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fresh October 14, 2010

here short fresh updates:

– Nagareboshi press conference done just now 🙂

lol. goro with the mic.
i adore kitano kii more and more after ii tomo last time.
kii-chan and takeno really cute together as brother-sister.

– thanx to goro perhaps. he succeeded to persuade takeno to come to smasma [upcoming 18 october episode] for JUDGE talk corner. and one more time, i’m gonna have smap-takeno moment! this exactly what i dream for a long time. all my men. smap-takeno-sorimachi-b’z. i’m well-prepared for more surprise. yume mitai demo yume janai! shingo did talk about takeno-sorimachi and beach boys. i was choo ureshi last time during shingo-sorimachi moment in SmaStation during their Zaitochi The Last movie. this confirmed me the good old friendship of shingo-sorimachi, same like takeno-goro 🙂

oh, i still remember how shingo-kun was fan-boying takeno when he came to Ii tomo Autum 1999 for Ice World promo. the way how nakai-kun teased takeno in Ii Tomo Autumn SP 2010 was same level like when he did to sorimachi in Ii Tomo Autumn SP 2002. all above happened in AUTUMN, hehe. oh, btw…. several time smap was talking about their wish to act with nanako matsushima. yeah, feels weird too. nana-chan never did any works with smap. none. smap wanna be the male lead . but nanako was suggesting, ‘why don’t we act together with all members … as brothers and sister’. haha. smap was down hearing that. all they want exactly is romance drama movie.

– kanno miho’s drama ‘Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna’  is broadcasting. 15.4% for the opening episode. not bad, keep it up.

i miss the press conference. but i’m sure it was fun. you can expect that especially with karasawa and miho combi. and i can imagine tamaki just o-he-he or join the club. also the theme song by JUJU!

and don’t forget ya, miho on various mag covers. check it out.

– before i forget, two days ago 12 october, nanako, seung hun and the other casts were having GHOST movie preview. i was surprise that hashimoto satoshi (always work together with matsu in butai) was in this movie too.

and more surprise, ashida mana was in this movie! how come i miss this fact. either the staff spilled this on last minute, or me who wasn’t aware of this. yatta, after matsu…. mana-chan worked with nanako. yosh, i’m positively waiting for mana next jobs… with my other ladies and men. mana as usual was cute there. she was really cute in upcoming NHK Gou series.

emm, thinking of this… nanako-sorimachi’s daughters must be cute too, na. more news in magazines of her for the month of october and november. i’ll check those for sure.


instant 1 March 21, 2010

duu, with not-so-good wireless access,

let’s see if i could do this quickly.


nanako matsushima. still rest from acting activity after won best actress for Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 4 Drama last year. she still doing Nintendo Wii commercials… hehe, so fun! imagine how she’s playing around with her daughter at home. btw, Leo The Jungle Emperor anime movie DVD already available. mitai~ her character there looks so gentle.

his husband, sorimachi takashi. frankly, i feel glad. 2009-2010 is definitely his good year. more jobs, more happiness! last January, he began his year 2010 with Yagyu drama [his first lead in jidaigeki with hayami mokomichi]. followed by Negotiator movie premier and promotion. {although i’m not interested much with past Negotiator series.. and his role looks so Takakura-ish – which his previous role in BOSS]. but it’s shigoto ne. the priority thing is to feed his family :). hope will be more challenging and great jobs to come!

…… later, i heard about his new collaboration of Kirin Zero with fujiwara tatsuya and hasegawa jun. yosh! i could sense a nice kimochi wind blowing to me. at last, no more aibu saki in Kirin Zero… yeayy!! then, when the commercial started premiere, my first response.. “whoaa, the return of my beach boy!”… this time, Kirin Zero was using a nice holiday trip to Zero Island as the theme of commercial. pretty visual, pretty sound, pretty landscape with pretty people. sorimachi-fujiwara tatsuya-hasegawa jun were compatible together and they seem click well. i’m surprised coz that was their first collaboration. sorimachi and his smile. huhu~ shiawase! from behind of scene footage, he seems happy to be there and enjoying much the whole filming process. sorimachi is a nature person and fishing is definitely his passion. emm, i would like to see sorimachi-fujiwara working together in their future drama/movie. onegai~

another great thing is to see sorimachi and shingo in Zaitochi The Last Movie. it will be premiere on 29th May 2010. Shingo is the lead role and Sorimachi is his best friend. the trailer already up last time.. kyaaaa~ suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki daa!! i’ve told you. i have my faith that they will make me proud. i could see a different character of sorimachi here too. yosh, you still can catch up everything again. another person i’m looking in this movie is nakamura kanzaburo [a famous kabuki actor who is Matsumoto Koshiro’s relative]. i hope this movie would be success and remains memorable like the previous sequel.

