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profile of B’z November 8, 2007

Japan’s leading #1 rock band. since their debut more than 20 years ago, people have been listening to B’z. they seems like the history of natural growth. B’z still got full support from a wide range of fans [male-female, young teens, housewives etc] because they laid the Japanese perfected the form of locks. – Koshi Inaba: from an emotional song to a Japanese capsule piercing shout wet. – Matsumoto Tak: guitar hard rock faithful to the grammar.
Its simplicity is probably just because they can lock the songs.
. 🙂

B’z is a popular and influential Japanese hard rock band.. Minimal but full of impact band… comprised of:

Takahiro Matsumoto (Guitarist, Composition, Arrangement)
Inaba Kōshi (Vocalist, Lyrics)

B’z debuted on September 21st, 1988 with their self-titled album “B’z”. Today, B’z is one of the most famous rock bands in Japan and all of Asia. They have sold millions of albums – the honor of being the best-selling Japanese band of all time. While most of the band’s fanbase is seated in Japan, many people discovered B’z in countries across the world. They were the first artists from Japan, and from Asia as a whole, to have their handprints and signatures put up in the Hollywood’s Rock Walk.

i could say that they’re very very very humble and low-profile band… They rarely make TV appearances. An avoidance of over-exposure which may well explain their longevity to date. Both Inaba and Matsumoto also have recorded solo albums while still staying together as B’z.


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