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oxygen November 3, 2009

oh no.. i can’t breath. could someone bring me more oxygen tank. [laugh]. after one, came another one. non-stop. so many happy news flying around.oh my,  i’m dying in this kind of sweetness.

it’s november now. i’m waiting to buy the latest full album of B’z Magic and Matsu Takako Time For Music.

and i can’t wait for Slash [Guns N’ Roses] solo album which featured Koshi Inaba B’z in SAHARA song. haha, i love Slash. and i’m so happy. among all the vocalists in this world, he choose Inaba-san.

weeks ago, i received B’z single album “My Lonely Town” and Matsu Takako single album “Kimi to Nara”. love it, love it, love it!! the arrangement of music and the lyrics.

and i love My Lonely Town PV. such a great idea by choosing Hashima Island [well-known as Battleship Island] as the background. somehow this reminds me of nakanaka’s Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai theme PV [by Mr Children].

oh, talking about Battleship.. kimura now filming a new movie Space Battleship Yamato –  a live action of Japanese science-fiction anime “Uchuu Senkan Yamato” – one of his favorite anime. the casts consist many my favorite stars!

and kimi to nara? haha, another bold message from otaka to otaku. matsu was so cute during the recording at Bellflower, Los Angeles. another thing, i was surprised that i really like the cover song of 500 Miles. i didn’t like the original english folk song, but the japanese version was really good.. thanx to otaka’s sweet voice. oh, Imawano was the one who did translated the song into japanese. and to me, the lyric of 500 Miles is a part of her message too. 500 Miles – Hedy West song really reminds me of SxS ~ Most Wanted 5 Women.. the first guest: ishihara mariko …. the part of shinkansen station.. and “yappari, she’s my soul mate” conversation – the part which suddenly kimura gave a BIG interest. hikhik.

the effect? the impact?!
i had a miraculous night dream.. where B’z and SMAP were singing “Ichibu to Zenbu” in front of me. haha. it was a great collaboration. with perfect sounds and best choreography.  somehow it’s looks like a mini concert to me. yeah, it’s just a dream. but i’m already satisfied.

and kimumatsu hyper mode suddenly hit me again. which turned myself to re-run LongVac, LoveGene, HERO, HERO Movie and all SmaSma Matsu guest in 2 days in a row! seriously, my heart was soaked with 1001 mixed-feelings. and my brain couldn’t recognized the definition of happiness and sadness. so what should i name this emotion? once in a blue moon mood?

recently, latest ANAN magazine released… it’s SMAP. talking about the signs of love from them to women… and the signs of love they catch from those women. Ararara~ reading that, one by one… how should i say.. it’s like their love confession to the ladies. that ladies aka my ladies aka their ladies. and the most obvious one is TsuRena. [giggling, squealing, almost screaming inside]. i’m so happy. strong confirmation that my sense and hypothesis are significant and relevant. lol. i become TsuRena fandom since the poster of Ryokiteki na Kanojo released. before the news and trailer or whatever stuff shown up. before the drama on-aired. imagine.. just looking to the poster, i could sense the rabu rabu white smoke around them. after Ninkyo Helper and Ballad and Haken no Oscar… tsurena is still there.

in SmaStation, in Tsuki Ichi Goro corner, goro gave his comment by saying matsu was wonderful and the most beautiful in Villon’s Wife movie. huhu, i really like to hear what goro would say about kanno miho’s upcoming ‘Permanent Wild Rose’ movie, next year.

i should say i was happy with matsu Jane Eyre musical play and Villon’s Wife movie. i think i already mentioned those many times at many places. i’ve heard another rumor last May, but now.. it’s official:

Matsu in another great movie KOKUHAKU (Confession) – based on the famous mystery novel by Minato Kanae.
Matsu will play the leading role, a junior highschool teacher [single unmarried mother] whose daughter died at the school’s pool while waiting for her finishing her work. Somehow she believe that her daughter has been murdered by two of her students. For that she quit her job and promise that she will reveal the murderers. This best-selling year 2008 novel already received many awards.

okada masaki and kimura yoshino are among the co-stars. this movie is directed by Nakashima Tetsuya who worked with SMAP many times. nakashima also did PVs for matsu Minna Hitori and smap Sotto Kyutto too, ya’know.  hikhik, is this another coincidence?

now, i’m dokidoki waiting this mid-November…
emm, what else.. 2009 NHK Kouhaku Uta-Gassen hosts..
my vote card still for NakaNaka [NAKAi masahiro x NAKAma yukie].


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