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harvest October 12, 2010

emmm… i’m quiet ne.

yeah. i keep myself low… nesting under my cashmere blanket.

i have so many wishes and dreams. and my brain can’t stop thinking this and that. and my heart keep on feeling this and that. waiting patiently. coz i know i’ll get something. [ like a small girl during big festival, i know i’ll get lots of ang pow. and once i receive those pocket money, i’ll keep everything in my drawer. i won’t open the packets. not even a peek on what inside. not even bother to count how much i got. surprise. ……. until i urgently need it. i need $10! …. probably this packet has that amount. slowly taking it out….] i tell you. one of the biggest happiness is when what you think, what you feel, what you imagine, what you whisper to the wind in the middle of the night, suddenly become true 🙂 🙂 🙂 wii~nothing i can say. except bowing myself with nakigao sumairu. maa hontou ni .. BOKU WA KIMI GA SUKI!!

bit by bit, part by part. one by one. time on time. slooowly. i’m indulging everything. yatta. it’s a harvest time. picking all my wish stars falling from the dark sky. these will be part of my soul light. autumn and winter. let’s see… what will happen. now, next!

muahaha, should i just PS suppa impo the bride to amami yuki?!
ii na~ takeno really in-character during filming his war movie last time.
with mr. brilliant karasawa + mao + yamada etc. look tough. *sobsob, kacihan takeno ku. dek menjiwai watak, berat badan makin susut. rasa macam nak antar mangkuk tingkat kat dier*. he already finish filming. so eat well, sleep well. live well. *buhsan-buhsan kalu sunyi, gi le main sms ngan orang tu ye .. nak main sms ngan kiter pun bley gak*

– i gave a small laugh seeing ueto aya’s hair in the drama… haha, doesn’t it looks like yoshitaka yuriko’s usual image? why. coz i’m hoping for yuriko, so the staff trying to fulfill my request? lol. apparently i still think that ueto needs a smooth hair conditioner. emm, let’s see if ueto can be ‘invisible’ just like aibu saki. if she’ll be a good girl here and won’t piss me, i’ll give my pass!

now lisya, gimme reason why i should watch Nagareboshi drama? [1] lots of my favorite songs titled ‘nagareboshi’ [2] Takeno, my luv [3] theme song by kobukuro. my favorite band. oh, my big brother also a big fan of the duo. and my 6-years old nephew too. he watch Utube clips of kobukuro almost everyday and sometimes while eating sushi. [4] Goro! yeay. the reunion of takeno-goro. i wonder how both of them at the filming site. oh, to two of you, please talk more about miho-miho-chan, okay. [5] …*sigh* if only amami yuki or kanno miho suddenly appear as special guests. haha, God knows what will i do. well, since goro is there, i wonder if tsuyoshi or shingo might jump in as the guest in this series, just to say hi. muri but emm, who knows.  … aa, one more thing. takeno probably mostly in blue or white shirts. but who knows if his wardrobe might got RabuJeneHero checkered shirts. hoho. i might import the latest D’urban shirts if that happen.

i dunno. for the time being, i don’t have any expectation with the script. err, the writers are still amateur? but to me, looks like a blend mixture of Ruri no Shima + Merry Christmas in Summer .. and a magic touch of Ice World. …… [pause] …. ah, sou da. i did takeno’s fanvideo few years ago, right? with the intro of takeno fell to the sea .. [bam! splash!] … sort of that kind of feeling every time i enter the drama official site. … shooting stars. suddenly my mind goes to teppei and riko. running and climbing the snow mountain with the leather shoes at matsumoto – nagano. ne, nagareboshi .. had they seen it 13 years ago? i really wanna ask kimumatsu how many times they made their wishes. their fragment of wonderful moments. if i could travel back time. i would like to ride the journey to that moment, that place.
demo, emm… i wonder why i could easily imagine it.

– so many things to look forward. movies, tanpatsu, renzoku of miho, yukie and rena … matsu also gonna be busy with rehearsal for upcoming stage play for her triple roles. pergh, sasuga matsu. aa, october-november-december what she gonna decide to do. aa, i need a good news. aa, i should pour my heart to yashima norito 😀 btw, not to forget, arisa just released her latest Tsubaki SMAP Dear Women cm. she’s lovely in red. matsu-miho-yukie-rena already playing evil, mysterious villainous.. i’m waiting for arisa’s turn. …. oh, wait. did being a member of yakuza considered as an evil character?

– i used to see kimura close with koshiro-san and somegoro (haha, of course :P), then shingo especially when koshiro was came to SmaStation as special guest (koshiro papa is a fan of shingo’s smabistro oishii reaction for period) and somegoro always got teased by shingo. nakai just simply absorbing himself to be a member of koshiro’s family as they have a same obsession which is a Tokyo Yomiuri Giants baseball team. isk, to think of that… nakai-kun should do a special sport program like a game match between Giants and popular kabuki team. tsuyoshi does respect koshiro-san, ne as a great actor. like he seeing matsu’s father as a The Royal Highness. but i’m crack that somegoro was mixing well with tsuyoshi too. nani tte, ‘tsuyo-chan some-chan.’  😀 i knew both goro-somegoro have a buddy buddy relationship. and i’m glad koshiro-san was in goro’s recent movie ’13 assassin’. yokatta, goro was really shining in his role. i wish he can say something to kimura, like.. ‘oh, did u watch my scene with your kanojo no otosan? ne, miteru?’. koshiro-san currently doing his Shakespeare’s CAESAR stage play. meanwhile somegoro is busy with his other-side world which is kabuki thing.

– talking about drama… here comes my colorful fiesta! takeno, goro, nakai, miho in Ii Tomo Autumn SP program. karasawa toshiaki and yasuko matsuyuki too. participants were spilling their secrets of their private life. i was o-he-he-he-he while reading how Goro-Miho in the show. yappari, my prayer already fulfill. i thought Fuji TV going to cancel Ii Tomo for this season. Just because *uhukuhuk*.

yokatta. thnx goodness, ikemen and chicks are less for this season. *YA AYUH PARA VETERAN KITA … BANGKIT! Maju maju… main peranmu!*. but somehow, superb actors actresses and directors sometimes can’t save the show without a strong foundation of script, ne.

sono mama, good luck to all production staff. [oyy, Fuji TV… regarding your promise, how long we have to wait for karasawa-kimura pair? i’m waiting!] i hope takeno and goro were not being awkward to each other since their long-time-no-see. last time in Zaitochi The Last, i was really really happy seeing the reunion of sorimachi and shingo. really glad seeing their good buddy-buddy relationship especially in SmaStation program. for GOLD summer drama, as usual, last filming day… amami gave flowers and a big warm hug and cheek to sorimachi and the rest casts. … [pause] talking about this… why i still couldn’t find takeno-amami BOSS final day clip? she was hugging everybody, much-much-much deep-long time, darou … ehem, did she embrace him? sotto, kyutto. uso. waaa, say yes! just say yes. lol.

