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harvest October 12, 2010

emmm… i’m quiet ne.

yeah. i keep myself low… nesting under my cashmere blanket.

i have so many wishes and dreams. and my brain can’t stop thinking this and that. and my heart keep on feeling this and that. waiting patiently. coz i know i’ll get something. [ like a small girl during big festival, i know i’ll get lots of ang pow. and once i receive those pocket money, i’ll keep everything in my drawer. i won’t open the packets. not even a peek on what inside. not even bother to count how much i got. surprise. ……. until i urgently need it. i need $10! …. probably this packet has that amount. slowly taking it out….] i tell you. one of the biggest happiness is when what you think, what you feel, what you imagine, what you whisper to the wind in the middle of the night, suddenly become true 🙂 🙂 🙂 wii~nothing i can say. except bowing myself with nakigao sumairu. maa hontou ni .. BOKU WA KIMI GA SUKI!!

bit by bit, part by part. one by one. time on time. slooowly. i’m indulging everything. yatta. it’s a harvest time. picking all my wish stars falling from the dark sky. these will be part of my soul light. autumn and winter. let’s see… what will happen. now, next!

muahaha, should i just PS suppa impo the bride to amami yuki?!
ii na~ takeno really in-character during filming his war movie last time.
with mr. brilliant karasawa + mao + yamada etc. look tough. *sobsob, kacihan takeno ku. dek menjiwai watak, berat badan makin susut. rasa macam nak antar mangkuk tingkat kat dier*. he already finish filming. so eat well, sleep well. live well. *buhsan-buhsan kalu sunyi, gi le main sms ngan orang tu ye .. nak main sms ngan kiter pun bley gak*

– i gave a small laugh seeing ueto aya’s hair in the drama… haha, doesn’t it looks like yoshitaka yuriko’s usual image? why. coz i’m hoping for yuriko, so the staff trying to fulfill my request? lol. apparently i still think that ueto needs a smooth hair conditioner. emm, let’s see if ueto can be ‘invisible’ just like aibu saki. if she’ll be a good girl here and won’t piss me, i’ll give my pass!

now lisya, gimme reason why i should watch Nagareboshi drama? [1] lots of my favorite songs titled ‘nagareboshi’ [2] Takeno, my luv [3] theme song by kobukuro. my favorite band. oh, my big brother also a big fan of the duo. and my 6-years old nephew too. he watch Utube clips of kobukuro almost everyday and sometimes while eating sushi. [4] Goro! yeay. the reunion of takeno-goro. i wonder how both of them at the filming site. oh, to two of you, please talk more about miho-miho-chan, okay. [5] …*sigh* if only amami yuki or kanno miho suddenly appear as special guests. haha, God knows what will i do. well, since goro is there, i wonder if tsuyoshi or shingo might jump in as the guest in this series, just to say hi. muri but emm, who knows.  … aa, one more thing. takeno probably mostly in blue or white shirts. but who knows if his wardrobe might got RabuJeneHero checkered shirts. hoho. i might import the latest D’urban shirts if that happen.

i dunno. for the time being, i don’t have any expectation with the script. err, the writers are still amateur? but to me, looks like a blend mixture of Ruri no Shima + Merry Christmas in Summer .. and a magic touch of Ice World. …… [pause] …. ah, sou da. i did takeno’s fanvideo few years ago, right? with the intro of takeno fell to the sea .. [bam! splash!] … sort of that kind of feeling every time i enter the drama official site. … shooting stars. suddenly my mind goes to teppei and riko. running and climbing the snow mountain with the leather shoes at matsumoto – nagano. ne, nagareboshi .. had they seen it 13 years ago? i really wanna ask kimumatsu how many times they made their wishes. their fragment of wonderful moments. if i could travel back time. i would like to ride the journey to that moment, that place.
demo, emm… i wonder why i could easily imagine it.

