matsuda Naoko.
screen writer is Kaneko Arisa.


now who are these
Osamu Tezuka, Akimoto Osamu and  Matsuda Naoko?!

Osamu Tezuka
he produced over 150,000 pages of manga in the course of his career.
just to name few – Black Jack, Astro Boy, 1001 Arabian Nights, Sapphire, Jungle Emperor, Dororo, I am Son Goku, Pluto etc.

If you read Monsters or 20th Century Boys, you’ll find Pluto.. because the English version is released by the same company, Viz Media.

Films2006Leo_roi_de_la_junglethere was a controversy about who-copy-who when Walt Disney released Lion King. whatever it is.. the original Jungle Emperor already published in shonen manga since 1950.

The late of Osamu Tezuka is considered a legend.. a manga artist, animator, producer and medical doctor. He is still being called as “Father of Anime” or “Japanese Walt Disney” next to Miyazaki Hao from Ghibli. Osamu died in 1989 because of cancer.

Akimoto Osamu
i might say he is well-known because of this “Kochikame” manga – the character of Ryotsu Kankichi  which has been continuously published in Weekly Shonen Jump since 1976.

KochikameIt is still running over 1400 chapters, the longest-continuous-running manga series in history, and as of volume 158 the series has sold over 135 million copies.

Matsuda Naoko
She wrote for shoujo manga series in 2007. Oscar’s Order ~ From Shoujo Manga With Love.


Matsuda Naoko was using Ryoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles (Lady Oscar) manga series as the inspiration.Hearing the voice of Lady Oscar, Katsuko [the lead character] is inspired to fight on behalf of the company’s employees.


next to miho komatsu, zard, rina auichi and other big names..
do you know that the theme songs for Detective Conan
done by my super great B’z?

cbCheck these songs:

– Shoudou
– Giri-Giri Chop
– One
– Everlasting
– Overture
– Yuruginai mono Hitotsu


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