Tashika na Koto by Oda Kazumasa

Sesuatu Yang Pasti
[translitasi: nuralisya]

ku lihat ke langit selepas turun hujan,
di tengah kesibukan manusia yang berjalan.
duka yang perit yang takkan berakhir,
meski punya se
titis bahagia mungkin tak ku sedari.

masa pun berlalu, dapatkah ku mencintaimu?
dapatkah ku sungguh-sungguh melindungimu?
ku lihat langit saat ku berfikir.
dirimu kini apa lagi yang dapat ku lakukan?

sesungguhnya jangan pernah dilupakan,
akan selalu di sisi mu tiap masa.

kerna itu lah, kau dan aku, kita di sini.
menghembus udara yang serupa,
hidup di alam waktu yang sama.

hargailah dirimu, sayangi mu sendiri.
andainya kau dalam diam, terkenangkan dia.
saat kau terluka, janganlah bersendiri.
jauh semakin engkau menjauh,  janganlah pergi.

tidak ku curiga, ku masih percaya.
walau luka hatiku ini tak mungkin sembuh.
ayuh cari semula apa yang kita hilang.
pasti nanti suatu masa kita kan menemuinya.

sesungguhnya apa yang paling berharga,
bukannya detik-detik istimewa.
tapi adalah saat biasa ku renung wajahmu.
perasaan ku kini
sama seperti yang ku rasai di saat-saat itu.

ada sesuatu yang masih belum kau tau.
yang ingin ku bicarakan pada dirimu.
sesungguhnya sejak dulu di waktu
pertemuan kita.
ku mencintai dirimu selama-lamanya.

adakah kau melihat ke langit?
adakah kau mendengarkan angin?
tak mungkin bisa kita kembali ke sini lagi.

tapi usahlah difikirkan lagi. kerna ia amat pahit. 

sesungguhnya apa yang paling berharga,
bukannya detik-detik istimewa.
tapi adalah saat biasa ku renung wajahmu.
perasaan ku kini
sama seperti yang ku rasai di saat-saat itu.

sesungguhnya jangan pernah dilupakan,
akan selalu di sisi mu tiap masa.
kerna itu lah, kau dan aku, kita di sini.
menghembus udara yang serupa,
hidup di alam waktu yang sama.

walau apa pun .. akan selalu di sisi mu tiap masa.


instant 1 March 21, 2010

duu, with not-so-good wireless access,

let’s see if i could do this quickly.


nanako matsushima. still rest from acting activity after won best actress for Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 4 Drama last year. she still doing Nintendo Wii commercials… hehe, so fun! imagine how she’s playing around with her daughter at home. btw, Leo The Jungle Emperor anime movie DVD already available. mitai~ her character there looks so gentle.

his husband, sorimachi takashi. frankly, i feel glad. 2009-2010 is definitely his good year. more jobs, more happiness! last January, he began his year 2010 with Yagyu drama [his first lead in jidaigeki with hayami mokomichi]. followed by Negotiator movie premier and promotion. {although i’m not interested much with past Negotiator series.. and his role looks so Takakura-ish – which his previous role in BOSS]. but it’s shigoto ne. the priority thing is to feed his family :). hope will be more challenging and great jobs to come!

…… later, i heard about his new collaboration of Kirin Zero with fujiwara tatsuya and hasegawa jun. yosh! i could sense a nice kimochi wind blowing to me. at last, no more aibu saki in Kirin Zero… yeayy!! then, when the commercial started premiere, my first response.. “whoaa, the return of my beach boy!”… this time, Kirin Zero was using a nice holiday trip to Zero Island as the theme of commercial. pretty visual, pretty sound, pretty landscape with pretty people. sorimachi-fujiwara tatsuya-hasegawa jun were compatible together and they seem click well. i’m surprised coz that was their first collaboration. sorimachi and his smile. huhu~ shiawase! from behind of scene footage, he seems happy to be there and enjoying much the whole filming process. sorimachi is a nature person and fishing is definitely his passion. emm, i would like to see sorimachi-fujiwara working together in their future drama/movie. onegai~

another great thing is to see sorimachi and shingo in Zaitochi The Last Movie. it will be premiere on 29th May 2010. Shingo is the lead role and Sorimachi is his best friend. the trailer already up last time.. kyaaaa~ suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki daa!! i’ve told you. i have my faith that they will make me proud. i could see a different character of sorimachi here too. yosh, you still can catch up everything again. another person i’m looking in this movie is nakamura kanzaburo [a famous kabuki actor who is Matsumoto Koshiro’s relative]. i hope this movie would be success and remains memorable like the previous sequel.

oh, talking about kabuki… matsu’s brother; ichikawa somegoro was coming to meet shingo in SmaStation on last february 2010. o-shashiburi~ it’s the second time ne. it was episode of Doeramon’s anniversary. shingo asked if he watched anime with his kids. somesome replied that he watched kabuki with his son. hehe. must be cute!

i really wanna see little itsuki-chan [matsumoto kintaro]. not on kabuki stage. but on the TV screen. let him do drama acting, Somegoro Papa-Koshiro Grandpa! as kimura’s son, for example. ^^

oh, ichikawa ebizo (matsu’s cousin) will be in upcoming Smap x Smap. ureshiii~ looking forward to see kimura-ebizo talk. i’m sure his newlywed wife kobayashi mao would be mentioned by nakai too. oh, another surprise info i got… ebizo and takeno seems connected as friend with yoshino kimura and tsugawa masahiko… and kohinata fumiyo. emm, yes. i’m happy to know takeno now start watching butai. please land your foot into that world, takeno. and my wish would be full-filled!

well, talking about butai…

don’t forget to watch amami in Bara to Samurai~ GoemonRockOverDrive butai. and bring another 100 roses again for her… ne takeno, miteru?! recently takenouchi yutaka in D’urban outfits and amami yuki in Lady Oscar-Caribbean Pirate cosplay look yummy. i feel like wanna combine all those in one-stop-display. oh btw, nice development TakenoAmami in 2010 Fumo Chitai. hikhik. i want more… chipsmore.

koki mitani now doing special drama ‘Wagaya no Rekishi’ with sooooooooooo many actors and actresses. well, that is the usual mitani’s style. last time, press was done with the main casts. amami and her ‘brother’ tamayama tetsuji are in … as supporting role. trailers and news already up. they looks good in Showa period costume. {just if takeno could be in the list too. i wanna see takeno in comedy. could you bring him up, mitani-san?!}.

*the line of casts whose gonna be in exclusive cameo in Wagaya special drama already announced. hepi! a small reunion of HERO, BOSS, oguri shun-fujiwara tatsuya to me. and shinji takeda too! wiiii~

instant news WILL BE CONTINUED.


jane eyre September 8, 2009

got message last week, my friend uchiyama was so excited to watch matsu’s latest stage play. and sarah probably will go around this week. hukhuk.. [envy envy]. yokatta ne.. i wish i could get an opportunity to go 😦 at least for once in my whole life.

hontou ni hontou, matsu takako is a powerful actress.. especially on stage. you should see her. live-in-action. since 16 years old debut, she never disappointed the audience. don’t be surprise if the tickets sold out so fast. and yes, not only locals but foreigners too.

and yes again, a ticket for stage play is considered expensive. and the price doesn’t include with other stuff like brochure or booklet. stage DVD? from what i heard, it’s more expensive than DVD for movie/drama. but definitely you won’t regret.. coz it’s worth.
but thanks to friends..
i got opportunity to watch a FULL version of matsu.. in NODA MAP OIL [with Tatsuya Fujiwara and Noda-san] and Roningai [with Karasawa, Nakamura Shido, Ihara Tsuyoshi, Tanaka Misato, Narimiya Hiroki etc].

other than that.. were bits and pieces. CMs, trailers, footage, long teaser, behind the scenes, reviews and news.

e.g:- Hamlet, Metal Macbeth, Ochepi, Voyage, Summer Hotel, Mozart, SISTERS, Withering Heights, Szechuan no Zennin, NODA MAP Crime and Punishment… and of course The Man of La Mancha.

how to say..
her aura is SOOOOO STRONG!
don’t worry if you don’t even know the language. eventually, she will break the wall. and you’ll find yourself in her magnificent world and she will drive you into a breath-taking journey.