– so many things to look forward. movies, tanpatsu, renzoku of miho, yukie and rena … matsu also gonna be busy with rehearsal for upcoming stage play for her triple roles. pergh, sasuga matsu. aa, october-november-december what she gonna decide to do. aa, i need a good news. aa, i should pour my heart to yashima norito 😀 btw, not to forget, arisa just released her latest Tsubaki SMAP Dear Women cm. she’s lovely in red. matsu-miho-yukie-rena already playing evil, mysterious villainous.. i’m waiting for arisa’s turn. …. oh, wait. did being a member of yakuza considered as an evil character?

– i used to see kimura close with koshiro-san and somegoro (haha, of course :P), then shingo especially when koshiro was came to SmaStation as special guest (koshiro papa is a fan of shingo’s smabistro oishii reaction for period) and somegoro always got teased by shingo. nakai just simply absorbing himself to be a member of koshiro’s family as they have a same obsession which is a Tokyo Yomiuri Giants baseball team. isk, to think of that… nakai-kun should do a special sport program like a game match between Giants and popular kabuki team. tsuyoshi does respect koshiro-san, ne as a great actor. like he seeing matsu’s father as a The Royal Highness. but i’m crack that somegoro was mixing well with tsuyoshi too. nani tte, ‘tsuyo-chan some-chan.’  😀 i knew both goro-somegoro have a buddy buddy relationship. and i’m glad koshiro-san was in goro’s recent movie ’13 assassin’. yokatta, goro was really shining in his role. i wish he can say something to kimura, like.. ‘oh, did u watch my scene with your kanojo no otosan? ne, miteru?’. koshiro-san currently doing his Shakespeare’s CAESAR stage play. meanwhile somegoro is busy with his other-side world which is kabuki thing.

– talking about drama… here comes my colorful fiesta! takeno, goro, nakai, miho in Ii Tomo Autumn SP program. karasawa toshiaki and yasuko matsuyuki too. participants were spilling their secrets of their private life. i was o-he-he-he-he while reading how Goro-Miho in the show. yappari, my prayer already fulfill. i thought Fuji TV going to cancel Ii Tomo for this season. Just because *uhukuhuk*.

yokatta. thnx goodness, ikemen and chicks are less for this season. *YA AYUH PARA VETERAN KITA … BANGKIT! Maju maju… main peranmu!*. but somehow, superb actors actresses and directors sometimes can’t save the show without a strong foundation of script, ne.

sono mama, good luck to all production staff. [oyy, Fuji TV… regarding your promise, how long we have to wait for karasawa-kimura pair? i’m waiting!] i hope takeno and goro were not being awkward to each other since their long-time-no-see. last time in Zaitochi The Last, i was really really happy seeing the reunion of sorimachi and shingo. really glad seeing their good buddy-buddy relationship especially in SmaStation program. for GOLD summer drama, as usual, last filming day… amami gave flowers and a big warm hug and cheek to sorimachi and the rest casts. … [pause] talking about this… why i still couldn’t find takeno-amami BOSS final day clip? she was hugging everybody, much-much-much deep-long time, darou … ehem, did she embrace him? sotto, kyutto. uso. waaa, say yes! just say yes. lol.

Tashika na Koto by Oda Kazumasa

Sesuatu Yang Pasti
[translitasi: nuralisya]

ku lihat ke langit selepas turun hujan,
di tengah kesibukan manusia yang berjalan.
duka yang perit yang takkan berakhir,
meski punya se
titis bahagia mungkin tak ku sedari.

masa pun berlalu, dapatkah ku mencintaimu?
dapatkah ku sungguh-sungguh melindungimu?
ku lihat langit saat ku berfikir.
dirimu kini apa lagi yang dapat ku lakukan?

sesungguhnya jangan pernah dilupakan,
akan selalu di sisi mu tiap masa.

kerna itu lah, kau dan aku, kita di sini.
menghembus udara yang serupa,
hidup di alam waktu yang sama.

hargailah dirimu, sayangi mu sendiri.
andainya kau dalam diam, terkenangkan dia.
saat kau terluka, janganlah bersendiri.
jauh semakin engkau menjauh,  janganlah pergi.

