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style of kimumatsu August 4, 2009

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here the montages of kimumatsu at different time-space-zone.
no matter what, their taste of style will always same.
from year 1997 up to now.

since HERO 2007, business people start introduced back the nell or checkered fashion. and LoveGene 1997 and HERO 2001 brand clothes were back on the shelves. as you can see since 2007, the “check check” mode of fashion already continuous for 3 years now.. thanx to SMAP and all ikemens for their supports.

oh, goro once asked kimura in STS radio show.. about this fashion.
as usual, kimura was replying in circle.. with suspicious chuckled.
coz he was exactly wearing nell shirt at studio at that time.
wondering what color is that.
kimura’s STYLE solo song… red-blue, black-white.
well, yeah… that’s the color of kimumatsu actually 😀


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