i still remember when first time i watched her video.. a stage of matsu with her father [koshiro-san] and her sister [kio]. my brain just couldn’t concentrate at all with the plot. i was star-struck!! i couldn’t imagine i could see the family of three on the same stage. they’re amazing people – one of the most prestigious family in Japan. if, matsu’s brother [somegoro] or her cute nephew [kintaro @ itsuki] were joining the performance.. i think i’m deadly faint.

ah, they did actually.
last month, koshiro-san with his son, his daughters and his two grandchildren were performing special dance Shoukokai show.
somegoro said it’s the most difficult to arrange it with his two sisters since everybody were so busy. maybe that was the first and last time for the six family members on stage together. i wish koshiro-san will stay fit and healthy. i know some of his wish still not fulfill yet.
hehe, can you hear that, matsu?
taka-chan.. wakaru? 😛

back to Jane Eyre..
this musical is originally in fully Japanese. the music and lyrics by paul gordon. meanwhile the book and additional lyrics by john caird. and it is presented through special arrangement with Music Theater International in new york. this is a matsu’s first-led musical..which she needs to perform 22 songs out of.. err i think, 23 songs in total.

just received news today:
matsu’s latest movie ‘The Villon’s Wife” won in Montreal Festival for Best Director category!! [yeayyy… jump*jumping*excitedly!].
i think that should be a good beginning..
since i could see a very competitive movies from other participants especially from Roma [Korkoro movie by Tony Gatlif] which getting Grand Prix  prize for this year.


11 to 12: rain sweet rain December 3, 2008

rainyYeah i know.. lately i’m sooo lazy to update this blog.. And that’s because i’ve to keep updating other blogs, forums, doing survey, watching doramas and movies.. also hunting new potential young people (e.g Ikuta Toma, Moriyama Mirai, Narumi Riko etc) to become new members of treasure Jbox family.

and here.. monsoon season. so you can expect heavy rain, big thunder and strong wind.. with water everywhere… Yeah, we’re having flood and muddy stuff around. and a day before i was trapped inside the campus building.. damn, cannot go home. coz from front gate of university till the back gate… water from two lakes overflowed.. and so with the nearest river. the scary thing is South China Sea is just at the backside of my campus.. i hope there won’t be another tsunami in future. even in present situation, just watching those black clouds and strong waves.. huhu ~ kowai! It’s been how many days.. 1-2 weeks.. raining almost non-stop for the whole days. Hemm.. only God knows.

now for the  time being, let’s move back for awhile… to the past.

6_0005 Tsuyoshi Kusanagi gonna starring in a period film titled “Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta” . Basically the movie revolves around a love story between a Sengoku-era general (Kusanagi) and a princess (Yui Aragaki). And Mr. Director is Takashi Yamazaki!(^^)/ Yes.. the person who directed The Returner, Always and the one who did CG for K-20 movie.

The story is actually based on the plot of the 2002 animated movie “Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Appare! Sengoku Daikassen.” Previously the animation movie won many awards, including the grand prize in the animation division of the Japan Media Arts Festival. So what’s up with Ballad movie?

In “Ballad”, Kusanagi plays a general of a small state. The princess, played by Aragaki, is offered a political marriage with a daimyo of a neighboring state, and war ensues when she turns down the offer. A key character in the plot is a young boy named Shinichi (originally Shin-chan), who comes from the future. That 11-years-oldboy of Shinichi will be play by Akashi Takei.

The movie apparently budgeted at 2 billion yen; will heavily use CG effect for its battle scenes. The supporting cast includes Michitaka Tsutsui, Yui Natsukawa, Takao Osawa and Atsuo Nakamura. {hehe.. love it.. a line of old skools!} . The filming already begin since September and is expecting to finish in January. The movie will be release in September 2009.

4927f10cc2c93_57252nNakai Masahiro x Nakama Yukie‘s new movie “Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai” (“I Want to Be a Shellfish”) already on roadshow now which start since 22 November aka The Husband and Wife Day. The new movie already tie-up with Mr. Children to come up with a ballad called “Hana no Nioi” – chosen as the theme song. It is a good song. I’m glad it’s from Mr. Children.. but i dun mind if it’s from Dreams Come True. Remember Nakai best re-make dorama “Suna no Utsuwa”? Yeah, the same director Mr “Giant” Katsuo Fukuzawa. Fukuzawa-san is tall and big.. Love seeing him with Nakai doing promotion. They’re like.. emm.. old buddies. Same like HERO Kimura Takuya-Masayuki Suzuki.


Back to Shellfish movie.. the movie depicts the tragedy of a man sentenced to death as a war criminal. Tsuyoshi also here in a minor role. I’ve been waiting this movie for how long.. a year?
Argh i feel old.. but worth for this long-hard waiting. bistro_nakaifamily08 With Yukie-san and Tsubasa-kun.. owh, they’re seriously lovely.. like a sweet nice family! Really good.. the chill-warm and off-screen funny do reminds me of HERO 2007 September Live Promo.
Huhu. Yokatta ne~ Fukuzawa-san picked Yukie as a co-star.
Hiro-chan, you should start getting advice from Goro-chan now!
Ah, I guess that’s the power of NakaNaka ~ ii ne.

photo061205 Takako Matsu was participating as a chorus on Oda Kazumasa‘s new song “Somewhere Today”..  And the filming of “Villon’s Wife” already finished. But does she taking rest now..? emm, no.. still doing CMs, attending interview, talk shows and movie promos. I really love her new Fujitsu airport CM. She’s sooo cuuute with pinky pinkish sweater! And Christmas bell already ringing and buzzing.. so you could expect to watch her new Yamazaki Christmast Cake CM.

20081126mog00m200046000p_size5 gnj0811270503003-n1

“K-20 Phantom of the tale of countenance”. Greeting from the casts!
K-20 movie was entering Cannes Festival promo last April. Then the pre-show at Santa Monica on 7-8 November. And on 26 November, it’s time for Tokyo preview. Kaneshiro Takeshi, Takako Matsu, Nakamura Toru, Kanata Hongo etc were among on the stage.. happily welcoming audiences. Director by Asako Sato Yoshitsugu. Let’s wait for upcoming official nationwide roadshow on this 20 December 2008.

Next year, Matsu Takako with Miyazawa Rie will be perform The 14th NODA MAP performance play “Piper”. The director is of course Mr. Hideki Noda himself. Other casts will be Hashizume Isao, Kouzi Ookura, do Ki Tamotsu Kitamura, Kazue Komatsu, Tanaka Tetsuji, Sato Eriko, KONDORUZU and Hideki Noda. Piper will be showing from 4 January 2009 until 28 February, 2009 at Bunkamura Theater Cocoon.
The story? Ah, sounds interesting… Miyazawa and Matsu are sisters. And they are living on Mars planet in 1,000 years in future. Somehow both of them once dream of mankinds and trying to recall back the dreams.. and the story revolving around that issue and how they daily life going to be. {hehe, what’s that.. so M & M sisters are sort of aliens on Mars?}. Here the official site

3585dph2 “Man of La Mancha”. It’s already confirmed that Matsu will be together again in this classic masterpiece with her father Koshiro-san on next May 2009.  The official website:

Oh, Btw… an interesting show “Our Era” from Fuji TV. Presented three-conversations together with father, son and daughter.. {should i say something like this is actually the first time happened?} Yes yes.. Koshiro Matsumoto, Ichikawa Somegoro and Matsu Takako were appeared for two episodes of Our Era on last 23 and 30 November. Aaa~ mitai na.. I wanna watch those. But still fine.. coz got written report from newspaper for early episode. And a friend also managed to catch up, watching the final episode. Next!

SMAP – ok what’s up with them.. ahh, i didn’t updating about their new album and new tour concerts yet. Actually all smappies non-stop updating about this group… so, i just let it cool down. it’s ok if these not gonna be hot topic anymore. after all, i’m living in treasure Jbox 🙂 Just a moment… i finish others first.

