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profile of SMAP November 8, 2007

SMAP is a Japanese group, formed by Johnny & Associates. Originally, there were six members in the group (my beloved Katsuyuki Mori left for his racing career in 1996) ; now left five members.. those FIVE RESPECT are:

Masahiro Nakai * Takuya Kimura * Goro Inagaki * Tsuyoshi Kusanagi * Shingo Katori
Their musical debut was in 1991. Since then they have been releasing many CDs, three of which have been sold more than a million. Recently, the interval of releasing single CDs is becoming relatively long, approximately once a year. So far, SMAP released
more than 30 singles and 25 music albums.
Their latest album SMAP 019 released on 24 September 2008.

The members of SMAP also starred in many many many many…….
variety shows * radio shows * dramas * commercials * movies

SmaSma is weekly variety show which are several types of entertainments ranging from cooking, comedy, and games to singing and dancing, often with local and international celebrity guests.

Besides acting in dramas & movies, the individual members are also currently regulars/hosts on individual own shows.
At the same time, they also cultivates a distinctive image and personality…
individually and as a group.

The SMAP members met each other in November 1987 and were called “Skate Boys”.
Although they entered Johny’s much earlier in 1986.
SMAP was first formed in April 1988, though their début single came in 1991.
The letters of “SMAP” officially stand for
Sports and Music Assemble People”.
Along this 20 YEARS, this bimyou (weird) group still strong stronger strongest…
The main reason is.. Nakai (leader) already promised to us:
SMAP will keep smapping until they become Ojii-chan’s (grandfathers).
this is why i love them, my childhood “brothers-friends” forever! 🙂

Masahiro Nakai was born on 18th August 1972 at Kanagawa-ken.
Takuya Kimura was born on 13th November 1972 at Tokyo.
Goro Inagaki was born on 8th December 1973 at Tokyo.
Mori Katsuyuki (former) was born on 19th February 1974 at Tokyo.
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was born on 4th July 1974 at Saitama-ken.
Shingo Katori was born on 31st January 1977 at Kanagawa-ken.


3 Responses to “profile of SMAP”

  1. Martha Magdalena Says:

    muah muah for Takuya Kimura a k a Hazuki Rensuke…God Bless U

  2. Peggy Says:

    Enjoying your site and glad to see Mori mentioned and in photo. He was so brave to decide to go for his dream. I think he has made successes but we don’t hear very much about him.
    Love SMAP……

  3. nuralisya Says:

    owh, surprise to see u here, peggy. haha.
    back in 1993, when my pen-pal sent their photos… the first person who did catch my eyes was Mori-kun. i was just like ‘oh, he looks like the guy at our school’ 😛
    although not frequent, but once a month.. i still visit his official site and fan blogs. he’s great so far. working hard under the sun. same like other smap members, i’m very proud of him.

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