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takakura August 1, 2009




shot0002the kakkoi-ness of takakura aka sorimachi takashi.
i’m looking forward to see him in upcoming BOSS sequel!

Latest info about takashi sorimachi:
Sorimachi gonna make a debut in jidaigeki drama as the lead role.
He’s gonna be “Yagyu Jubei” (a famous samurai/historical person).
the jidaigeki will be in TV Tokyo’s annual “Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki”.
it will broadcasting on January 2, 2010.
this 7 hours long-drama is tentatively titled “Yagyu Bukeicho”.

his supporting cast members include Hideki Takahashi as Jubei’s father, Yagyu Munenori, and Mocomichi Hayami as Jubei’s brother, Yagyu Munefuyu. btw, this also would be Moco’s debut in a jidaigeki role.

tmknbefore this, Sorimachi acted in jidaigeki dramas as supporting only which include a role as Oda Nobunaga in the 2002 taiga series “Toshiie to Matsu”, next to Karasawa, Nanako, Takeno and Amami.
{ah~ seems that my sorimachi, my kimura
and eguchi yosuke once acted a role as Oda Nobunaga^^}

anyway, both nanako-sorimachi already busy with their jobs now..
so leave ’em alone having peaceful life together with the kids.
nana and sorimachi are genki. so what’s the fuss.
hoping his career will turn back to normal.
more and more great success to come.
“sorimachi-san, prove
’em wrong.. will ya!”
step by step ~ fighting!!


4 Responses to “takakura”

  1. Tutut indah Says:

    Oh my sorimachi, i like him the best,esp when he played a role as oda nobunaga,his strong character and charismatic was unforgetable to me. I hope i can watch more his films!

  2. nuralisya Says:

    oh, nice to meet u.
    my first time knowing sorimachi’s fan [girl].
    i’m glad u love sorimachi’s works.

    his movie Zaitochi The Last will screen early next year..
    i’ve much confident this time, since he’ll be with Shingo.
    hope to see him more… so that i could write about him more 🙂

  3. Tutut indah Says:

    Hi nice to meet u too! Can u help me how to get his film zatoichi and boss? I’ve watched GTO,CHEAP LOVE,BEACH BOYS,TOSHIIE TO MATSU. Since dorama films are very rare in my country Indonesia. Btw are u an indonesian too?or malay?

  4. nuralisya Says:

    i’m malay girl from malaysia.
    actually i also got many relatives and friends all around indonesia.
    since my late grandfather’s origin from semarang.
    so, malaysia-indonesia-singapore people are same to me.

    Zaitochi Movie will screen at Japan’s theater next year.. the exact date still unknown. i guess if there’s gonna DVD.. it will be release in year 2011.

    eh, BOSS drama DVD is no available at your country..? coz here, i bought it early last month. but if u want me to buy for u.. maybe i could help. or u just want to watch it online?

    mostly sorimachi’s fans are guys because of GTO.. and most of his fangirls no longer interested with him.. since he’s not hot and not popular anymore nowadays. that’s why i’m surprised to meet you.
    loh, setia bener kamu iya, Indah! 😀

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