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goromiho-chan July 28, 2009

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few days ago, i re-watch old videos in my CDs. one of them was this  “nakai masahiro super drama festival” TV show dated 5 january 2009. suddenly i remembered someone said that she saw Goro was glancing to the small screen which showing montages and CMs; which including Miho‘s CM.

so i went thru.. to find miho-chan. emm, CATCH! i caught it. here.

a beautiful miho. and goro also was in full of spirit!
001647588 001651192

end of last year, all media news announced that GoroMiho broke-up. but from the beginning, i believe they’re not.. or already reconcile. coz GoroMiho are choo genki, bright and cheerful. lol. funny to think they ended their long-relationship just simply like that.

anyway just wanna share a fanvideo i made long ago.
i was bored and miss them so much last time.. i need something to do, to see, to hear. so this is for myself (not distributed to public) and the RAWs were in low quality visual. but who care much, as long as somebody could enjoy it.

GoroMiho Stand By Us
– song Yozora no Muko by SMAP
– song Stand By Me covered by Yamazaki Masayoshi

*and besides goromiho, nakai-kun would always be there as their Big BROTHER.. thinking back Nakai also a shipper of goromiho. asking them taking care the baby. Goro can be a good father, ya’know. and Miho is great in doing housework. really love watching them in Triangle and Kiina dramas, last time.

ah, talking about their drama.. hiraoka yuta was doing two dramas in ONE SEASON. one with miho in Kiina. another one in goro’s special Kindaichi drama (Akuma no Temari Uta). hehe, wonder what yuta might think.. he could be a messenger between GoroMiho.  kindai



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