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radio March 15, 2010

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5 March 2010, he mentioned her name again.
yappari, it’s still ON!!

The NEVER-ENDING talk about Matsu in Kimura radio shows.
here episodes which kimura mentioned the name of matsu takako only.
{there might be more LG, LV, Chuushingura, HERO etc without her name}

o-taku ne.. really love to talk about o-taka. sometimes, whatever things or period that not related with actual topics. his sadness, frustrated, longing, happiness were so readable. like Lita said, to make it complicated.. he shared everything about her on-air.  that’s the power of matsu in kimura’s radio. ^^

or as per yanie’s suggestion
~A Diary of The Days with Matsu Takako~ 😛

12 October 1997 – Kimura WUS
7 December 1997 – Kimura WUS
28 December 1997 – Kimura WUS

5 April 1998 – Kimura WUS
2 Aug 1998 – Kimura WUS

23 February 2001 – Kimura WUS
16 March 2001 – Kimura WUS

17 January 2003 – Kimura WUS

18 March 2005 – Kimura WUS

30 June 2006 – Kimura WUS

2 April 2007 – Kimura Stop the SMAP
13 April 2007 – Kimura WUS
3 August 2007 – Kimura WUS
11 Sept 2007 – Kimura Ohayou SMAP
9 November 2007 – Kimura WUS
14 December 2007 – Kimura WUS

18 January 2008 – Kimura WUS
18 April 2008 – Kimura WUS
25 April 2008 – Kimura WUS

5 March 2010 – Kimura WUS


besides all those above:

around 2009 .. he’s talking about matsu’s cousin ichikawa ebizo as his good friend. {fyi, ebizo really close with matsu too. he kept asking about her song lyrics and being curious with matsu’s love life. lol} … oh, goro also threw a question to kimura, asking about checkered clothes, hekhekhek.. and emm, what else… did he said about somegoro contacted him for 2008 new year’s greeting. hehe, probably somesome tried to endure kimura’s pain because of his sister’s sudden marriage. may be. no.. must be. 😛

ne, please KEEP THE SECRET KEY safely, kimura!
i know you’ll always treasure the memories.


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