tidak ku curiga, ku masih percaya.
walau luka hatiku ini tak mungkin sembuh.
ayuh cari semula apa yang kita hilang.
pasti nanti suatu masa kita kan menemuinya.

sesungguhnya apa yang paling berharga,
bukannya detik-detik istimewa.
tapi adalah saat biasa ku renung wajahmu.
perasaan ku kini
sama seperti yang ku rasai di saat-saat itu.

ada sesuatu yang masih belum kau tau.
yang ingin ku bicarakan pada dirimu.
sesungguhnya sejak dulu di waktu
pertemuan kita.
ku mencintai dirimu selama-lamanya.

adakah kau melihat ke langit?
adakah kau mendengarkan angin?
tak mungkin bisa kita kembali ke sini lagi.

tapi usahlah difikirkan lagi. kerna ia amat pahit. 

sesungguhnya apa yang paling berharga,
bukannya detik-detik istimewa.
tapi adalah saat biasa ku renung wajahmu.
perasaan ku kini
sama seperti yang ku rasai di saat-saat itu.

sesungguhnya jangan pernah dilupakan,
akan selalu di sisi mu tiap masa.
kerna itu lah, kau dan aku, kita di sini.
menghembus udara yang serupa,
hidup di alam waktu yang sama.

walau apa pun .. akan selalu di sisi mu tiap masa.


kokuhaku oscar September 9, 2010

oh my, CONFESSION movie will be decided for OSCAR AWARD for FOREIGN CATEGORY.

61 countries will exhibited.  and the top five final nominees will be announced on 25 January 2011.


road to oscar.
still way to go.
competing with the best of 61 countries is not that easy ne.
but if it managed to reach final top five.. i’ll be happy enuff.

from what i heard, seems the six high profile entries come from Mexico [Biutiful], France [Of Gods and Men], Thailand [Uncle Boonmee Can Recall His Past Lives], Denmark [In a Better World], Canada [Incendies] and South Africa [Life, Above All].

oh btw, i’m happy Indonesia send How Funny [This Country is] which directed by my favorite Deddy Mizwar. i really love that movie.. favorite veteran actor Slamet Rahardjo was there and a good plot with messages. besides thailand and indonesia, we also have philippines and hong kong as representatives from south east asia.

talking about confession, for sure we’ll remember ashida mana.
the best young actress in MOTHER drama.
as i always refer her as matsu’s daughter.

mana-chan’s personality actually more resembles kanno miho.
not young past miho but now present miho.
i can assure that goro would really love to have a daughter like mana-chan. or probably a cute son like the one in XSMAP short movie.

why? coz the other playboy yamamoto koji also fell in love with mana.
i just gave a big laugh watching koji caressing this girl’s hair at filming site during rest time.

koji still has a good long-friendship with goro and kimura.
he was also with rena in Haken no Oscar drama. although he is matsu’s ex-boyfriend, i wanna see them together again on-screen someday.

somehow i feel funny to think.. what kind of small talk between kimura and koji. most probably topic would be about matsu and koshiro-san. haha.

mana-chan already popular now. can’t help. everybody loves this kawaii and talented girl. keep on great job, little gal. stay humble. live ur life.

i just happened to know that mana-chan was at Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show event last time. uwaa, giri-giri. mizuki arisa was there too, deshou. hehe. both were wearing red. mana in checkered. arisa in feathers.

oh i wish .. arisa, shingo, goro, miho, kimura will work with mana-chan .. one day.


ohisashiburi August 27, 2010

here i come. lol. what a mess. uhukuhuk. *wiping the dust*

moral of story; don’t ever forget the password.

okay, i just import from my LJ. later on, we’ll continue with the pairs.

i’m still long-searching her ‘one-person-in-a-deep-gaze-day-dreaming’ photo in this event. i saw it once and she’s wonderful brilliant. too bad, i couldn’t find that photo again. found it. yeay. anyway, CONFESSION promo … together with school students and educators.