Rena Tanaka, a prize award, "Paper" will receive Taichi Suzuki, the director of the信二. "I race for the prize of this Paper is worth more than 1 million yen" Rena Tanaka was appointed to be in a panel of judges for Tokyo International Film Festival Competition recently. Applicants could be made from home, and easily being viewed, as a festival for young talent seems already grown. Around 171 entries being made this year 2008 and 15 works were nominated.  Taichi Suzuki‘s “Paper” was selected by Rena for prize award. Rena now busy with filming and spending her free time on new hobbies.

Nanako will be doing a project with Fuji TV next year and Sorimachi will be endorse new product campaign. Father and son will be playing football for Kao Attack detergent. Such a father figure ne..Hemm, i wonder what Takeno doing now… lay down in his cozy hidden cave probably.

Shingo Katori will be acting in Special Drama next spring 2009 for Fuji TV 50th Anniversary “Kurobe Sun”. Meanwhile Goro Inagaki will be in a mystery, suspense dorama “Triangle” with Eguchi Yosuke and Ryoko Hirosue. Shingo will be a lead role while Goro only as supporting. Demo, to me.. whether lead or supporting role doesn’t really matter… it is not something important. i’m just expecting to see another sparkles and improvement to be better and better.

Somehow i need to return home now.. lil ‘bit sleepy now. ah, sou da.. i should buy a dinner now.. or else i’ll might end up sleeping in my car.

{hemm~ suddenly song of Roxette keep tune in my head…
baby babe we’re moving so fast. i try to hang on. try to hang on! … sleeping in my car i will undress you. sleeping in my car i will caress you. staying in the back seat of my car making love oh yeah. sleeping in my car i will possess you. sleeping in my car certainly bless you. laying in my back seat off my car making up making up…}

Sexy na… Hemm, Ignore me.. I’m tired.
Oyasumi ~ home sweet home

*The rest is still unwritten… Will be continued … [P. E . A . C. E]


October Apple in Red October 22, 2008

Firstly, my condolence to Ogata Ken’s family.

Ogata Ken was passed away on 5th Oct 2008, at the age of 71 because of liver cancer
which was diagnosed 5 years ago. Meanwhile he was having hepatitis since 8 years ago.
Five days later after his death,
his final dorama  “Kaze no Garden” is broadcasting on Fuji TV.
Ogata Ken is my favorite veteran actor who act with Takeno in Ruri no Shima and Time Limit.
He also act with Rena in Gegege no Kitaro 2008 movie.
One of his most outstanding work was “Revenge with Us” and also
“The Ballad of Narayama” which he won Top Prize in Cannes Film Festival 1968.
Btw, according Daily Sports and Yomiuri news..
Takeno was attending his private funeral and he even carried the coffin.
{ahh, how sweet are you.. my Takeno}

It’s time for Nanako-Sorimachi pair.

This couple Nanako-Sorimachi now are concentrated more on their 2 daughters.
All this 4-members of family were attending school’s sport event.
Both were cheering up to their first daughter,
taking pictures and eating home-made bento together.
Nanako even participated the relay game with her kid and won the gold medal.
Right now she didn’t accept any jobs yet, since Nanako’s giving birth second child.
Meanwhile Sorimachi’s works were not really work.
Demo, as long as their marriage is still strong and happy.. it’s OK.
I really hope Sorimachi could get up and fight back.
Not for his popularity but for his own professionalism.
Takeno is consistent in gaining respect of his work.
So I hope his best friend, Sorimachi would getting back his power..
like 13 Steps, like OverTime, like Ruten no Ouhi – Saigo no Koutei, like GTO

Many times i promised to bring Takako Matsu in her stage plays…
Coz not many people know Matsu and her stage’s world.
Emm, for the beginning.. this video might be give you some idea on how shining she is..

Latest news about Koshiro-san and his beloved son, Somegoro. From what I read in Yomiuri, both gonna work together in kabuki play. But this time, they will bring something new… they gonna be in Edogawa Rampo‘s “The Panther Man”. Somegoro as the Panther Man (the murderer). Meanwhile Koshiro-san as Akechi (a detective). And 3 women will be around Somegoro.. Akechi’s wife, Akechi’s daughter and a dancer. Duuu.. sugoii.. while Matsu gonna release with K-20 movie.. her father & brother will be in another masterpiece from the same famous novelist. But a mystery fiction into kabuki? I guess it’s gonna be challenging ne.. Demo, that will be interesting too. I’m curious to know. Anyway, both Koshiro and Somegoro will perform at National Theater next month which is on 3-26 November.


