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nodachii August 2, 2009

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last time, when BOSS was still broadcasting.. some people out there commenting about takeno’s character in BOSS. so noisy.. what they expect actually. do they understand the roles and story well. and i kept wondering why certain people said the characters not developing much.. coz from first episode till final, all the team members’ characters were given full attention. up to episode 10 when sorimachi came as a guest.. then the noise turned mute. and suddenly nodate getting a praise. what a funny~ it’s funny to think about all the noises outside while inside, Jfans enjoying this drama so much. from all-range of age and background, BOSS already became a family drama which everybody watching it together. thanks to the non-stop humor and the coolness from the great team.

shot0044yeah, i love this drama.. coz from last time, i know i will expecting something different from him. and BINGO, i guess it right!

actually takeno said few times in interview and making of, that he laughed a lot when he received the script. how he gonna do it.. [i think it’s because the script didn’t put it in clear and very subjective which make him to do it with his own imagination]. in other words, he might do some improvisation or ad-libs in the drama. shot0020

nodate is a playful, studdmuffin, funny and kakkoii guy.. planning party or group date also his responsibility as the assistant counselor of Section One. [do u know to find husband/wife for staff and subordinates also is a part of job for the head of organization.. sort of Jculture]. but at another time.. he’s serious, always watching and caring his staff in whatever way. silently, he’s doing serious job in actual.. only we didn’t realize it and thinking that he still in naughty nodachii mode. but i don’t mind. be bad, be good.. just be.

shot0011i love with nodate-osawa’s bickering. in whatever way, osawa will always get bullied by nodate. so we can say that nodate as “S’ type while osawa as “M” type. anyhow, at certain important time.. nodate will be always willing to help and protect her department. when the relationship between the team and osawa boss were not smooth, nodate will appear from somewhere and giving some advice or drop of motivation lines in whatever style. well, can considered nodate as a middle man in uniting the team. also as a middle man between top level and bottom subordinates. for a good reason, he always give his full support to katagiri and mami-rin. on contrary, he also love to push all the blames to yamamu. oh, nodate has a secret admirer too.. Iwai 😀     20090722

on last 22 July 2009, he won Supporting Actor [#1 for jury votes, #2 for TV reporter votes, #3 for card readers] in Drama Academy Awards. Along his career, that was second time he received the award for Supporting Actor [besides his previous 1 Best Newcomer award and 3 Best Actor awards ]. as usual, his response was good-faith and sincere. he said he was proud and thank the staff and writer for creating character of ‘Nodate’.

At the end of the event, he make a request to organizer:
“the name on this award.. instead of yutaka takenouchi, can you put it as nodate shinjiro?”
and yappari, his request was fulfilled!

anyway, deep down.. i know takeno is happy. i like to see him happy while doing his job. moreover, he’s shining now with the laugh and smile.. takeno said overall, he was fun playing a role as Nodate. i think acting together with amami yuki also make him happy. i hope he’ll stay shining like this in future.

btw, my other favorites also win other categories.

61th Drama Academy Awards:
– Best Picture: [BOSS]
– Best Actor: Abe Hiroshi [Shiroi Haru]
– Best Actress: Amami Yuki [BOSS]
– Best Supporting Actor: Yutaka Takenouchi [BOSS]
– Best Supporting Actress: Aragaki Yui [Smile]
– Director: all [BOSS] drama directors
– Writer: Masaya Osaki [Shiroi Haru]
– Song: Arashi [The Quiz Show]
– Special Newcomer: Ohashi Nozomi [Shiroi Haru]
[awards info:]

many theories  about what nodate said or greet actually in the drama.. i don’t have much idea but i think nodate just playing words – just to show his big interest with fine women thing.. simply a combining
OtsukareSamanThavasa or Otsukaresama desu SamanThavasa.

Otsukaresama desu- at the end of the day, we usually greet working people: “Thank you for your hard works” .. “You must be tired”  
Samanta Thavasa – a famous fashionable Japanese-born brand name. which endorsed by kimura takuya, beyonce, paris hilton etc.

maybe kimura and takeno could do some combi by doing this samantha thavasa thing.. either in commercial or smasma skits.

Nodate himself become a “brand”.. nowadays. wherever fans and staff keep nodate nodate. Jfans not only requesting sequel or special or movie.. but they also requesting the website and stuff not to be shut down and keep updating if possible. nodate-chan saiko! shot0001 ah, there also Nodate’s Party… yeah, a signboard was created same like the ticket in the drama. i’m quite sure the party supposed to be for lucky fans who won certain quiz. but i dunno if he will be there. since i know how introvert takeno is, i won’t put much hope. unless… if somebody can change him! anyway i’m also wondering about staff & cast farewell party. must be fun, na.


2 Responses to “nodachii”

  1. bluemoon Says:

    Thanks for info.
    Takeno has won again! Congratulations!
    And he’s in hiding again!
    When will he ever show more of his presence?

    And, wow BOSS won big time too!

  2. yutaka_gr Says:

    Thanx for the infos lisya

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