the movie really something na. a phenomenon. with shock and complicated confessions and messages… time for appreciation and discussion, everyone.

flash forward january 2011 – matsu takako will be in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  it is a romantic comedy masterpiece. matsu gonna be in double role plays as twin sister Viola [later masquerading as a young man Cesario] and twin brother Sebastian. wow, sounds interesting… it would be challenging to play as a woman and man roles at the same time, but well yeah, she can do it. she’s matsu anyway…   frankly, i didn’t know Shakespeare did romantic comedy stuff, lol. for this reason, i started watching BBC production Twelfth Night [Or What You Will] movie. waaa, i’m so excited with the storyline. moreover the male lead will be ishimaru kanji.. huhu, one of my favorite stage/musical actor. handsome maaa. and lovely voice. .. oh wait, is Twelfth Night gonna be a musical. i wish so…. btw, ishimaru kanji once did Phantom of Opera stage. oh ok, this gonna divert my mind to kimura takuya. … [pause] …. chotto, apparently there was a connection. ishimaru and kimura did combi work together in tv commercial ‘Oronamin C Drink’. hehe, when was that.. really wanna see that old commercial.

tanaka rena – i watched her latest mobile BeeTV drama ‘Fast Marriage’.. first episode – hehe, i love it.. gosh, where i could find the rest. this exactly a sequel of ryokiteki na kanojo. i just keep on o-hehe imagining saburo on the screen. somehow i could feel rena was longing recently. reading few entries of her personal diary, she’s talking about that person and missing him. words and things like happy drinking, yellow, sunset, blue rose, red rose, sky photos… and marriage. hemm. something missing. something empty. something lonely. awh, keep in touch will ya. finding and borrowing books could be a good excuse, na…. sou da, talking about books… rena love books so much. she bought, read and share with fans and others. she even discussed the topics with her parents. i’m happy to know that she bought FLOWERS novel and CONFESSION novel at the same time. kusanagi tsuyoshi once read the same title ‘The Eight Chicada’ novel [ah, i still haven’t watch that NHK drama]. …. btw, regarding the building with yellow light photo.. rena suddenly mentioned about keigo higashino‘s novel.. i wonder which one she was referring. so i check his novel lists. G@meGalileo, Ryūsei no Kizuna, Suspect X, Samayou Yaiba, Shinzanmono. hehe.. all my fav stars.. nakama yukie, fukuyama masaharu, ninomiya kazunari, toda erika, tsutsumi shinichi, yasuko matsuyuki, yutaka takenouchi and abe hiroshi. …. how good if rena as a guest in shinzanmono drama. oh she will be in a new movie ‘Days in the Morisaki Bookstore’. probably a cameo or supporting role. hemm, tsuyoshi love watching girl with book.. if only there’s a plot of tsurena meeting at the bookstore.

aoi no bara .. crayon song .. blue riko – white saburo

there were so many shinarisa rumors on net. also speculation of their upcoming dorama. well, i’m all for that. 120 percent my support with a BIG smile. recently, watching her five episodes drama ‘Tenshi no Wakemae’ without sub. she looks lovely in the kitchen ne. lol. not to late to learn the cooking. i could see recipes in the official site. like haken no oscar, hopefully dvd with sub will be available on shelf. ‘SAZAE-SAN’ too…

oh, i also spent my free time watching old doramas and movies… and past variety shows.
shabekuri 007 with CONFESSION [matsu, kimura, okada] ..
i love this episode. haha. okada was so cute and tennen. yoshino too. love her white dress. and matsu.. she never fail giving oishii reaction to those top comedians. where she got that ‘pua kumbu’ dress. it’s kinda ooonique mix n match.

glad. at last o-matsu was wearing the ring properly. she said ‘sumimasen’ and showing her fingers. haha. i bet somebody already scold her before.. two years still forgetting her own marriage. find the happiness, otaka. if not, return back to the right place, onegaishimasu. stand by him. stand by us. .. emm, guess he already learn something. am i right o-taku. i am .. i am. oh, some people might wonder why i refer kimura-kun as otaku. hemm, how to say.. well  he is simply an otaku.