I’ve told you about this before. Last October, Rena Tanaka was celebrating her 10th debut in acting by starting her portfolio in stage play for 9 days.. I’m really happy with this actually.. because this is what i wish. And I’m glad to see her in yellow. The play titled “Memory Card” – about a good relationship between daughter-in-law (Rena) and mother-in law (Toshie Negishi). They still get along even Rena or Eiko was already divorced and live separately…  Character of Eiko is suitable for her.. She is talented woman. I don’t think she’s got any problem.. but first-timer will still facing a first time experience, na… Looking to the pic, she looked relax and comfortable. [pause] Ok, I take my words back.. when I watched the press coverage clip.. Rena was totally in nerve, nervous mode.. Daijobu rena-chan, you already there!  Anyhow, so good to see her again.. Ah, I wish TsuRena will be on stage one day – with yellow pink uniform.. haha!
Talking about Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.. i found out that he was once worked with Kiyoshi Kurosawa (the famous contemporary director who is well-known in doing horror movies). I’ve heard about Kiyoshi.. but never know Tsuyoshi was in his. Even Tsuyoshi’s die-hard fans never mention it. Emm, or maybe those fans didn’t interested to know.. =) Anyway, the title of the movie is Kourei @ Seance. Tsuyoshi was acting with Yakusho Koji (damn, I love this man!) and Fubuki Jun.  And the genre is .. yeah.. horror. Ehh, chotto… Koji and Jun? Horror? Etto, somehow I was once stumbled with short teaser or trailer on them.. showing Koji’s frightening expression, panicking here and there. Arghh, where I could find the clip again! Iya’ … Ignore Ignore. Let’s get back to the story… A man who went to the forest for recording and collecting sound effect. A girl who was running away from a kidnapper.. trying to hide between the man’s stuff. Somehow he didn’t realize that there is a girl was accidently locked inside his equipment case.. and kept in his garage. Later, his wife found the girl unconciously.. Both husband and wife decided to ‘prison’ her inside their home for awhile – fearing the girl and the polices gonna mistook them as kidnapper.. But then, everything become a mess when the man accidentally kill the girl. What a nightmare.. As the wife was gifted with paranormal or physic’s ability, both husband and wife were haunted even in a sunny day! You could read more detailed review HERE.  It was in 1999. Tsuyoshi who still look cute on that time was in supporting role there. So I guess he might held role as a student in psychology. I found short clip,  you could watch HERE. Kourei@Seance was released in year 1999. I’m curious.. so I was searching more. And I found the movie!! Warghh, hold on! Honestly, I’m soooo not into horror or suspense stuff.. even if I desperately wanna watch it.. i’ll watch in on a bright day.. open all the windows and door.. putting my sofa far far far away from the TV.. and sit with both legs kneeling til my elbows touch my hips.. with my BIG pillow on my face. That’s me.. personally me. But somehow, with my curious.. i keep searching and find another screencaps & detailed review HERE. Whoaaa.. kowaii~ nani soree… what a creepy, soo scary! This movie is based on early 1960s British novel “Seance on a Wet Afternoon”.. But the script was re-write to fit with Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s taste. And it’s getting better! Emm enough. i’m gonna tried to forget the child ghost image now or else I couldn’t sleep for weeks! … Huu, that hand on that shoulder… Iyada~
To erase back all the black black green image… I’m thinking to talk something here. October is the month of kimumatsu‘s LoveGene.. Then i’ll be thinking of red uniform.. Yeah that RabuGene uniform.. the square-checked long-sleeves shirt in red colour. LG dorama which was on October till December 1997 was succeedly to keep putting a fashion trend. Even in year 2007, the LG uniforms were returning back to the store shelf. Thanx to the wise marketing of HERO The Movie. Even Nina Richi was influenced by LG and producing new fragrance used by Amamiya.. plus even create the bottle’s design into forbidden apple shape!
Looking to the shirt, remind me of Rena. I still called her Rena Tanaka, ne. Even her name already changed to be Lena Tanaka.. no matter what, I’ll keep called her Rena.. forever and ever! Up to year 2008 is exactly 10 years since her debut in acting. It was the movie Ganbatte Ikimasshoi which was based-on Yoshiko Shikimura‘s novel. In 1997, Rena was 17 years old that time. Still schooling and living in Fukuoka Pref, Kyushu island at southern Japan. Behind the curtains, the production staff were having difficulties to get the lead role – Etsuko coz her character need to be a simple, innocent, ordinary-look.. suitable for a character of a rural girl 20 years back. Time passed by.. and it’s already 6 months.. but nobody could ‘find’ Etsuko. It’s already more than 200 girls came for audition.. but nobody could ‘be’ Etsuko. Somehow everybody were delighted when Rena Tanaka appeared for audition. She was in her young days with a small size body and short plain hairstyle – really looks pure with her natural charm. Having zero experience, Rena was amazing in giving her professional acting. No wonder she won The Best Newcomer in Japan Prize Academy and some other awards. She’s really an amateur. The filming shooting was only taking 2 months only. Rena was leaving her house for the first time, went to Tokyo for training and filming. If you see back those 5 girls in the movie.. nobody were moving forward in acting career except Rena. When the 2-months filming is over… Rena was returning back to her home, her school.. and nothing changed. Only FAME getting increased! Especially after all her series of Suntory’s Natchan drink CM! Really, I was enjoyed watching those.. she really impressed me in every 15 seconds commercial movies. Btw, Rena was actually starting her work in CM since 1996 and  now still continuously doing photography, publishing photo books and commercial campaigns.
Btw, Nakajima Tomoko (i mean, the other actress with the same name who was acting in Ice World, the one who killed all Nanako’s boyfriends) also acting in this movie as the coach for the team. Somehow I just realized the several similarities.. Nakajima, Matsu and Rena are Gemini! From what I learned, Nakajima Tomoko talented not only in doramas, but also stage plays and movies. One of her dorama was “Rocket Boys” (which is also Somegoro’s dorama). Besides, Nakajima also active in poetry reading and writing. And recently, Nakajima was reading poetry in classical play where she did colloborating with orchestra+jazz+ethnic music. Whoaa.. how come I could know this rare info? Coz I was stumbled with Sapporo International Short Film and Market site.. Nakajima Tomoko was one of the Festival 2008 Jury.. and she was the one and only Japanese who selected to be a judge. ~ Ah, Nakajima was in “Orestes” stage play under Ninagawa Yukio. Ninagawa is a famous director who well-known with his Japanese language Shakespeare’s work. Ninagawa also had been working with Matsu and Somegoro and Kimura. 


remember september September 6, 2008

When i heard about super modern artistic performance.. instantly my mind was on Pocari Sweat Action ad. my guts.. they gonna be in white uniform 🙂  SMAP gonna released new album SMAP 019 [s]uper.[m]odern.[a]rtistic.[p]erformance on upcoming 24th September 2008. On the same day, they gonna be in Tokyo Dome to perform their first show of 3-months duration concert tour. Their new single “Kono Toki, Kitto Yume Jannai” already released last August and already chose as official Olympic song for TBS station. It’s a good song and i love their PV. Simple and humble presentation.. suitable to deliver “dream is not possible” message to ordinary people. Watch PV HERE.

But of course, in term of spirit-motivational-boosting, nothing could beat SMAP 2003 song of “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana”. Sekai song was written and composed by a famous song-writer Makihara Noriyuki. Too bad, Makihara was arrested in 1999 for drug-using. Duu, i wonder why some people with genius works do ended up with stupid acts. Same thing happened with a brilliant scriptwriter Hisashi Nozawa who wrote Ice World (act by takeno, nanako & nakamura toru) and Sleeping Forest (act by takuya, nakayama miho & nakamura toru). Nozawa was found suicide in June 2004. During that time, he was in the middle of working on Saka no Ue no Kumo (act by abe hiroshi, matsu and kanno miho).

Saka no Ue no Kumo press conference already done early of this year. Takako Matsu was beautiful in her striped kimono {cannot deny, OTaka always looks good in kimono!}. Somehow, I’ve to tell that this is really a giant Jdorama. FIRST, this project will span the next three years (autumn of 2009 until 20011). SECOND, the filming location would including Russia and China. THIRD, the production cost will be 400 million yen {wooo.. it’s about 6.66 times much higher than a normal production..!! normally NHK dorama budget is only around 60 million yen}. The series will be 13 episodes of 90-minutes duration.. and will be broadcast in 3 parts. Five episodes in year 2009, four episodes in year 2010 and the rest in year 2011.

I’ve learning something on this Saka dorama… especially the making-process. This is what I understand after reading various articles and sites. Based on a famous historical novel “The clouds on the slope” (1968 to 1972) by Sima David Liao.. the dorama would be under name “Upslope cloud”.  Sima’s visualization work was negative at first.. because the staff were under capacity for being inferior to a tremendous toll on what had become a writer’s views. The pros and cons are still there. Because of this, Nobukatsu Fujioka who is the so-called liberal point of view led to the call for this work. Despite to that, Sima’s wife already inherited the copyright permission to NHK which is supposed to broadcast in 2006. Lots of problems happened –> production costs are too high –> June 2004 the scripwriter Hisashi Nozawa was found suicide –> in between 2004 and 2005, series of scandals were uncover. But the review is keep going. Takeshi Shibata & Mikio Sato are going to finish the task of script writing and Shiyunsaku Ikehata & Shigeru Okazaki will supervise as external advisory committee.

Lots of things happened with Matsu. She’s still working and working non-stop. It’s amazing when she managed to be in the most amazing projects!! Maybe that’s why she couldn’t resist and couldn’t say NO to those job offers! Let’s talk about what’s happening to Matsu after HERO The Movie 2007. She appeared in Tsuyoshi‘s PuSma in January and performed The Man from La Mancha stage play with her papa Koshiro-san from March till April. In between of the most hectic schedules, K-20 movie’s filming with Takeshi Kaneshiro already started in January and I guess Matsu finished her shooting in the middle of April. She won Best Actress for 15th Annual Yomiuri Engeki Award in April, released 10th Anniversary Footsteps Complete Best Album in June and was together with Sanka Band for Olympic song’s Warrate Misete Kure recording which also released in June. In June, Matsu appeared in so many TV shows.. doing promotion on her album and stage play. And that was including Shingo‘s SmaStation program. She performed Sisters stage play from July till August with Suzuki Anne and was attending K-20 movie press conference on last 28th August. I will talk more about this K-20 movie later. Alright WHAT’s NEXT?!

