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profile of Nanako-Sorimachi November 8, 2007

Nanako Matsushima made her break in 1996 when she lead dorama “Himawari” (Sunflower). To me, she is one of the best and memorable actress.. in doramas and movies.
{Just to name few} Ice World – 24 Emergency Room – Grave of Fireflies – Kiss or Fight? – Ringu – Whiteout – 100 Year Story – Inagumeke – Bizan ….
and absolutely, GTO great teacher onizuka!!

Takashi Sorimachi one of a popular actor aka Nanako’s hubby. They’re married after acting together in GTO dorama. He is same like Yutaka Takenouchi… a former model, actor… Plus a singer and released music albums. The theme songs for: Beach Boys (Forever), GTO (Poison) and Love Complex (Free) were sang by him. Well, yes, he is still active in doramas and movies.

* Sorimachi actually was from Johny’s agency which his first contract was a member of boy band Heike-ha. Same like SMAP aka Skateboys,
Sorimachi also was a part of Hikaru Genji’s backdancer…

Nanako-Sorimachi started dating on November 1998,
engaged on 15th February 2000, married on 21st Feb 2001
and their traditional ceremony was in May 2001.
They have two daughters now.
(first one born in 2004 and the youngest born in Nov 2007).


9 Responses to “profile of Nanako-Sorimachi”

  1. karin-chan Says:

    this is my ultimate Japanese couple.. i hope you could post pics of them together, thanks ^__^

  2. nuralisya Says:

    emm.. that would be the hardest part..
    so far, there’re no nanako’s fans or sorimachi’s fans could ever post/found their private pics together! 🙂
    the last time, i’ve seen them.. at marriage press conference.

  3. Jim Paulo D. Dimacali Says:

    i’ve watched GTO anime version firsthand then the live drama. after watching it I fell in love with the drama series. Especially the potrayal of takashi sorimachi as onizuka. He is very cool and a lot of sense of humor. Moreso, he has plenty of heart in dealing with his student’s problem, he always put himself in their situation in order to relate with his students. And lastly, the love that was surrounding between onizuka and fuyutsuki, which is very realistic. Im so happy that they are now a couple.. Good Luck to the both of you… wish someday I could go to japan and meet you both… I really liked the song POISON even though I don’t understand japanese.. I really like all your songs Mr. Sorimachi… I would like to shake your hands Takashi and Nanako. It would be a great honor for me…

  4. glennox Says:

    hi!! I hope u will be forever and ever!! Im glenn fan of you both I first saw in the GTO, its was very good since now i still watching.. God bless u and good luck…..

  5. zeck Says:

    i realy hope this couple can stand much…much longer and act together again how sweet they are….i fall in love with them when i fist saw GTO and keep repeated till now…i wish there is GTO series part 2 and show their loving life ending happly ever after…youchhhh!!!

  6. D-VI Says:

    I like both….happy for them…

  7. Tutut indah Says:

    Cute…takashi is cute but very macho,he’s a different type of ordinary nihonjin no otoko,alisya,if u have the real portrait of sorimachi and nanako,could u send me via post? My address is PERUM GRAHA PELITA ASRI B-42,PANDANWANGI0 MALANG CITY
    INDONESIA. (my telp. 623416000020/hp 6285655528777) tx

  8. Axel Says:

    I really love Takashi Sorimachi, he is so cute, he is a so good actor and singer… His smile in GTO made me fall for him !

  9. Shoyuna Says:

    Finally I’ve found this site… Hi I’m Shoyuna, Malaysia… I love JDorama because of them… GTO, Ice World, Beauty & The Beast, Beach Boys… For me, they are the only Japanese couple that still love… it’s hard to get their latest info… I mean if in hollywood, you get a chance to see their private photos or family photos… Hopefully they will continue making good doramas… all the best for both of them… may their relationship last forever…

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