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jane eyre September 8, 2009

got message last week, my friend uchiyama was so excited to watch matsu’s latest stage play. and sarah probably will go around this week. hukhuk.. [envy envy]. yokatta ne.. i wish i could get an opportunity to go 😦 at least for once in my whole life.

hontou ni hontou, matsu takako is a powerful actress.. especially on stage. you should see her. live-in-action. since 16 years old debut, she never disappointed the audience. don’t be surprise if the tickets sold out so fast. and yes, not only locals but foreigners too.

and yes again, a ticket for stage play is considered expensive. and the price doesn’t include with other stuff like brochure or booklet. stage DVD? from what i heard, it’s more expensive than DVD for movie/drama. but definitely you won’t regret.. coz it’s worth.
but thanks to friends..
i got opportunity to watch a FULL version of matsu.. in NODA MAP OIL [with Tatsuya Fujiwara and Noda-san] and Roningai [with Karasawa, Nakamura Shido, Ihara Tsuyoshi, Tanaka Misato, Narimiya Hiroki etc].

other than that.. were bits and pieces. CMs, trailers, footage, long teaser, behind the scenes, reviews and news.

e.g:- Hamlet, Metal Macbeth, Ochepi, Voyage, Summer Hotel, Mozart, SISTERS, Withering Heights, Szechuan no Zennin, NODA MAP Crime and Punishment… and of course The Man of La Mancha.

how to say..
her aura is SOOOOO STRONG!
don’t worry if you don’t even know the language. eventually, she will break the wall. and you’ll find yourself in her magnificent world and she will drive you into a breath-taking journey.

i still remember when first time i watched her video.. a stage of matsu with her father [koshiro-san] and her sister [kio]. my brain just couldn’t concentrate at all with the plot. i was star-struck!! i couldn’t imagine i could see the family of three on the same stage. they’re amazing people – one of the most prestigious family in Japan. if, matsu’s brother [somegoro] or her cute nephew [kintaro @ itsuki] were joining the performance.. i think i’m deadly faint.

ah, they did actually.
last month, koshiro-san with his son, his daughters and his two grandchildren were performing special dance Shoukokai show.
somegoro said it’s the most difficult to arrange it with his two sisters since everybody were so busy. maybe that was the first and last time for the six family members on stage together. i wish koshiro-san will stay fit and healthy. i know some of his wish still not fulfill yet.
hehe, can you hear that, matsu?
taka-chan.. wakaru? 😛

back to Jane Eyre..
this musical is originally in fully Japanese. the music and lyrics by paul gordon. meanwhile the book and additional lyrics by john caird. and it is presented through special arrangement with Music Theater International in new york. this is a matsu’s first-led musical..which she needs to perform 22 songs out of.. err i think, 23 songs in total.

just received news today:
matsu’s latest movie ‘The Villon’s Wife” won in Montreal Festival for Best Director category!! [yeayyy… jump*jumping*excitedly!].
i think that should be a good beginning..
since i could see a very competitive movies from other participants especially from Roma [Korkoro movie by Tony Gatlif] which getting Grand Prix  prize for this year.


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