K-20: The Fiend with 20 Faces movie will be premiere in December 2008 which  gonna have Matsu with Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nakamura Toru, Kaname Jun and Hongo Kanata. Btw, her schedule for year 2009 almost full-booked. Matsu will be acting together with Miyazawa Rie in Piper stage play from January till February 2009. This month, she already start filming Villon’s Wife movie with Asano Tadanobu. Villon’s Wife going to public screening in Fall 2009. Her NHK Upslope Clouds series with Abe Hiroshi and Kanno Miho also will be on-air in Fall 2009.

Takuya Kimura‘s CHANGE dorama already done. The DVD already available. But I’m not in a mood to watch it. Not yet. My shopping list is still loooong and i’m such a conservative buyer who won’t buy stuff no. 10 if I didn’t find items no. 1-9. Yes, the series also available on the streaming net. But still I’m so not in a mood to watch it. Not yet. I’m desperately rushing to find back old stuff.. like Narita Rikon (act by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) and Tobousha (act by Yosuke Eguchi and Abe Hiroshi) and I love to keep Brand (act by Somegoro and Miki Imai) as collection and it’ll be miracle if I manage to find Rocket Boys (act by Somegoro, Oda Yuji and Yusuke Santamaria). And i dunno how I could find Mona Lisa’s Smile (act by Yosuke Eguchi and Koshiro-san) or Ashita wo dakishimete (act by Oguri Shun, Koshiro-san and Yamamoto Koji.. which Ring by B’z was the theme song). Uwaa.. depression!! That’s why I said again to myself. I’m not in the mood to watch CHANGE. Not yet.

Btw, Kimura‘s Bushi no Ichibun was screening yesterday, 5th September in USA.
People already talk much about Mr Director Yoji Yamada who also directed Twilight Samurai (act by Sanada Hiroyuki and Miyazawa Rie) and Hidden Blade (act by Matsu).

So here, I’m gonna write about Mr Writer Shuhei Fujisawa. How well we know about him, I wonder… I dunno why. But when I read few lines from his profile.. somehow it reminds me of my late grandfather. He used to write. Even it’s not for publishing or commercial purpose. He kept writing.. handwritten or with his old typewriter. There at the corner of living hall room, he created his own world. My grandfather passed away in 1995. And Shuhei Fujisawa was died in 1997. Emm, haha.. at this time I might sounds silly to relate Shuhei and my grandpa. But I love their writings… the way of how they told the story.. with some kinds of deep emotion.. i guess that’s it. Our old generation’s way of thinking might be in a same pattern, na.

For that I’ve done reading Fujisawa Shuhei’s famous book, “The Bamboo Sword and Other Samurai Tales”. Thanks to Gavin Frew for translating this treasure. The book consists eight stories which set in early 17th-century. Those eight titles are The Bamboo Sword, A Passing Shower, All for a Melon, Kozuru, Shinza the Samurai, Out of Luck, The Runaway Stallion and Dancing Hands. I’ll did some review on those if I got time.
If you love his work, you should find the movie.. so far his works had been transformed to 5 movies. Twilight Samurai, Hidden Blade, Bushi no Ichibun, Semishigure and Yamazakura. More details about Rena in Yamazakura in THIS CLIP. Arghh, I wish i could watch Rena!!
Talking about Rena.. I’m so H.A.P.P.Y ^^ coz at last my wish become true! For her 10th Debut, Rena-chan will be performing her first debut in stage play next month!! Warghhh.. i hope she’ll reconcile with Tsuyoshi one day. Onegai. how I miss TsuRena.

Some interesting chain of facts, Semishigure (Somegoro) and Bokoku no Aegis (Sanada Hiroyuki) were lost to Always: Sunset to Third Street (Yoshioka Hidetaka and Tsutsumi Shinichi) in Japan Academy Award 2005. Ironically, Takashi Yamazaki (the director of Always) was once acting in “Twilight Samurai”! He is really amazing director/writer.. famous with his CG special effect works. He was the one who directed Juvenile (acted by Katori Shingo), Returner (acted by Takeshi Kaneshiro), Always and Always 2. At first, I thought K-20 movie also would become his work.. but no, it’s not. However, Always movie and K-20 movie is from the SAME producers. Yoshh, I’m 120% SURE this upcoming K-20 movie will be in a great yummy packaging! Back to Always movie.. do you remember Akira, the cute boy in SmaCourt and Shingo’s dorama? Suga Kenta (that Akira boy) also was in this Always movie.

Upcoming movie will be K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces. The roadshow will be on 20 December 2008. Last 28th August, Matsu Takako was attending the press conference together with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Nakamura Toru. The movie trailer already circulated on the net. Wow, sugoii.. I’m so excited!! You could visit their OFFICIAL website HERE. Yes, i’ve got some stuff and details about this movie already.. but let me keep it in the box until next December. The other casts in the movie are Kyusaku Shimada, Kaname Jun and Hongo Kanata.

Seriously, watching K-20 movie PR.. I’m really happy to see my lady in RED. Seeing OTaka in red is so rare nowadays.. But I know she love red. And she love blue. In Waratte Ii Tomo 1997, she said she always end-up to wear black. {Ah, one fine day.. I’ll talk about Matsu [and Kimura] in Ii Tomo 97. During that time, they promoting LoveGene dorama. Something funny happened}. K-20 movie press conference was on 28th August. Two days before, OTaku‘s Nissin Noodle Cup CM was released on TV. Huhu, can’t believe I’d see him again in LoveGene uniform with red jacket. How many times he wore that uniform.. in Gatsby, in FMV, in Smap Concert etc.
Since 1997 till 2008, he wearing LoveGene and HERO uniforms for periods! Back to his new CM, it’s a beautiful setting in Africa… and the theme is Yumei (Dream). The official CM is HERE.

Next time, I’ll bring up report about Matsu in SISTERS stage play which was performed last July-August 2008 with Suzuki Anne. FYI, Matsu was always amazing in her plays.. Anytime, anywhere.. she would never disappointing audiences.. that’s why the tickets always sold out! But foremost, I’ll recommend you to watch her in Roningai, OIL and SISTERS. Btw, you could watch the Closing Speech of Roningai HERE. Matsu’s cousin (Shido) was so funny acting as Spiderman.. haha, that was remind me of Tsuyoshi’s Spiderman skit in SmaSma.

Currently, I’ve done much searching for Refreshment Hall blog – Takako Tokiwa and Kimura Yoshino. I was impressed with Yashima Norito and Katsumura Masanobu in their stage play jobs. Oh, forgot to tell.. I’ve just open the new site.. REFRESHMENT HALL. There’s interview of Mizuno Miki with Jackie Chan. Also Yashima Norito with George Lucas. I’ll put down profiles and infos of actors/actresses or historical persons that related with people of Tresure Jbox. But I need to do that part by part.. very very slowly coz lack of time..  Visit my another blog HERE.


romeo and July July 10, 2008

i just came back from kuala lumpur (my hometown).. for my cousin’s wedding ceremony. my relatives keep asking when will be my turn.. ah, there.. i just lost my cupid so i didn’t find my romeo yet.. haha, could they accept that kind of excuse, i wonder 🙂
Chris sent me nanako’s Nintendo CM.. hehe. thnx for that. i just realize long time i didn’t update Nanako’s news.. so here we are.

