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profile of Tsuyoshi-Rena May 2, 2008

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is well-known as the “Blur and Nice Man” among SMAP’s fans. Despite to that, he is one of the best dramatic actor. No objection, really. Even he put that same face, i still cry or fall with him every time i watch him… haha, weird but true!
Not only acting doramas and movies,
he also active in stage plays, narrating etc.


Rena Tanaka is a versatile actress and model..
She only involved in few doramas.
Most of her career portfolios were movies, movies and movies.
But after Ryokiteki drama, she start receiving more drama offers.
Also involved in anime voice acting and narration.
She’s also a Queen of CMs.
since 2008, as celebrating of her 10th years debut,
she made her first debut in stage play.


TsuRena first met in dorama
“Ryokiteki na Kanojo” aka “My Sassy Girl”
… But i wonder why this first met really make me happy…
The BIG reason is.. both of them are choo umai~ together!

And yes, both Tsuyoshi and Rena are fun to be with.
The chemistry between this two really sparkling!
To me, up to now…
Tsuyoshi seems shining when he’s with SMAP and Rena.
The funny thing is…
one of their nickname is Tsuyopon and Renapon.
Tsuyopon fluent in Korean, while Renapon fluent in Mandarin.



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