next autumn season,
kanno miho
will be in ‘Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna‘ drama with tamaki hiroshi. and karasawa toshiaki will be there as supporting. meanwhile yutaka takenouchi will be in ‘TBA’ drama. i’m fine with miho’s drama storyline… but reading takeno’s drama synopsis and cast line, i was crack.. omg, UETO AYA. nanda kore. iyada. [sigh] for the first time i feel like to erase his co-star. i dunno. the image of makihara risa should be play by yoshitaka yuriko i guess.

aa, what a waste ……. imagine miho with tamaki and takeno with yuriko ;p

demo, since both are FujiTV production…. there’s possibility for takeno-miho appearance in Ii TOMO  or Nakai-kun drama FESTIVAL. i wish so. kinda sad there’s no opportunity for amami-sorimachi appearance in ‘GOLD’ drama promo.

while takashi sorimachi was doing GOLD, his lady nanako matsushima was filming GHOST.

anyway, all i know inagaki goro absolutely gonna watch miho’s drama. and as takeno came to amami’s musical last time, amami yuki should repay with a house visit. hekhek.


Jbox screen March 11, 2010

8 May 2010
TRICK ~ Psychic Battle Royal
Nakama Yukie, Abe Hiroshi, Namase

22 May 2010
Permanent Nobara
Kanno Miho, Eguchi Yosuke

29 May 2010
Zatoichi THE LAST
Katori Shingo, Sorimachi Takashi, Nakamura Kanzaburo

5 June 2010
Kokuhaku (Confession)
Matsu Takako, Kimura Yoshino, Okada Masaki

12 June 2010
Tanaka Rena, Nakama Yukie,
Hirosue Ryoko, Aoi Yu, Suzuki Kyoka,Takeuchi Yuko

Autumn 2010
Gene Waltz
Kanno Miho, Tanabe Seiichi

Autumn 2010
Juusannin no Shikaku ~The Thirteen Assassins
Matsumoto Koshiro, Inagaki Goro, Yakusho Koji, Yamada Takayuki

1 December 2010
Space Battleship YAMATO
Kimura Takuya, Kuroki Meisa, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Shinichi Tsutsumi

4 December 2010
Bushi no Kakeibo
Sakai Masato, Nakama Yukie


2010 stageplay January 30, 2010


katori shingo in “Talk Like Singing”
performance on 23.1.2010 till 7.3.2010.

after made his off-Broadway musical theater [Japan’s original piece]  at Skirball Center for Performing Arts, NYU, mitani koki currently continuing the show in home country with same casts – katori shingo, jay kabira, horiuchi keiko and niiro shinya. music directed by yasuharu konishi [member of 198o’s Pizzicato Five].

just to refresh back the plot:
the story of Tarlow (Shingo) – a young man who cannot talk but only sing. There was a band consisted of  four-man resided in his head which the reason of why he could only communicate by singing. He went seeing a speech therapist, Dr. Nimoy (Keiko Horiuchi) and a psychologist, Dr. Dyson (Jay Kabira). With therapy and hypnotize treatment, each member of the four-man band eliminated. At last.. for the first time in his life, Tarlow was able to talk without singing. He even didn’t hear any singing voices in his head. However, later on… he started feeling unhappy and missing the songs.

in general, Talk Like Singing is a universal comedy musical. a mitani koki’s type of humor. with the first exposure at NY last time, i hope shingo would prove to the world that he’s a talented actor, not just ordinary idol. ~ Koshiro-san, in this 3-months period, spend time to watch him, ne.. bring your beloved wife and grandchildren too!


inagaki goro in “Elephant @ ZOU”
performance on 5.3.2010 till 30.3.2010.

