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kouhaku2009 December 17, 2009

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countdown for 60th Kouhaku 2009. the return of NakaNaka as Hosts.
hehe, i was laughing to Five’s imagination story. sugoii yo.

nakai-kun, sudeni kanojo no denwa bango wo tazune ta?
lorr.. HAYAKU!!


i was happy knowing nakai-kun mentioning nakama in SGS radio show on last 28.11.2009. and i’m crazily crack here.

so phone number or email address already became old issue, na. the most current point here is .. “she likes me too, right? she must be.. or else she wouldn’t want to do this with me again, rite.” sou da yo, it’s already third time for NakaNaka co-hosting Kouhaku together. and everybody seems looking forward to the show. it’s 60th Kouhaku. i hope this is not the final show for NHK channel. coz i wanna see NakaNaka more.

at least it’s the best cure for me who can’t see goromiho, tsurena, shinarisa at this moment. on the other hands, i still can watch kimumatsu as their dramas and movie are still re-runs by FujiTV and people from variety will still mentioning them time to time.


2010 SMAP gonna be 22 Years. same like B’z.
it’s been months i haven’t catch up with smappu.
while i was tracking back them for few minutes… suddenly..
suddenly i miss Mori-kun.

i changed my mind. decided to turn back time to SMAP SIX.
mori-kun is important to me. finding him means finding back smap childhood memory.. and that would include my skool time memory. their old songs always cherish me no matter what. and old smasma series were better than nowadays right. a treasure. this will always keep in my treasure.

mori-kun, in whatever you do.. ganbatte ne! good luck for your autorace. thnx for keep in touch .. take a good care of the other members, yoroshiku-ne.


2 Responses to “kouhaku2009”

  1. lei Says:

    wow.. a nakanaka fan like me!! 🙂
    wonder where i can read Five’s story.. wanna read it to.. tnx!!

  2. nuralisya Says:

    lol, it’s just a talk between us… but i’ll post it here.
    [*u won’t mind ne Five, yanie :p]


    ORIGINAL kouhaku flash:
    – Nakama-san, why do you still want to do this, although you know whenever you do this with me, you’ll lose?
    + No, no, no.
    – You’ll lose, y’know!
    + (laughs) I won’t!!
    – How would you get your tension high when you’re in a losing match??
    + No, no… this is my third time, so this year, I’ll do my best and I want the Red team win this year.

    Five’s IMAGINATION story:
    – Nakama-san, why do you still want to do this, although you know I still have no courage to ask your number (or: ask you out ^^) ??
    + No, no, no.
    – I have no courage, y’know!
    + (laughs) you have!
    – How would you get your tension high when I’m so nervous??
    + No, no… this is my third time, so this year, I’ll do my best and I want you to have the courage to ask my number (or: to ask me go out with you ^^) this year.


    nuralisya* like i said to others:
    while nakama is working hard to make sure her Red Team win, nakai must work hard to win her heart. ^__^

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