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life survival February 27, 2010

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regarding my life ONLINE:
– bunch of graphics [headers, icons, siggy] on GoroMiho, TsuRena, TakenoAmami, KimuMatsu, ShinArisa already done… next, i’m going to do NakaNaka and NanaSorimachi.

– already update Click Me Shoot Me and Refreshment Hall. layout and color mood. own satisfaction. for Treasure Jbox, i’m still thinking what, when, how. i’m really not familiar with WordPress theme and coding. with limited, not related widgets – nothing much i could do.

– for the contents:
so many stuff and topics i wanna share… past present and upcoming news and info. but those sources ended up floating in my head. i think that is a part of my ‘Gemini weakness’.

– i will still finding TIME to do this. but overall, i always try my best to keep updating things… on whichever blogs in whatever mood during whenever time.

i have 3 blogs (two in blogspot CMSM and RH + one in wordpress) PLUS another blog “Love Vacation” just born last night. with 4 blogs and utube page… good luck in finding me! XD

– Love Vacation – my new blog.

most probably it will focus on travel, places, people, culture…
or just some rants on my dream holidays.

i love traveling. but last year, i had black experience which putting me in inferiority and traumatic fear life. with current heavy work-loadings, this is the best time to do some reflection by traveling to another world – YUME. “nuralisya still traveling in her dreams”. wise men says: fake it till you do it for that, i’ll keep on be a net traveler – exploring, learning and appreciating on wonderful things – recognizing aesthetic and spiritual values… until i got enough courage to ‘walk-outside-alone’.

He WHO has made this earth for us as a carpet; spread out
.. So that we may go about therein in spacious roads and channels.


regarding my life OFFLINE:
*i re-paste from Click Me Shoot Me*

recently, for few weeks
my migraine attack keep coming ON and OFF. i try my best taking a good care of myself. i already lost appetite for outside meals, so i start again doing home cooking. my own recipes. coz i’m lazy to read other people’s recipe books. just use my imagination and whatever i have in my kitchen with limited, short time. i seldom taste my food while cooking. so, when everything done, sitting with a spoon or chopsticks… lol, i really nervous to take a first bite. this kind of doki doki feeling makes me a lil’bit high tension, exciting and feeling genki. OISHII~ UMAI! kinda shocked i could prepared such luxury food with cheap ingredients.
yosh, i can open my own bistro cafe tomorrow!

demo ano, emm.. rather than putting this as hobby, i prefer to say that this is a part of my survival. i always tend to forgot eating when i start concentrating on something. last night, i just realized i didn’t take any meal for almost 48 hours. quickly, i rushed to the kitchen with a dizzy head and weak body.. opened the cabinet – “oh my… no rice?! finish?! already?! hee?! ah, 7-Eleven convenience store.. i’m starving.. how to.. heee, drive?! iyadaa~. hold on. focus focus.. i need carbohydrate..or else i’ll be dehydrate.” while my brain kept stimulating weakly… i prepared the soup. with whatever things that i could call INGREDIENT.

~ atta, yo! a pack of RICE vermicelli!! good enough. i need RICE. bihun pun bihun lah, janji beras! i wonder which was the best.. my rice vermicelli or japanese ramen. .. emm, won’t care. i was hungry. oh, btw most my meals nowadays are combination of western and oriental with improvised on my own.


One Response to “life survival”

  1. The FonZ Says:

    Live your life as a whole or live a whole life. I sometimes wonder which is which and what is what. Take it easy will you ? People say think positive is unrealistic. But when i ask them, is negative thinking realistic?, i got no answer. Research says, 90% of negative thinking never happen.

    I dont know how i got into your blog alisya, but reading it is quite fun 🙂

    Have a nice day.

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