goro would be the lead cast here. his co-stars are okina megumi and my favorite osugi ren. the last time goro did the main character was two years ago. The story is based on Betsuyaku Minoru’s early work [one of his best]. it’s about the hardships and the sufferings of those atomic bomb’s victims. the story would try to revolve around humanistic issues – their vulnerability and sacrifice.

somehow i like this kind of plot~ atomic bomb. i’m always curious and admire how that country could struggle and re-born after the big historical event. i wonder if it wasn’t happened, how my country would be now on the mark of Japanese administrative compared to British imperial system.

by the way, with the same theme of Atomic Bombing
[1]matsu takako did a special drama “Hiroshima Showa 20 nen 8 Gatsu Muika” – a first project of Nada Sou Sou song by natsukawa rimi.
[2] tanaka rena did a movie “Yunagi no Machi, Sakura no Kuni”
[3] matsushima nanako did her social responsibility as narrator in a documentary movie of “Gate~ A True Story @ Atomic Flame” – with theme song by yuna ito.

*last time, i was smiling; knewing his butai press conference turned to be a media press of his private relationship with miho 😛


matsu takako in “My Two Husbands and My Situation”.
performance on 17.4.2010 till 16.5.2010

the play is originally wrote by William Somerset Maugham in 1919. co-stars are danta yasunori and watanabe toru, as Matsu’s “husbands”. at first i thought it will be a serious story. but it’s not … hehe. after a series of serious stages done by matsu, this time will be a comedy.

the story is about a woman named Vicky who thought her husband has drowned and died. so she marries another man. but apparently her first husband is still alive and returns home. from there, the triangle of love and fight situation going to begin.

yasunori already started his promo on this play [interview’s talk]. i’m expecting from matsu soon.


amami yuki in “Samurai and Rose ~ GoemonRock OverDrive”
performance on 18.3.2010 till 18.4.2010 (tokyo); 27.4.2010 till 13.5.2010 (osaka).

for several reasons, i’m really excited with this play. [1] it’s the Shinkansen production, under the same director of matsu’s Metal Macbeth. [2] the co-star is furuta arata who was the co-star of matsu’s play [Noda Map] Crime and Punishment. [3] furuta as samurai and amami as rose = goemon and lady oscar. [4] amami as lady oscar is my wish when rena did Haken no Oscar drama, last year [5] to me, it’s like a world of kabuki vs takarazuka revue on the same stage!

~ah, my imagination running wild to matsu and kimura in this kind of play. kimura as the one piece/pirate of the caribbean .. and matsu as the samurai woman.

since toma and matsu are known to have good friendships with shinkansen staff members, i wonder if they would spend time to come and watch amami [although matsu will busily practicing her butai and toma might busy with his line of movies].


tanaka rena in “Departure”
performance on 29.5.2010 till 6.6.2010 at akasaka [tokyo]; 9.6.2010 till 13.6.2010 at osaka; 16.6.2010 till 24.6.2010 at misonoza [nagoya]
it’s not just a stage play.. here you’ll enjoy musical concert too under musical director; joe hisaishi. rena as the wife of nakamura kantaro (matsu’s cousin) in this play.

remember Okuribito, one of the movie that won Oscar last year? this year, it will be transformed to stage play version; directed by G2. the stage version will gonna have some changes with the storyline, but the characters and concept will remain same.

this is a second stage for rena. she did debut last year “Memory Cards” which was well-received. her acting got recognition by stage people and audiences. matsu’s sister matsumoto kio who commenting in her diary, saying that rena did very well and natural that she didn’t looks like a first-timer. the audiences also gave good impression: saying that rena’s acting was unbelievably compelling. with her expression, the last 15 minutes part could moved hearts into tears.

frankly, i’m so glad that kantaro and rena being chosen in this big project. hopefully, she’ll do stage play with tsuyoshi.. or matsu.. or amami.


sankyu twelve December 26, 2009

– i miss so much with ShinGoro

– and i miss suki-kirai-suki pairs .. TsuTaku and NakaiShinGoro

– i haven’t track smap for almost half of year, so when i try.. suddenly i miss mori-kun .. and i check the latest of him. mori-kun, hontou ni kakkoii yo! he still super idol of autorace ^^

– because of mori, i rewind back all SMAP SIX.

