treasure Jbox

nuralisya mumbling herself November 6, 2007

nuralisya itu..

seorang gadis di tengah padang..
yang menyelusuri dunia kehidupannya sendiri!

{ack, i dunno how to describe myself.
this might the worst n bored part i’ve ever had..}


i was born on 14th June 1979. Gemini. living in malaysia.
i have a very very very simple life.. still single..
but my parents always hoping
my wedding will be tomorrow.
playing crazy with own life.. laugh n cry..
i’m into music, movies, theater (stage play), books, writing, thesis.
those are my food.. food of life.

i’m lucky to have multi-working experiences and friends from various fields…

currently, full-time student… hope i could finish my thesis soon.
*ooh, this year I hope*
but still being cozy and playful somehow.
well, what can i say.. that’s me!

beauty.. emm, that’s not me i think..
who really care about me my style!


8 Responses to “nuralisya mumbling herself”

  1. Mitsuo Says:

    hi sis.. i letak ur blog dlm my list bolehkan..

  2. nuralisya Says:

    sure.. no problem 🙂

  3. notoriousnoona Says:

    Read this and thought of myself(so similar)…well, I’m not Malaysian 😉
    Love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. nuralisya Says:

    hehe. as long as you’re still a part of this world.
    thnx for your visit. thnx for your words too.

  5. Peggy Says:

    Only way to live is for your immediate happiness or satisfaction. Only then will you give the same to those around you.
    You can only live for the moment you are in and the future will come to you anyway, so make each moment a happy one.

  6. nuralisya Says:

    🙂 make a happy moment? in the middle of this sickness, that’s the best thing i could do. if i could live just a little bit more in future… i already feel grateful.

    frankly, i built this treasure jbox… not just a childish,girlish fandom. also not for any community or network. but for my own. to pick and treasure every single pieces of things that made me smile and cry. cherish myself with all these memories. and for my next generation.

  7. Peggy Says:

    Ah no wonder I feel your vibes. I am a Gemini born on June 17th but the year we will not mention…
    Geminis deal with life very well and take punches without having to give punches back. We give our kindness, with words, sometimes sharp and funny, but violence does not work with a Gemini.
    Live long and with happiness. Life is ours.

  8. Peggy Says:

    Lisya dear, where are you? Have not been here for long time.Too many medical men got in the way. Hope you are well. Life is still good.

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