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2010 stageplay January 30, 2010


katori shingo in “Talk Like Singing”
performance on 23.1.2010 till 7.3.2010.

after made his off-Broadway musical theater [Japan’s original piece]  at Skirball Center for Performing Arts, NYU, mitani koki currently continuing the show in home country with same casts – katori shingo, jay kabira, horiuchi keiko and niiro shinya. music directed by yasuharu konishi [member of 198o’s Pizzicato Five].

just to refresh back the plot:
the story of Tarlow (Shingo) – a young man who cannot talk but only sing. There was a band consisted of  four-man resided in his head which the reason of why he could only communicate by singing. He went seeing a speech therapist, Dr. Nimoy (Keiko Horiuchi) and a psychologist, Dr. Dyson (Jay Kabira). With therapy and hypnotize treatment, each member of the four-man band eliminated. At last.. for the first time in his life, Tarlow was able to talk without singing. He even didn’t hear any singing voices in his head. However, later on… he started feeling unhappy and missing the songs.

in general, Talk Like Singing is a universal comedy musical. a mitani koki’s type of humor. with the first exposure at NY last time, i hope shingo would prove to the world that he’s a talented actor, not just ordinary idol. ~ Koshiro-san, in this 3-months period, spend time to watch him, ne.. bring your beloved wife and grandchildren too!


inagaki goro in “Elephant @ ZOU”
performance on 5.3.2010 till 30.3.2010.

goro would be the lead cast here. his co-stars are okina megumi and my favorite osugi ren. the last time goro did the main character was two years ago. The story is based on Betsuyaku Minoru’s early work [one of his best]. it’s about the hardships and the sufferings of those atomic bomb’s victims. the story would try to revolve around humanistic issues – their vulnerability and sacrifice.

somehow i like this kind of plot~ atomic bomb. i’m always curious and admire how that country could struggle and re-born after the big historical event. i wonder if it wasn’t happened, how my country would be now on the mark of Japanese administrative compared to British imperial system.

by the way, with the same theme of Atomic Bombing
[1]matsu takako did a special drama “Hiroshima Showa 20 nen 8 Gatsu Muika” – a first project of Nada Sou Sou song by natsukawa rimi.
[2] tanaka rena did a movie “Yunagi no Machi, Sakura no Kuni”
[3] matsushima nanako did her social responsibility as narrator in a documentary movie of “Gate~ A True Story @ Atomic Flame” – with theme song by yuna ito.

*last time, i was smiling; knewing his butai press conference turned to be a media press of his private relationship with miho 😛


matsu takako in “My Two Husbands and My Situation”.
performance on 17.4.2010 till 16.5.2010

the play is originally wrote by William Somerset Maugham in 1919. co-stars are danta yasunori and watanabe toru, as Matsu’s “husbands”. at first i thought it will be a serious story. but it’s not … hehe. after a series of serious stages done by matsu, this time will be a comedy.

the story is about a woman named Vicky who thought her husband has drowned and died. so she marries another man. but apparently her first husband is still alive and returns home. from there, the triangle of love and fight situation going to begin.

yasunori already started his promo on this play [interview’s talk]. i’m expecting from matsu soon.


amami yuki in “Samurai and Rose ~ GoemonRock OverDrive”
performance on 18.3.2010 till 18.4.2010 (tokyo); 27.4.2010 till 13.5.2010 (osaka).

for several reasons, i’m really excited with this play. [1] it’s the Shinkansen production, under the same director of matsu’s Metal Macbeth. [2] the co-star is furuta arata who was the co-star of matsu’s play [Noda Map] Crime and Punishment. [3] furuta as samurai and amami as rose = goemon and lady oscar. [4] amami as lady oscar is my wish when rena did Haken no Oscar drama, last year [5] to me, it’s like a world of kabuki vs takarazuka revue on the same stage!

~ah, my imagination running wild to matsu and kimura in this kind of play. kimura as the one piece/pirate of the caribbean .. and matsu as the samurai woman.

since toma and matsu are known to have good friendships with shinkansen staff members, i wonder if they would spend time to come and watch amami [although matsu will busily practicing her butai and toma might busy with his line of movies].


tanaka rena in “Departure”
performance on 29.5.2010 till 6.6.2010 at akasaka [tokyo]; 9.6.2010 till 13.6.2010 at osaka; 16.6.2010 till 24.6.2010 at misonoza [nagoya]
it’s not just a stage play.. here you’ll enjoy musical concert too under musical director; joe hisaishi. rena as the wife of nakamura kantaro (matsu’s cousin) in this play.

remember Okuribito, one of the movie that won Oscar last year? this year, it will be transformed to stage play version; directed by G2. the stage version will gonna have some changes with the storyline, but the characters and concept will remain same.

this is a second stage for rena. she did debut last year “Memory Cards” which was well-received. her acting got recognition by stage people and audiences. matsu’s sister matsumoto kio who commenting in her diary, saying that rena did very well and natural that she didn’t looks like a first-timer. the audiences also gave good impression: saying that rena’s acting was unbelievably compelling. with her expression, the last 15 minutes part could moved hearts into tears.

frankly, i’m so glad that kantaro and rena being chosen in this big project. hopefully, she’ll do stage play with tsuyoshi.. or matsu.. or amami.


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