– because of rena and arisa’s news, i’ve mood to smap softbank

end year magazine photos – for TsuTaku and Nakai-Shin-Goro pair photos

Sanma Smap’09 – for Sekai and Dear Women songs…
[smap-matsu’03 and smap-tsubaki ladies]

Smap Softbank
– for putting Sekai song for Xmas Roof Top and putting ShinGoro together at the back.
– for NY Night, i could see a glimpse of Phantom of Opera bilboard — remind me of  B’z Love Phantom and SmaTour’08 theme [and my kimumatsu fanvideo as well].

IiTomo Xmas Special

–> for Shingo wearing blue white costume .. color of Goro Chef — the power of ShinGoro!

–> for Tsuyoshi won the palm reading and Shingo at the back quietly kept bowing proudly on behalf of Tsu. — remind me how great the relationship of Tsu-Rena-Shingo.

–> having Bakusho Mondai and Tokui — remind me of TsuRena

—> Tsu did monomane as Kasuga [Audrey] — remind me of Miho who is a big fan of Kasuga-san

–> that pink clothes of kasuga audrey — remind me of pink nakai with nakama at kouhaku press and meeting last year.

Stop The SMAP radio
– for shingo mentioned arisa’s name again!
if nakanaka’s diary in SGS radio and kimumatsu’s diary in WUS radio… shinarisa’s diary and tsurena’s diary would be in STS radio.

oh STS also got shinyuko or shinyuuka or shiniijima [haha, shingo always mentioned so many women’s name… but miho and arisa will forever remains smap childhood friends and rena as his good buddy].

Kouhaku 2009

– for NakaNaka again.. together with children kouhaku segment [Nozomi Ponyo singer as Red Captain and Kato Seishiro Ninkyo Helper’s boy as White Captain].

if nakama holding nozomi’s hamd and nakai holding kato’s hand .. it’ll be like a family portrait  —-> remind me of takeno-amami [otosan-okasan] and their BOSS kids photo shoot last time.

– last year Koshiro-san was the jury… this year, Ryo-san [Shingo] appointed as the jury for children —> remind me how good koshiro and shingo .. shingo always took kimura as brother, and matsu as sister[in-law]. koshiro-san must be proud shingo already fulfilled his promise to do musical/butai.

basically koshiro-san is a big fan of smap x smap. besides P-chan, he also followed shingo’s bistro oishii reaction. still remember koshiro-san was really happy when shingo did a great job for short kabuki skit as part of the reaction, when koshiro came as a guest for the third time in year 2005.

Tak Matsumoto’s Favorite 2009 Album
– he listed 5 favorite 2009 albums, one of them is Superfly – Box of Emotion album. which included ‘Alright!’ and ‘My Best of My Life’ tracks … those are BOSS theme songs deshou! yatta, at last something connected between b’z and takenoamami!

i wonder if he also watched the drama .. haha, imagined Tak Boss watched BOSS. now, who’s the boss? lol. to me from my own view, tak matsumoto and nakai-kun got some similar traits ..  they’re 1001 faces, a leader aka mob boss. talking are their hobby. very cheerful guys. although sometimes we could see tak and nakai less of words or smile shyly. thanks to our LEADERS tak and nakai, b’z and smap stay strong!


drama play movie June 11, 2009

Takeno and Karasawa
in ‘Fumo Chitai (Waste Land)’ drama.

white2272gf0Fuji TV drama which will gonna broadcast for 6-months; from October 2009 to March 2010. Thursday 10 PM slot. The filming will be start in the middle of this July… and filming location will include snowy field at New Zealand. This is a special FujiTV 50th Anniversary Drama. The production cost = 1,800,000,000 yen.

