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bakansu September 13, 2009

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what i’m doing now?
…. em, a difficult who-will-win-one-million question [haha].
i’m so busy [full stop] sometimes space out [full stop] no time to make fanvideo [full stop] my campus blocked dailymotion, pandora, megaupload and mediafire access [full…hah?!] and that’s CRAZY ya’know! i feel like wanna bang my HEAD to the wall! at the same time, works piling up. argh, nuralisya seeking to escape – either bang bang bakansu [holiday = travel = a drink with umbrella] or bang bang my head! [….. err, full stop].
~ mirror mirror hanging on the wall, you don’t have to tell me who’s the biggest fool of all ~ : said M2M.

we’re still in the month of ramadhan. and it’s going to end by next week. seven days more, insyaallah. the next of tomorrow, i’m going back hometown for Eid-ul-Fitri celebration. nothing much to do. just planning to help my mom clean the house and prepare some food for the big day. that’s all. also pay visit to our relatives and friends [especially old generation] from house to house. it’s just a normal tradition for us. i prefer meeting and talking with old people rather than staying at home watching TV.

nothing good on TV though. more silly and boring shows. but i’m sure ‘the circus shows will still in the schedule. i think it’s already become a permanent program for any public holidays since i was born [joking]. yappari, malaysia tv station really love foreign circus, na. even it’s not related at all with our muslim festivals. emm, wakatta. ironically, i’m well-understood that certain my people still lack of common sense.

time passes quickly. [sigh] i feel ‘old’. when it comes to celebration or public holiday or wedding ceremony.. immediately i feel old! that’s why i love normal days. during normal days, this 30 years old girl feel soooo 13! yeah, depressing busy, but cozily playful.

i’m in happy happy mode now. thanks so much to all my ladies. without nanako, matsu, nakama, rena, miho.. and arisa. i dunno what to do to erase all the black clouds in my brain which hurt my black rabbit in my heart!

recently, i’m in craze doing PS.
not PlayStation. but PhotoShop. lol.
also the ‘Locomotion’ song keep humming inside of me.
hehe, well i have another version of Smap SoftBank in my head:
~ come on, come on… do… kimumatsu-motion with me~

oh btw, i’m fully rooting ArisaShingo. it’s a firm decision. after looooong, deep thinking to choose between arisa, yuuka and uehara. and my choice became stronger after i heard the returning of Arisa in Shingo’s latest drama [yeah ~ kochikame ga ii jan]. so i guess there will be another profile page here. hikhik, i still haven’t edit GoroMiho and NakaNaka pages yet. i’ll do it later – all at once. and i’m in the middle of working on my new website. i think that would be a solution to organize all my blogs.

actually all my blogs are just a place for myself. i didn’t expect people come and read. do people interested with what i wrote? frankly, i don’t like blogging. i’m a former writer who’s not good in writing blog [nuralisya gatek – gagap teknologi]. my real writing tools: just a piece of paper and a pencil. i guess i’m still in a world of 70s. [laugh] people in my country began using computer as a communication only after.. er, end of 1990s. as far as i remember, in year 1997.. i learned to chat in IRC chatroom. that’s the first time i learned how to type the keyboard and how to move the mouse. and after that, ‘With Love’ drama by takeno appeared on my TV screen. internet LOVE. oooooh~ such a nostalgic feeling! [nuralisya rabu rabu aishiteru].

…. to be continued
lisya take a break. Kit Kat?
no, M&M. or perhaps Meiji Galbochips 🙂


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