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profile of Kimura-Matsu November 9, 2007


Takako Matsu is a very well actress and singer.. coming from high-respected family. She was born into a traditional Buyō house. Her dad is Matsumoto Koshiro IX, kabuki actor and head of the buyo house. Takako’s debut in a theater was when she was sixteen years old. Her first lead role in television is Hana no Ran drama. She made her debut as a songwriter and singer in 1997. As of now, she has released nineteen singles and ten albums (of which, seven are original studio albums), achieving success as a singer also. Married in year 2007, 28th December.

Takuya Kimura is one of SMAP’s member. He start breakthru in year 1993 together with SMAP. He’s married in year 2000, 5th December and has 2 daughters.

Kimura-Matsu first met in Long Vacation (1996), then Love Generation (1997), then LoveGene SP (1998), then Konya wa eigyouchu, then Hero (2001), then Chuushingura (2001), then Hero SP (2006), then Hero Movie (2007), then…… we’ll waiting for that.. what’s next?!

They also met off-screen.. {just to name few of..} Bistro Smap 1997, FNS 1997, Sma-Prix Game 2000, Hero promo 2001, Smasmash 2001, Roulette Bowling 2005, Bistro Smap 2006, Bistro Smap 2007, Hero Movie Promo.

KimuraMatsu already approved by people to be Japanese Golden Combi..
which we could described as.. the never-ending chemistry on-screen and off-screen!



6 Responses to “profile of Kimura-Matsu”

  1. joyce Says:

    I love the tandem, they will be my all time favorite screen couple. Seeing them is like seeing a light it gives me glow and my love for Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako keeps on growing inside my heart.They inspire me a lot, they make my life more wonderful and joyful to live with.

  2. Nita Says:

    KimuraMatsu are COMPLETE each other> kimura:’baka’guy, he’s outspoken, closer him make us feel comfort_T’other side Matsu ‘s innocent ñ suy girl I LIKE T’COMBINATIÖN

  3. agatha Says:

    I really admired this couple (Kimura-Matsu), both of them very harmonious. I hoped that they could be together as couple not only in the Dorama/Film but in the real life. maybe this is only my dreams and difficult to become the reality. I really disappointed when hearing Matsu get married Yoshiyuki Sahashi. hik… hik….

  4. shingung Says:

    hi there..just dropping by…matsu looks pretty in your profile xD

  5. nuralisya Says:

    hi shingung. waa, so long i didn’t see u. hehe, yes .. she’s pretty.
    more pretty nowadays. 😛

  6. Ender's Girl Says:

    thank you for devoting a page to my fave jdorama couple! *sigh* *tear* *sigh* ^^,,

    i’ve seen everything kimumatsu did together, except konya. i hope they get to work again — on a more mature project perhaps (mature = bed scenes!!! bed scenes!!! hehehe).

    keep the shipping alive! kimumatsu 4vr! =D

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