Nanako Matsushima still loyal with Sumito Life Insurance as the endorser. actually i love the jingles (theme song for Sumito CMs).. it’ll make me wanna sing with my cute nephews (their name are Aiman and Anwar). emm, talking about children rhyme.. i love Tulip song from “Ryokiteki na Kanojo” dorama. Oh, back to Nanako and Sumito CM.. the campaign theme is still about Eggs. You could watch her latest CM here: Mirai

I’m still searching Nanako’s latest 2006 movie “Inugamike no Ichizoku [The Inugami Clan]”. But if I couldn’t find it at store shelves.. I might buy online instead. From what i read, the movie is based on Yokomizo Seishi’s epic work about the slow-burning family murder mystery. Directed by a legendary Japanese director Ichikawa Kon in year 1976 . Thirty years later.. he did the re-make of his own work, updating the classic movie for contemporary audiences. FYI, “The Inugami Clan” holds a very special place in Japan’s long tradition of supernatural suspense. What’s the story is all about..? Some fitting follow-up to the original film. The unsettling Murder of the Inugami Clan delves into a tangled web of murderous lies and deceptions that is tearing apart a wealthy multi-generation family. When tycoon Inugami Sahei (Nakadai Tatsuya) passes away, he unexpectedly leaves the family fortune to outsider Tamayo (Matsushima Nanako) on the condition that she marry one of the Inugami grandsons. Among Inugami grandsons.. Tamayo needs to choose between – Sukekiyo (Onoe Kikunosuke), Suketake (Katsurayama Shingo) or Suketomo (Ikeuchi Mansaku). Somehow pitting blood against blood.. Next, members of the family begin to show up dead, one by one. Because of this Detective Kindaichi Kosuke (Ishizaka Koji) is called in to investigate the murders. Slowly, the truth is revealed as Mr. Detective happens upon years of hidden skeletons and a shocking family secret. Emm.. Ishizaka Koji (leads the all-star cast) actually is an original cast from 1976 movie. Don’t you think it’s good to have his return here.

I just wanna flashback another 2006 movie “Meishan-BIZAN” acted by Nanako, Takao Osawa and Nobuko Miyamoto. It was transformed from the best-selling novel wrote by Sada Shino Masa.

Besides Sorimachi, i could say that Nanako and Takao are the best on-screen combi.. in doramas, SP and movies. once, i watched Nanako-Takao in “Midnight Express”.. it was the man’s journey from Delhi (Asia) to London (Europe) by bus. This SP dorama was based on Sawaki Koutarou’s non-fiction book.

Takao Osawa worked with KimuTaku in Stay Gold, with Takeno in The Last Song & Heaven’s coins ~ Die Sterntaler and also with Rena in “The Taste of Fish” movie. This Takao-Rena’s movie was just released last June 2008.

i’ve watch the trailers.. not bad.. it’s gonna be fish world!
Rena’s role as Asuka. Takao as Shuntaro Akagi needs to help out Asuka’s family business in the Tsukiji Fish Market; the well-known middle trader shop called “Uotatsu”. Somehow, the competition is fiercely fought within the long-established conventions held by the expert traders. Without much experience in this kind of business, Shuntaro only depends on his ability to distinguish good taste of fish with his tongue.

i love the movie theme song. This movie would be turned into a series, also this year.. but i’m still not sure in which TV station. Anyway, here is the Tsukiji uogashi sandaime @ The Taste of Fish” movie trailers file (in flv file)

The latest news from Sorimachi Takashi is he got a role as a businessman in TV Asahi dorama “Lot 6, 300 million man won 20 million yen @ Lotto Man”. Other casts would be Nakajima Tomoko, Naomi Matsushima etc. and Ito Masaki is the guest for first episode. Short news HERE. Talking about Nakajima, i love Nakajima Tomoko.. she is 36 years old now.. but she’s cute and funny.. i know her because of SmaSma Roulette Bowling 2005 where Nakajima was with Blue Team (Tsuyoshi and Goro) and Matsu was with Red Team (Takuya and Shingo). one thing i just realized that Nakajima Tomoko was acting in “Ice World” (Nanako-Takeno’s dorama). i think i should find her back.. i can’t remember Nakajima’s role there.. uwaa, gomen!

Next, Takeno with Kanno Miho in TBS dorama “Tomorrow” .. i still didn’t watch yet. never mind it’s still on-air now. But so far, the first episode was well-received. and viewers commenting the scenery shot was beautiful and the plot was realistic.. FYI, one of the directors is Yamamuro Daisuke.
Yutaka Takenouchi working many times with Yamamuro which are “Dropout Teacher Returns to School, Rondo and Tomorrow” dorama {wooohhhh…!^^}. Yamamuro also the one who directed (just to name.. )
– Say Hello BlackJack (act by Tsumabuki Satoshi, also a medical dorama) – Suna no Utsuwa (Vessel of Sands, act by Nakai & Ken Watanabe) – Tobosha (act by Eguchi Yosuke & Abe Hiroshi, a thriller dorama) – M no Hegeki (act by Goro) – Hana Yori Dango – Karei naru Ichizoku (act by Kimura) – The story of Yamada Taro. {wooooohhh sugoii sugoii… can i love Yamamuro now? ^^} .

i’m already finished watching “Ryokiteki na Kanojo”.. only now i got time to do that. Miss them sooo much! See… i just know my TsuRena will be a great combi. Wish to see them again together in future.. like I always said to people.. Riko and Sabu are just perfectly fit for Tsuyoshi and Rena. Nobody could do better than them. Looking TsuRena really reminds me of KimuraMatsu.. :). Oh, I never care about bad comments or bullshits reviews from some people. They should watch from Beginning to End of story, A to Z.. and that’s the protocol when making reviews, right.
As the light-warm comedy romance dorama, i really enjoying this. Especially when the production team making great surprise. They brought Somegoro to TV screen. The last time Somegoro was in Pride dorama as co-star with KimuTaku. Even with short scenes.. I still couldn’t forget Somegoro’s words and expression. I guess it’s the aura from “Kabuki Prince”, na. Somegoro’s role as a hair stylist (named Nonomura Shunsuke) who love poetry, reading literatures and could wrote difficult kanjis in such beautiful hand writing. I think it’s rare to find a character like this.. But that sounds so Somegoro and Nonomura’s character fits well with him. I wanna add some latest news about Ichikawa Somegoro aka Matsu Takako’s brother. At last, we could see Somegoro more in non-kabuki jobs.. Next August 2008, he would be in a contemporary stage play “Jyokyoushi wa 2-do Dakareta/Held by A Female Teacher for The Second Time”. Starring together with Ohtake Shinobu. Seems like a love story with a much older woman.. hihi. Look at him.. kakkoi, na!! And Somegoro already finished filming “On Next Sunday” movie which will be screen year 2009 Spring. He’ll star with a 19-years old Korean actress named Yoon Ha. From Sponichi which translated by my good friend Yanie.. {i wanna paste full report.. coz it’s sooo interesting!} Somegoro now is 35 years old man but play a role as an ordinary man in nearly 40’s.. Oh, we’re not simply calling Matsumoto Koshiro-san’s family members as royal family without reason.. The FACT is, they’re really well-known in Japan as Kabuki King, Prince and Princess of Rein (kabuki society). Obviously we know why. Believe me.. they’re really amazing, humble and funny.

Prince Somegoro as A Worn-out Ojisan (= men around 40s)
(Sponichi article on 18 March 2008 )

Kabuki actor, Ichikawa Somegoro (35) will play the role as an ojisan working as a university cleaning service, a newspaper delivery man, and a pizza delivery man, in a movie titled “Kondo no Nichiyoubi ni @ On Next Sunday”. He’s a 39 years old divorcee who works hard to pay his son’s education fee. Somegoro has always been playing kakkoii and youth roles, “This is a role I had never play before, so it intrigued me….”, he said. The movie will premiere in next year’s spring.

At one time, he’s a university cleaning service, at another time he’s a newspaper delivery man, at another time he’s a pizza delivery man. Somegoro changes roles just like the fast changes in kabuki. Somegoro said, “When I put on the uniform, somehow I feel I’m ready to get to work already,”, seem like he’s having fun with the filming. He himself often order pizza, so he said, “My favorite is the pizza delivery uniform,” while laughing.