oh, talking about kabuki… matsu’s brother; ichikawa somegoro was coming to meet shingo in SmaStation on last february 2010. o-shashiburi~ it’s the second time ne. it was episode of Doeramon’s anniversary. shingo asked if he watched anime with his kids. somesome replied that he watched kabuki with his son. hehe. must be cute!

i really wanna see little itsuki-chan [matsumoto kintaro]. not on kabuki stage. but on the TV screen. let him do drama acting, Somegoro Papa-Koshiro Grandpa! as kimura’s son, for example. ^^

oh, ichikawa ebizo (matsu’s cousin) will be in upcoming Smap x Smap. ureshiii~ looking forward to see kimura-ebizo talk. i’m sure his newlywed wife kobayashi mao would be mentioned by nakai too. oh, another surprise info i got… ebizo and takeno seems connected as friend with yoshino kimura and tsugawa masahiko… and kohinata fumiyo. emm, yes. i’m happy to know takeno now start watching butai. please land your foot into that world, takeno. and my wish would be full-filled!

well, talking about butai…

don’t forget to watch amami in Bara to Samurai~ GoemonRockOverDrive butai. and bring another 100 roses again for her… ne takeno, miteru?! recently takenouchi yutaka in D’urban outfits and amami yuki in Lady Oscar-Caribbean Pirate cosplay look yummy. i feel like wanna combine all those in one-stop-display. oh btw, nice development TakenoAmami in 2010 Fumo Chitai. hikhik. i want more… chipsmore.

koki mitani now doing special drama ‘Wagaya no Rekishi’ with sooooooooooo many actors and actresses. well, that is the usual mitani’s style. last time, press was done with the main casts. amami and her ‘brother’ tamayama tetsuji are in … as supporting role. trailers and news already up. they looks good in Showa period costume. {just if takeno could be in the list too. i wanna see takeno in comedy. could you bring him up, mitani-san?!}.

*the line of casts whose gonna be in exclusive cameo in Wagaya special drama already announced. hepi! a small reunion of HERO, BOSS, oguri shun-fujiwara tatsuya to me. and shinji takeda too! wiiii~

instant news WILL BE CONTINUED.


rabumessage January 18, 2010

[Four] 18 jan 2010
matsu now in her roadshow of concert tour. 20 songs + 7 MCs + 1 encore.
the final song is a new untitled/unreleased song.

SmaStation for second time aired “Smap 2010 Gambarimasu Chan To Shi Nai To Ne” . this time, all members got another tough challenges to do. shingo lived as Jomon people [Japanese Pre-History Era.. the era after paleolithic-mesolithic-neolithic]. goro’s task was to get 100 points for karouke singing within 24 hours. nakai as the survivor had to invade military within 12 hours. kimura had to totally change his diet for 3 days which required him to eat tomatoes only. tsuyoshi had to test his athletic skills/stamina – ran up to 50 hills.  i’m having fun watching the whole show.. after frustrated with SmaSma 4.5 Hours Special last time.

[Four] 15 jan 2010
after Kyumei Byoto drama last year, nanako matsushima changed her hairstyle much shorter. but she’s cute – really looks fresh.

i love this year nintendo wii fit commercials.. especially the checkered shirt!

amami yuki also did her her new commercial of Suntory Dakara soft drink.. with usual appearance of the Extra Brothers. she also will come up with new AEON English commercial soon.

otaka matsu really lovely in latest Yamazaki bread’s commercials.. blue and pink. really reminds me of otaku. matsu will going to endorsed Kirin soon.

meanwhile arisa did new ‘4-months free kimono dressing class’ campaign for wasao. i like the commercials.. arisa really feminine.. [sigh] how i wish arisa will be in Flowers Tsubaki movie.