Karasawa Toshiaki will be the lead. Wakui Emi‘s role as his wife. Yanagiba Toshiro as his bestfriend. Koyuki as Karasawa’s lover. Takeno (Yutaka Takenouchi) as a supporting actor here… together with Amami Yuki, Ito Shiro, Abe Sadao, Furuta Arata, Sasaki Kuranosuke etc.

yi415cThe story is based on all-time-bestselling novel by Yamazaki Toyoko (who also wrote Shiroi Kyoto and Karei-naru Ichizoku). The main reason why this novel become popular is because the novel was describing bribery much much similar to the actual Lockheed Scandal… even though Yamazaki-san wrote the book before the scandal became public.

ykddicmThe plot: During WWII, Iki (Karasawa) was a staff officer who was recruited by a big trading firm in 1959. At that time, they were in the middle of severe competition with other companies to get the contract and get chosen by Defence Department for the next fighter. Trying to sell their fighter, Iki paid bribes to one of the officer from the Defence Dept;  just to obtain the rival company’s estimate sheet.

Somehow, before Fuji TV decided to produce this, TBS station was already produced the same series in year 1979 – the same year I was born. hehe. Oh, one of the director is Hirano Shin [Esumi Makiko’s husband].

Shingo and Koki Mitani
in ‘Talk Like Singing’ Broadway musical play.

mUpcoming this November, Shingo and his beloved ‘father’, Koki Mitani will fly to New York… to perform a musical play titled “TALK LIKE SINGING”. FYI, this is an original Japanese musical play written by Mitani Koki. The play will be at Skirball Center, New York University on 12-22 November 2009 for total 13 shows. And put in mind, this is THE FIRST in Japanese theatrical play history! It’s Broadway ya’know.. Broadway is a Broadway! *ureshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*Koki Mitani AFA

the dialogues will be 50-50; English-Japanese. But Mitani-san is so confident to say that people will still laugh even they don’t understand the language. So this considered to be Shingo’s solo foreign debut in stageplay. oh, Matsumoto Koshiro-san also did “King and I” Broadway  play long ago.. but it was in fully English. Koshiro-san (Matsu’s father) must be happy to know this.. At last, Shingo could fulfill his promise to Koshiro Papa in SmaStation 2005.

shingo-katori-ecc-tvbcmThe plot: The story of a young man named Taro (Shingo) with an unusual illness. There’s a ‘musical band’ inside his brain. As a result, he has difficulty to speak normally. Instead he expresses his thoughts and words through song. He winds up seeking help from a psycholinguistics doctor (Keiko Horiuchi) and a psychiatrist (Jay Kabira), who hatch up a plan to cure Taro by killing off the members of the band inside his brain.

*haha, such interesting story.^^  Btw, music will be directed by ex-Pizzicato Five member Yasuharu Konishi. I keep dreaming matsu will go to Broadway like her father.. but shingo got this first?! yatta, wish comes true. haha, when it comes to mitani koki… shingo will do ANYTHING for him!
such a good son XD

Matsu and Tadanobu
in ‘Villon’s Wife’ movie.

2k1u7d00000i3ze3This is one of Dazai’s finest short stories. It is about a wife (Matsu) of a poet (Tadanobu), who virtually abandoned her. The setting was in the dark years of the early postwar era. The Wife was finding the meaning of her life by taking a job for a tavern keeper (restaurant’s owner) whom her husband has stolen money. Her determination of survival was tested by hardships, rape and her husband’s self-delusion. But still The Wife’s will was not broken.  What a pain story.

Demo ne.. Aaa, everyone. Listen. Demo ne.. despite to whatever obstacles The Wife received, she still has such a strong and cheerful character towards him. The Husband also showing his care towards his wife and family, in whatever his own way of style.  Aaa, romantic ka.^^ Kind of dramatic movie. Matsu and Tadanobu were having press conference this morning. And she gave a very, very, very interesting comment about her role. Haha, whatever that means. Because of this… Zettai, I’m looking forward to this! The movie gonna release on 10.10.2009.