This movie is a human drama story about a man who has to pay his friend’s debt, and left behind by his wife and child, who experience a heart interchange when he meet a female foreign college student from Korea. As he’s always worn-out with all the jobs, he’s always in a sleepy state.

Somegoro is the kabuki actor, Matsumoto Koshiro’s eldest son, the kabuki world’s prince. He usually gets kakkoii roles in movies, like Ashurajo no Hitomi and Semishigure. The director said, “A kakkoii actor who plays a worn-out ojisan will be very interesting to see. To experience the world one never experience before, to play a role one never play before, is always interesting,”.

The filming takes place in Nagano prefecture, Matsumoto city. Somegoro feels a bit worried about playing a role who is 4 years older than himself. But on the set, Yoon Ha (19), the Korean actress who play the role as the foreign student teased him, “Somegoro-san tte, ojisan desu ne…”, and Somegoro denied, “No, I’m not!!”.

In the movie, he will show alot of his comical side, so we’d be able to see the other side of Somegoro. Seem like it’s going to be a movie that’ll become a turning point in an actor’s life.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was acting in “Mabuta no Haha” (In Search of Mother) stage play last May. So i do some searching on the topic.. i just realized that the title was originally from a play written by Hasegawa Shin which then turned into a jidai-geki movie in year 1931. The story was combination of swordplay action-style with family-type melodrama. In short, it’s about a lonely wandering Yakuza who longing to find back and reunion with the mother who abandoned him.

To those who didn’t know.. among SMAP members, Kusanagi and Goro are still active in stage play world. From what i read and i saw, i believe both are great actors with their own style. Kohei Tsuka (a famous writer) once said that Tsuyoshi was a genius in his “Kamata Koshin Kyoku” play. And he got Haruko Sugimura Award (a prestigious prize) for his performance in “Chici Kaeru @ Father’s Returning”. Tsuyoshi now considered to be one of the most remarkable actors in Japanese theater industry.. not as idol star but as one of the best actors.
To imagine how Inagaki Goro in his stage play.. you should see him in “Warai no Dagaku / University of Laugh” movie which based on Koki Mitani’s stage play.

Last year 2007, Yanie managed watching Goro in “The Magic Fountain Pen” from 3rd row seat. So close, na ~ I just wanna share by quoting part of her own words as she’s really star-strucked with the play.. haha. Despite to that, she still could wrote full, long and detailed review.. ya’know XD.

“The set was at New York, in the 1920s. It’s a COMEDY stageplay. Each character named after popular pen brands. Goro’s character is PARKER. He’s just a rookie, not-too-successful novelist. He has a pal, named WATERMAN. But he’s also like a sidekick x) Parker is an arrogant, a jerk. Pause first on the story… I want to comment, that Goro’s acting was EXCELLEEENNTT, SO SUPERB here!!! He was really ALL OUT!! I was kinda disappointed with his acting in BusuKoi. But here, he was really ALL OUT like in Warai no Daigaku!!! Sugooooiii~~!!! In Warai, he was this goody-goody writer, right? This time, Parker is the opposite kind of writer… he likes to do everything his way, and everyone has to follow him. I sooo love Goro’s ignorant expression. Parker is also a hyper, talkative kinda guy”.

Oh, when we talked about Nanako’s movie.. i think i should talk about Rena’s Dec 2007 movie “Moryo na Hako/The Shadow Spirit” .. i really wanna watch this.. why.. because the returning of the team. Abe Hiroshi (a detective who has the special power to see into people’s memories), Shinichi Tsutsumi (a used book seller and “onmyouji”/specialists in magic and divination), Rena Tanaka (a reporter), Shiina Keppei (a writer), Hiroyuki Miyasako (police officer), Kuroki Hitomi (a famous actress)!!

From the trailer, I could say “Moryou” (directed by Masato Harada) is much better than the previous “Ubume no Natsu” (directed by Akio Jissoji).. i hope so.. coz I was blur and disappointed with Ubume movie. FYI, Moryou is the second book of Natsuhiko Kyogoku’s series (a famous novelist) which received Mystery Writers Association of Japan Award in year 1995. You could watch Moryou trailer HERE

After non-stop RenaRena “monthly movies”, in this month of July 2008; the screen plays would have “Gegege no Kitaro” sequel movie. i’m so sure Matsu Takako would watching this.. as i could considered that she is a hardcore fan of Gegege… hehehe! On Gegege premiere day, Rena Tanaka still with her long hair.. wearing dress in her usual pink. Gegege no Kitaro movie was in year 2007 and because of its well-received we’ve got another sequel in year 2008. Rena is famous with Gegege Dance. You could watch her HERE. She’s so cute, don’t you think… the ghost dance is cute.. fun like MJ Thriller.
Btw, back to Tsuyoshi’s play of “Mabuta no Haha”.. fans said Rena went watching Tsuyoshi’s stage play.. Hope one day, she’ll come down to that world.. because i know Rena Tanaka is a great actress. If not acting with Matsu… i wish with Tsuyoshi.. KUDASAI **

20th Anniversary of B’z – again Tak and Koshi gave us #1 record again in Oricon chart!
emm, i should explaining this from beginning.. For their 20th Anniversary, B’z released their album “Ultra Pleasure” on 18th June (4 days after my birthday).. at the end of that same day, 116,582 copies already sold. Why? because those who’re pre-orders could grab at store shelves one day before the actual released. Guys from “Off The Lock” site were so kind to translate Tak and Koshi’s messages regarding this album. You could read those HERE. BTW, B’z Live-Gym Pleasure 2008 ~ Glory Days ~ tour will be started next September and the sale of tickets will be starting end of this month. Special website for special celebration.. for having special treasure. You could DIG Here!^^

Talking about 20th Anniversary, SMAP also already 20 years.. coz they were formed in year 1988.

Bistro SMAP recently having lots foreigner guests.. emm, i just watched few only. Dunno why I didn’t enjoy much this year guests.. Let’s see, when the last time i really love to watch the guests.. ah, Matt Damon during his Bourne movie promo – also Cameron Diaz & Jude Law. Frankly, I’m more excited to watch Japanese Guests.. coz that will brought me to know more about the people and their achievement (especially if the guests are historical persons).

SMAP as usual busy with their solo and group jobs – SmaSma, variety shows, doramas, movies, radio programs, CMs etc. But here i REALLY wanna highlighted their perfomance with Yoshida Brothers last 23rd June 2008. Watch Yoshida SMAP Brothers of Dynamite clip HERE. Kakkoii~ that was first time i knew Yoshida Brothers. They played Shamisen (Japanese traditional music instrument) which usually accompanied KABUKI or other Japanese traditional dance performances. Yoshida Brothers is accompanying a contemporary dance by SMAP, well-fit with SMAP’s Dynamite song. Hemm, this really remind me of Omatsu first appearance in SmaSma in year 1997.. LOL, i wonder if Somegoro or Matsu could join them.. must be really fun. Matsu first dancing was in SmaSma October 2001 singing SMAP’s Shake song.

Matsumoto Koshiro-san and his son Ichikawa Somegoro were doing Kirin beer’s CM together.. love to see them both HERE. The idea of this CM was to let them having a casual conversation whatever they like while drinking beer. There were 3 versions. Two of them were “Parent-Child Relationship” and “Musume no Kekkon” (Daughter’s Marriage) versions. Haha.. i couldn’t even believe.. Koshiro-san really talked about this. When Matsu’s Papa started to complain about his daughter’s marriage, seems like Somegoro burst out laughing for real 🙂 Anyhow I always love to see the bonds of this great family..