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moment October 12, 2009

i’m cleaning my caps files…
lol, no wonder my notebook became slow… what a big file…
almost 1 year i didn’t organize those.

so who to start with…?
since baitong asked about nanako.. here for her.

nanako matsushima and yusuke santamaria came to Bistro SMAP on 29 June 2009.. for promoting Kyumei Byoto Season 4.
if not mistaken, that was third times she came to Bistro. really really enjoy this episode. i can’t stop smiling and laughing. feels warm. it’s like meeting old friends again.

the entrance part was funny. yusuke walked in..
“here i come!!… nana-chan”, he signaled her..
“haaaaaaait..”, she answered..
tak tak tak tak, in small run.. she came in. [aaa, so cute ^^].

nanako brought some ingredients/food seasonings for everyone to taste with carrot, cucumber, daikon, hard-boiled egg etc. i love the interaction of nana-yusuke-kimura.. they joked around. yusuke talked almost non-stop.. asked her a lot, teased her a lot. and treat this lady so well. also when nakai was not-so-sure, after knowing yusuke’s role as a genius doctor… nanako gave her back-up.. saying yusuke was really great doing the filming.



when i watched this lovely nanako-sorimachi:


reminds me of this takeno-amami.. hehe 😀



so obvious this rabu rabu smoke. i love seeing this combi’s LIVE reaction in Mezamashi News. when it came to takeno, amami was suddenly paying attention to the VTR, nervously excited to hear comment from him. and takeno.. kept o-hehehe, pause, o-hehehe again… Well, honestly it’s rare to see him saying something personal about his co-star. ~how cute amami, how fun amami… emm, alright. let see what’s next.


Thnx God, in Fumo Chitai drama… takeno-amami gonna have a thing! ^^


2 Responses to “moment”

  1. Meyraa Says:

    hajimemashite! hee im looking for latest news about nanako and takashi sorimachi and i found your web! hee i like it 😀
    eto, actually i want to ask you, where did u get the video ya? the nanako part and the nanako-sorimachi vid. i am desperately want the videos…onegai~ XD

  2. nuralisya Says:

    w’salam. hajimemashite.
    gomen. baru reply.
    ada. nanti jap carik dan upload.
    nanti kite send link.

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