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profile of Takenouchi-Amami November 8, 2007

Amami Yuki – born in Taito, Tokyo on 8 August 1967. she’s the second child and the only girl in family. in the middle of her older and younger brothers. she’s the former top star of Takarazuka Revue.

Takenouchi Yutaka – born in Chofu, Tokyo on 2 January 1971. he’s the youngest child, together with his elder sister. he’s the former famous model of magazines and TV commercials.

both are from Ken-On agency…
A-list stars with high achievement portfolio and impressive acting.
and still available singles.. so far 😛

when was the first time, they met in official work?

most probably starting from Toshiie to Matsu in 2002. then, takeno appeared in amami’s drama Rikon Bengoshi in 2004 as the guest of first episode. next was … collaboration of ToyoTires endorsement in 2006 for certain period. quite memorable as they look good as the combi. they met again in Spring 2009 for BOSS – here the beginning of TakenoAmami shipping! thanks to their sudden strong chemistry {even it’s not romance roles}. shortly they were casting again in Autumn 2009 and Winter 2010 for Fumo Chitai. again, strong sparkles between them! {even their roles were supposed to be normal acquaintance}. hehe, wonder if it’s because of ad-libs.

in private life, they possibly  know each other as they’re under the same agency’s management. seems they are actually in a good friendship. to be exact, a good pen-pal or chit-chat friends…

or should i say… cute text-message-friends.
lol, another version of hata and teru-teru buzo ka ^____^

it would be good if they could move forward and step up to the next level.

emm, TakenoAmami… i’ll keep on watching.


7 Responses to “profile of Takenouchi-Amami”

  1. chubby Says:

    i luv him so !!!!
    yup, same with you, I guess Yutaka-san is more handsome than KimuTaku….I think Yutaka has higher sex-appeal…hahaha…
    terimakasih untuk infonya….menarik!

  2. nuralisya Says:

    iya.. sama sama kasih =)

  3. nur_anisa Says:

    O… GOD……. finally i found a site bout him…. T_T (almost crying here) thank you very much….
    God…. i love him…. ^___^ ah…. a…. takeno sama…. :p
    my friend said he’s old already(who cares….), but im still in love with him, ever since i was at junior high, khehehe….
    happy to know that u love him also….
    btw, i love anuar zain songs too….. great voice….. ^___^

  4. nuralisya Says:

    hehe, i know.
    takeno and nanako-sorimachi pages got highest visitors actually. 🙂
    i’m sure so many people out there miss them too!

    old? still handsome what…
    i keep googoo-gaagaa gyaa gyaa~ watching him. 😛

    eh, anuar zain?
    err.. emm.. another Mr McDreamy
    muahaha… yumm yumm XD

    nice to meet you anisa.

  5. Yuka Manaka Says:

    Woh tsugoi!!!!! he is my first love too! hehehe, he is the best from all, the next best thing!

  6. wangnoi Says:

    I love Amami Yuki and I think she quite go well with Yutaka …. >__<
    Hope to see they both work together more and more

  7. nuralisya Says:

    mwahaha, since amami’s fan already here.. i should edit this page to be takeno-amami.

    i love amami too..
    i’m surprised that she’s really well with him. i heard they’re ‘private pen-pal’ friend who keeps exchanging email and text messages to each other.

    but what’s next.. i’ll keep looking forward.
    if not as a real love couple, i already satisfied is they keep on their good friendship.

    thnx for visiting here wangnoi, hope to see both on-screen again.

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