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monologue October 21, 2009

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This morning i attended AMOS workshop at another university. near to my hometown. actually, i was there because i’ve been invited by the lecturer who’s also the speaker. and almost all the participants were lecturers and staffs. and i was the only one ‘outsider’.

it’s a good opportunity as i learned new knowledge for 2 days without paying any fees. moreover it’s coincidentally useful for my research analysis. but somehow.. surrounding myself with those academicians, emm.. make myself become more and more and more inferiority.

postgraduate programs are not just about scrolls and transcripts. not even the title of ‘Dr.’ at the beginning of my name. it’s about research. it’s about knowledge. and how Islamic teachings could encounter in my daily life. how much i’ve learned Islamic teaching about business marketing, tourism, corporate communication, media, journalism, entertainment, sustainability and socio-cultural?!


Islam encourages us to learn and provides us the freedom of research. by doing the research, knowledge is pursued with humility and modesty which bring us closer to our God, The Creator. then we’ll find the freedom, dignity and mind gratification. knowledge. no matter how deep we try to explore and acquire it, the knowledge must be linked with good values and positive goals.

ah~ i feel more inferior.
hope this gonna make me keep on moving forward.


Day Two.
i found my dream.
what i wanna do for a long-term contribution to minority and locals.


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