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profile of Goro-Miho May 13, 2009

inagaki goro – 8 december 1973 at tokyo.

kanno miho –  22 august 1977 at sakado, saitama

GoroMiho already met since young teenagers as both are coming from the same entertainment world. Goro is a member of SMAP and Miho is a former member of Sakurakko Club [idol groups]. along 1990s, Sakurakko Club did variety show together with SMAP and TOKIO.

Miho considered like a younger sister to SMAP. She already co-star with the whole members. She also did SataSma variety show with Nakai and Shingo. She got best chemistry in drama with Tsuyoshi, next to Goro. and also guests few times at SmaSma – Bistro and skits. Miho did skits together with Goro .. Gorokumi-Mihokumi. Here is where Goro praised her a lot for being a very profesional actress.

in drama, GoroMiho met in Sommelier drama.
then they met again in Saimin Movie.

they started dating, most probably by the end of 1999. but it’s publicly known years later especially around Goro’s hard time of 2000-2001. their on-off-on relationship keep going along for 9 years now. although the broke-up news was up in 2008, most fans and media still believe they’re still an item [referring to their chronology, genki faces, clues and find-out].

whatever bad talks about GoroMiho, i already ignored.
personally i’ll say GoroMiho is a real sweet-matching couple. they’re really suited each other well.. with their strength and weakness. and miho really down-to-earth and keep it low about their relationship. i’m 120% sure goro, his family and smap are all love miho. and miho know them so well and respected both agencies.. [*not like that K & K who kept spreading things to papparazi just to gain fame :(]


Inagaki Goro and Kanno Miho

i still WISHING

GoroMiho would keep WALKING
to the FUTURE


8 Responses to “profile of Goro-Miho”

  1. angie Says:

    They are too cute! love this couple, hope they will last as a married couple and be happy forever ^^

  2. nuralisya Says:

    yeah agree!!
    although i don’t talk much ’bout em in this blog…
    i always remembering this pair.

    lol, i should update this page actually 😀

  3. angie Says:

    Hi nuralisya

    Recently, there are Goro’s rumour like (Inagaki Goro Kawasaki) ライブドアニュース- SMAPの稲垣を川崎堀之内の高級ソープで発見 from Pls kindly tell me what is all about? Google transalation made me so confused Pls Pls Pls…HELP ME XD


  4. nuralisya Says:

    i read that. hehe. it’s just a normal make-up story by tabloid. saying he was spending his time with hostess to get some ‘service’.

    but don’t worry to much, angie.
    coz since early this year, i read many other positive articles about GoroMiho. 🙂
    seems that Jfans and Jstaffs still rooting to this pair.

    a famous entertainment scoop reporter wrote:
    “Even after the breakup news, Inagaki and Kanno were still seen together, it won’t be strange if there’s a marriage news.”

    since last year, people expecting their marriage announcement.
    but then they were reported broken up on 19th december last year.

    both agencies didn’t want to interfere their private matter.
    while both MihoGoro didn’t deny,
    and they didn’t confirm the breakup truth either.
    since none of the person themselves gave any comment about it, many people questions, ‘do they really broken up?

    talks/rumors among fans, staff, media:
    GoroMiho who seen eating together many times, Goro picked Miho, the cheerful Miho and Goro, the wedding preparation etc.

    there were theories saying those two already reconcile.
    or a theory that they never break up at all actuallly.
    So in the end, no one knows the truth yet now.

    ~ nuralisya still *waiting* 🙂

  5. angie Says:

    Dear nuralisya

    Thank you so much for your reply, really appreciate it!
    I feel so much better now…he he XD

    GoroMiho fighto fighto!

  6. nuralisya Says:

    glad you feel better now.
    GoroMiho started dating end 1999… almost 10 years..
    on and off.. they must already understand each other well.
    can’t you see how cheerful goro and miho since few years back?
    a friend of mine even said they already like husband and wife. XD

  7. angie Says:

    Dear nuralisya

    May the choicest
    blessing of Allah
    fill your life with
    joy and prosperity.

    “Selamat Hari Raya”

  8. nuralisya Says:

    oh, thank you, angie..
    [hugs and tears]
    lol, how thoughtful you are.

    miho talking about love, marriage and man in her latest photobook.
    i’m planning to buy it.. since its about her travel and world journey.
    [part of it, she might travel with goro.. hehe]

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