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domo October 4, 2009

just drop by..
i’m still in holiday. while finding some solution with my school works.

many things i’ve tracked and read. now it’s time to find and watch. and that consuming my time, must be. how to pour and organize all these things i wonder? rather than read my blog, i wish people could just read my brain instead. kinda heavy to carry it.

emm, since i knew karasawa and eguchi already appeared in sxs promoting fumo chitai and kyumei byoto.. i’m in the mood to watch smasma for the whole 2009… in fast-forward mode.

also waiting for DVDs: [rena] Haken no Oscar, [nanako-eguchi-yusuke] Kyumei Byoto, [shingo-arisa-goro-kimura-shido] KochiKame.

and like usual, still hunting old dramas/movies. gladly, i found some.. [dancing while thinking my budget for this month].


*so happy watching variety ‘love science’ with karasawa, eguchi, sorimachi, takeno and keppei as the guests. i keep gyaa, gyaa… melting.

*happy watching smap game with their goukun [group-date] couples [arranged by goro.. hehe, hopefully one day, takeno nodate will come]


.. now watching this, can’t help screaming kyaaaa. coz in my head, i was totally IMAGINING smap together with their ladies. TABLE for TEN.

i was laughing, imagining kimura hugging matsu soooo long and tightly and keep comforting her ‘daijobu, daijobu’. although in REAL-LIFE, matsu is the one who always said daijobu words to kimura. since we know kimura sometimes can be panic, nervous and worrisome. only matsu could stabilize him. actually in sanma smap 2003, matsu as a guest; once said, she would just said daijobu daijobu to calm down her man.

and goro protecting miho’s head even he himself was scared.. lol, another proof which from goro’s view; he would give priority to others than himself. [goro once ‘saved’ matsu’s hair from white clay in sxs 2005]. seems girl’s hair is important than his own hair. such a gentle person, na Goro-chan.


i bet if rena was there, tsuyoshi would gave a big grin as his wish to date rena became true [although i suspected tsurena already an item now]. tennen guy and tennen girl together doing Q&A, it’ll be more interesting if they win for real. there, tsuyoshi keep saying ‘yaabai, yaabai’. hahaha, reminds me of last year, his yaabai yaabai since he started knowing rena. ~ yaabai, it’s interesting. yaabai, she’s so cute. yaabai, i wanna date her. yaabai, i fall in love ~

the talento who coupled with shingo was singing and dancing bit… so, much easy for me to imagine arisa. haha. shinarisa should do duet for smap concert, one day… since both are same age, childhood friends and good in singing.

nakama wa? well, as yukie quite scared with any explosion sounds… she should just stay next to nakai. as a co-leader. up to now, so many people waiting the return of nakanaka – the masters of ceremony.


hahaha, Ryo-san!^^


Mr Weather Man..
lucky guy who has strong heart and strong hair ^^


koshiro-san and somegoro doing RampoKabuki play now.. i think goro should invite them to Kindaichi SP drama, next time. matsu’s cousins… ebizo with kimura in Mr Brain, shido with shingo in KochiKame, kantaro will be with rena in Departure stage play. matsu’s uncle.. kanzaburo with shingo and sorimachi in Zaitochi The Last movie.

if kimura doing P-chan again, he should invite ‘father in-law’, Ko-chan to the skit. to those who dunno, Ko-chan is a pet name of koshiro-san; given by kimura.


matsu now releasing her latest album.. a special album to me. 5 english songs [cover], 4 songs wrote/composed herself.. and 1 songs wrote/composed by her father. i should pay attention to the 4 songs. matsu is sending her message to someone. just look at the titles… Time for Music.. If I’m With You.. Certainly Said.. So Long.

tsk, tsk. if she’s with him… i’m sure, not only us… but taichi, tokio, toma, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids, mitani koki, SMAP, sanma, taka-san, HERO Josai teams and all people who wish the same thing; happen for real.. would be happy.

at this moment, my mind suddenly flashback the moment when kimura silently smiling to the talisman which he received from someone.. during TakuTsuyo Batsu Game Mt Fuji august 99. i’m sure the person must be so special.  someone who has an image of wearing beautiful kimono for traditional ceremonies, who visiting shrines, praying for safety of someone she loves. logically, if not his own mother, no one else could be in that kind of surroundings.. except the kabuki princess herself. matsu takako.

* happy watching nanako and sorimachi together.. talking about Great Teacher Onizuka. i think the interview was AFTER the filming.. not during filming. [i’ve seen the promo during the drama on-air too… also the combi in nakai’s variety show]. love it. coz here, i could see nanako quite talkative and her eyes were shining happily… i believe at that stage, they already in rabu rabu atmosphere. one day, i will talk more about nanako-sorimachi’s chronology.

* happy to see amami met takeno again during Fumo Chitai press conference. amami and takeno were dressing in smart retro. lovely. near but far but close. haha, i dunno how to describe. ne, any development? haiyaark… just give a shoot.. you should take goro as an example.. don’t be slow like nakai. na takeno, do you understand.. wakaru?

i miss b’z. tak matsumoto and koshi inaba. CALLING.. calling their song.
oh, B’z contribute theme song for Oguri Shun’s movie “Tajomaru”… i like it! the title of the song is PRAY.


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