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theme song music July 11, 2009

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B’Z B’z B’Z
i was reading a news article.. B’z will produce a theme song for Fuji TV drama. doki doki, i kept reading… hee? Buzzer Beat? iyaarghh [scream]… yamapi is not my fav… so why my super B’z got to do with him? why not my nanako matsushima!?!

[blank] ……….. calm down lisya, calm…..[sigh].  iyarghhh [scream again] XD.

demo, when it comes to SPORTS… B’z and SMAP songs are the best choice, na! emm, alright then… may my B’z keep stronger and popular for another centuries. [sigh] how i wish my B’z could working with my ladies and my men. last time, i was happy watching B’z and Matsu in musical drama TV program [even they’re not sharing a scene]. one day, one day… one fine day, wish my wish gonna fulfill.


btw, the song title is “Ichibu to Zenbu”. For song recording, B’z did collaboration with drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers band) and bassist Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta band).

“Ichibu to Zenbu” and “Dive” by B’z will be release on this 5th August.

i really love the lailailailai DIVE song.. listening to the song make me happy coz i could feel the happiness of B’z. yeah, somehow i could feel a great fuinki funiki (atmosphere) of the making, the ingredient, the process, from raw to final… heee, just my sixth sense of lailailailai.

Tsuyoshi now doing drama Ninkyo Helper. the theme song done by SMAP. new single “Sotto Kyutto” (Gently Tightly). honestly, i’m more excited with the theme song than the drama.. [grin] .. i have BIG reason for that. it was composed by Kubota Toshinobu and wrote by Aso Tetsurou. the single will release upcoming 26 August. 06cono14

last year, kubota gave two songs to kimura.. ballad and pop. kimura said, he love the ballad song but because of fans want something groovy, he chose Style. hearing that, me and friends really wanna know the ballad song… coz if kimura said he love it.. then he must got a big reason too… [smile] … kimura always pick songs for group album, so i keep praying ‘that that’ song will be release in future. aa, you might wonder what’s up with the song. syhhhh. secret! 😀

[smile] .. doki doki. aa what should i do, what should i do. gently tightly. i hope ‘that that song’ will  ‘download’ my heart [*hehe.. just imitating nakai with nakama yukie – “koi no download” song].

OTaka OMatsu OTakako Matsu
Matsu said she already finished recording album, last year. [can’t believe.. sugoii… this bionic woman could find time to do recording!]. her song also gonna be as theme song. not for drama but for NHK anime series. Episode 30 of ‘Kemono no Sousha ERIN’. the opening will be from sukima switch. while end song will be from matsu. the title of song is “Kitto Tsutaete” (Certainly Said). and the episode 30 will be on 1 August… 20071101_375198

looks like AUGUST will be my heaven month.. with music of SMaP, B’z and Matsu.. with drama of nanako-eguchi-yusuke. somehow i’m laughing with this “gently tightly-certainly said”… hikhik. matsu and smap should do a medley duet again. also.. Could i expect B’z SMAP Matsu in Music Station together?!
if that really happen… owh, lisya would like to DIVE!


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