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boss: takeno and sorimachi June 26, 2009

final episode 20.7%
more than i expect..
18% is enough for me..
but i don’t mind receiving the extras.

lol, first time i’m extremely excited about drama rating.
hihikhik, usually.. i never care at all!

i guess it’s because takeno-sorimachi.
when the last time of this pair?
beach boys.. princess hiro… toshii-matsu…
hehe, that could be considered long time ago, na.
i’m glad.. another of my wish dream already fulfill! Thank God 🙂


10 JUNE 2009.
if i flashback the history, what happened in that day. let’s see..

[i]- Otaka’s birthDay
for this year, takako matsu said for the first time, she FORGOT her own birthday. aa, i considered it as a pre-side-effect of workaholic pills 🙂 don’t get overdose, Taka-chan. or else you’ll be senile. you’re still early 30s, deshou….

[ii] – Eguchi Yosuke’s accident.
Happened in the evening – after filling gas at pump station – he was trying to avoid his motorbike from hitting the bicycle.  His condition quite bad.. need few months to rehab. Consequently, the filming of Kyumei Byoto 24 season 4 with nanako going to delayed. but it’s okay.  get rest. the schedule already changed. going to broadcast on 4 August.
…….. ah sou da, BOSS drama already ended. so Tsuyoshi‘s Ninkyo Helper will going overtake the place next week (9 July). emm, i wonder.. any game promo or not, for this season. it will be nice to see Nanako participate, don’t you think? she did race together with her daughter at school last time. i really wanna see her in shout and cheering.

nanako matsushima
is a very well-lady-without-faking type. but somehow… i feel nanako  could be a ‘tennen’ person [lurus bendul] sometimes. emm,  sure interesting for me to explore the other side of her 😀

[iii] “BOSS episode 10” filming. on the same day, early in the morning, at the main entrance of Tokyo International Exchange Center…  numbers of extra volunteers gathered to do the filming… the scene where the beginning of the chaos. stir-up due to bomb explosion. aaa, ii jang ~ i wish i could be there… trying my luck to take a peek of takeno. he was at the back, while sorimachi was at the front. do you remember the car scene where takeno giving the sign from the backseat?! iyaa, i was melting. i wish i’m a  melting ice-cream.  XD


i’m finish second-round marathon BOSS complete episode 1-11.
also watching and reading  behind scenes stuff.

somehow my love to all BOSS team members growing deep!
never expected this could happen.. muahaha.
yeah.. for now BOSS team members are including into my hotfavlist..
….. together with Bayside Shakedown team, Moryou no Hako team and HERO Josai team.

from last episode.
aitsui!! so hot.. i feel hot!
LOL, i think at this moment i’m crushing with sorimachi.
i love his long hair!
ne, nanako.. live well with him forever na!


One Response to “boss: takeno and sorimachi”

  1. Mili Says:

    My Takashi-sama is so cute, I love him, I just can’t wait to watch him in Boss !!!

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