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Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 4 July 12, 2009

starting 14 july – 4 august, Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji SP (Special) will be broadcast. classic episodes from previous three seasons will be selected – especially related with nanako, eguchi and kimura tae. and the four guests who also participate are hiroyuki miyasako, sudo risa, mao inoue and yashima norito.

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Season Four of Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji will start on 11 august.
frankly, up to now.. i still don’t know how to put my expectation.
but my sense could feel that this gonna be different from previous seasons.
here some of my notes:
[1] the theme song will be no longer brought by Dream Comes True.

news_thumb_DCT_Alatest news 16th july: DCT will be collaboration with new trio-band ‘Fuzzy Control’ for the theme song which titled “Ahead”. this also as a celebration of 20th Anniversary of DCT. looks like the song’s message will be something like ‘nothing change to move ahead’. aa~ i’m glad!

[2] unfamiliarity of the cast list.. i can expect the best chemistry from nana-eguchi-yusuke-tae… but i dunno how with kitano kii, nishihara aki and ishida takuya. anyhow hopefully itao itsuji could bring some sparkles.

[3] mizuta narihide still in the director list; together with kawake shunsaku and sato yuichi..  i love kawake shunsaku’s previous works after all.

[4] the theme of this season will focus on reality of the industry: “The Collapse of Medical Emergency Unit”. The whole story will be about the life of regular doctors demanding job physically and mentally exhausted by a critical shortage of personnel. this actually based on current situation which is happening in Japan due to increasing of practitioners’ resignation. something realistic, human motivated, life lesson – are what i’m going to see.
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as a BIG fan of Kyumei Byoto.. if i could make a request.. i would like a VERY BIG REUNION! nanako, eguchi, kohinata, yashima, oguri, oizumi, daijiro, megumi, miyasako, sudo, sawamura, tanihara, hideaki, yasuko and toru. ALL in ONE SEASON. impossible? iya, muri kana…emm, i’m longing.222

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