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man of 100roses August 5, 2009

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OMG, so i’m not the one who talking about this roses..? πŸ˜€
i’ve edit the “nodachii” entry too many times including changing the date.. i think now i should pull out the roses part and get it into a fresh entry.

since i realized Jfans (fans in japan) also talking much about this..
hehe, united we are πŸ˜›


47586BTW, do you know amami was attending Ii Tomo Telephone Shock corner for promoting her latest movie, Amalfi.. and she received so many flower bouquets from other celebrities. takeno also sending roses to amami.. but he’s not using his real name.. just unfamiliar nickname instead (if i’m not mistaken, it’s shinjiro on the card; his character in BOSS.. ~ yeah i’m crazy.. i even comparing the kanji )

but she knew and even shocked.. “Ah, Nodate?!” roseKyaaa~ amami’s expression to the camera was priceless… 000202035i captured the whole corner..
looks like ONLY takeno was sending her roses in RED color…
hehe, should we count it?
nah, i already know it’s a hundred of red roses.
may be.. no, must be.

ne, takeno.. do you watch her on TV? sending flowers is normal actually – in a way of showing appreciation or saying congratulation. but at some part, it can show how good and close the relationship. since takeno himself seldom appeared in variety show, to see him sending flowers to woman was my first time.. and without putting his real name on sender’s card, it’s suspicious ya’know.. haha πŸ˜€ i love amami yuki-oda yuji pair.. but i love amami-takeno pair too. [since he looks happy with her off-screen]. haha, guess what.. somehow i feel the staff also trying to ship them together. XD

so it’s already confirmed that relationship between BOSS team members getting close although the drama already over. tamayama-erika-amami are good since they work many times together. young stars like tamayama, erika and junpei were close at filming site, behind the scene. erika and amami like sisters. amami also work few times with nukumizu. and kobayashi is choo funny, so everybody would always love him. but takeno… first time to see this situation. lol, it’s really like.. what hata called, “once in a bluemoon” situation.Β  Jfans were surprised and happy knowing this. hehe, yeah me too! when i heard word of ‘Nodate’ came out from amami, i was freezing; lost my breath πŸ˜€

before this, HERO Josai team is the champion in term of their bond of relationship. i can say HERO Josai team members are not only being best friends, but already become a family. since 2001, they had really good time during filming.. non-stop chatting, joking, laughing, working, challenging, bullying, punishing, mocking, comforting etc. they would do everything together – sitting together knee to knee, eating, buying meal and snacks in rotate, playing games and jankenpoi.. also love to jump and running around like small kids. [please put in mind: all of them are A-list; BIG STARS in Japan!]. since 2001, they keep contact each other frequently.. and having reunion gathering time to time. their best moment and sweet memory for PERIOD. which make kimura-matsu told us in Bokura no Ongaku.. that they were even promise back then, saying that whenever they gonna do HERO again, Josai team from Tokyo branch is a MUST! nobody could replace this 10 members [which including security guard]. maybe one day, i should write about them. ah~ how i miss them so much!

back to this bouquet..

yeah, i was right. the total = 100 red roses.
Jfans were surprised. so means it’s not something usual takeno would do to his co-star. yes – no? anyway, i love takeno with brenda too. compatible pair and already together for long time. and since end last year, i read some good but lil ‘bit sad news. but it’s already august now. means 8 months since his breakup and her shotgun marriage. i wonder how’s him. cheer up, my man. keep move on. yutaka takenouchi is still the most eligible bachelor in the town. demo, i’m proud of him.. such a long years… he is so loyal and really secure his loveship. lucky whoever got to be his wife. i dun want anything. i just want him stay in happiness.
nodos for the time being, i’m gonna enjoy all the moment of this osawa-nodate. well, i’m not alone πŸ™‚ Jfans gonna keep watching too. since both are single.. it’s not a crime, isn’t it.. hikhik. from response, Jfans were so excited, joyful and keep gya gya like what i did last time, muahaha! amazing. hontou ni sugoi! it’s good actually to see the change of that guy. hope we could see more. oh, a fan even hoping to see BOSS ring.. and the name changed to Nodate Eriko. muahaha, i’m crack! i dun mind, but before that Fuji TV should change the name tag into Kuryu Maiko first for the next HERO sequel. XD at the same time.. Jfans also same like me.. suspicious to think how he was openly sending the gift but hiding behind ofΒ  ‘shinjiro’. emm, only He knows.


4 Responses to “man of 100roses”

  1. lawless Says:

    Ah, so glad to meet another Takenouchi/Nodate x Amami/Osawa fan. The two of them have such great chemistry in BOSS. I hope they would appear in a drama or movie together some time. It doesn’t even have to be BOSS although a BOSS special would be cool, too.

  2. nuralisya Says:

    nice to meet u too, lawless ;D
    yep, great chemistry in BOSS… and ToyoTires CMs too.
    i would always love to see them together.

    actually amami and takeno will acting again in upcoming Fall drama Fumo Chitai as supporting roles. i wish they’ll share a screen. and hope that they’ll keep in touch, off-screen..

    i’m pretty sure BOSS sequel or special will gonna happen soon or later.
    coz this is a request by viewers.

  3. lawless Says:

    Hey, I just finished watching BOSS online. Such a good show. I can’t wait for the sequel or special. I think you’re right that they’re going to make a BOSS season 2 or special because the ending said: ‘See you in the next case…Later!” I’m so excited. BTW, I checked out that drama you mentioned, Fumo Chitai. Takenouchi and Amami-san are supporting roles but like you I hope that they appear on screen together. I also still hope that they would appear in the lead roles in a future drama or movie. I love them so much. I even made animated gif pictures of them from BOSS in my livejournal. πŸ™‚

    Your blog really opened my eyes to the two of them being such great friends off-screen. What I would give to see the two of them in a relationship but even if they remain just friends, I would still support them. They’re great actors.

  4. nuralisya Says:

    i think you’re a BIG fan of amami. are you. ;D

    same. me too. if they’re not in-loveloveship..
    i hope they’ll keep on with the friendship.

    lol, looking to your icons.. make me wanna post more about ’em.
    maybe later. thanx for visiting lawless.

    i love amami yuki..
    found out that she’s got some similar links or behaviour with matsu takako.

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