[Three] 13 jan 2010
log in internet – i already overwhelmed with news of upcoming FLOWERS TSUBAKI movie. since end year last time, my friends and i kept tsubaki tsubaki here and there. frankly, i was soooooo sad when rena wasn’t in tsubaki commercials 2009. coz i’m root for yukie & rena combi. in 2008 and 2006, rena tanaka and nakama yukie were always next to each other.

for this movie, rena and yukie will be sisters with yuko takeuchi as the oldest one. from synopsis given, rena tanaka as midori will be in summer 1955 while nakama yukie as sato will be in autumn 1975.

midori as career-minded woman. but when her boyfriend proposed, she needs to choose between career or marriage. sato as a mother and wife who’s pregnant with second child, because of her weak body.. she’s probably couldn’t deliver the baby safely.

there are other casts which are my favorite – aoi yu, suzuki kyoka, ryoko hirosue. in general, this FLOWERS movie is about six stories of six women which are related by bloodline.

i’m so sad arisa didn’t join the list of cast.. but at least we want SMAP too in this project.. onegaishimasu~
[Two] 11 jan 2010

o-ha! o-zaimasu…  it’s already morning!
let’s back to the past. last night, i was clearing part of my recycle bin…
i restored, recycled and did some touch-up to some of low quality caps.
this was taken from Ii Tomo Autumn Special 2009.

Amami Yuki won the highest point for palm reading.. her career, health and personal life are considered perfect.. na, what about future love 🙂 but for face-reading, Fumo Chitai team chose the wrong answer which cause the game ended so quickly. amami was so cute at the back. to see more caps of Amami Yuki, Fumo Chitai and Tokyo DOGS team with Nakai-kun…
go to Refreshment Hall

i also upload new two fan videos..
gomen, no preview.. i dunno why my youtube uploader was sucked since the end of last year. to download smap ladies mori b’z.. go to Click Me Shoot Me

[One] 5 jan 2010
domo. just drop by.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everyone!

i’m still around, watching, reading and tracking all my all-stars.
[so many end year-early year videos i need to watch, phew]

since past week, i opened those my big boxes at the back of my room. and checked all my old dramas VCD/DVDs. one by one. bit worried as some already scratched and unreadable due to excessive using [i’m drama/movie maniac after all]. and most of that old stuff are not available on shelf anymore. uwaa, my treasure .. doshio kana XD

i already start video-making again after half of year hiatus. on new year’s night, i did mv for mori-kun and smap and ladies. and from the list i jot down yesterday.. 18 more videos need to do. lol, take it lisya. how am gonna do that with my hectic life-schedule. …. yosh, gambarimasu!

also NakaNaka’s relationship already shifted another level. really fun. seems they already comfortable with each other. NakaNaka already came up to the same level of KimuMatsu, ne. people would talk just if they’re a part of each other.

i hope matsu already finished filming her Confession movie. she’s preparing for her concert tour now. and she gonna do a stage play .. “My Two Husbands and My Situation”. hekhek, what a title. omoshiroi na.

kimura’s Yamato Space Battleship trailer already released. kakkoii! after ignored his previous movies [2046 and I Come with the Rain] .. i’m really looking forward to this movie. Reason [1] Yamato is his favorite anime [2] i love all the casts.

… on the other hands, kimura was already turned down Mr Brain movie [rumor]. yokatta ne, he should! ^^ because i know he’s waiting for someone-something. already waiting for too long! they already promised each other, deshou. as expected, that’s so kimura anyway. he doesn’t like sequel. not even special episode.

the only he did was LoveGene SP, HERO SP, HERO movie…. and yes, those with matsu. even special drama tanpatsu Chuushingura 1/47 also got matsu [his most memorable scene]. huu, that’s the power of taku-taka-together!

now help us God. gimme back Josai. gimme back kuryu-amamiya. gimme back HERO. oh, we want HERO 2.


tell December 21, 2009

sometimes the captured photos could tell us something. now, who’re willing to dive?

nanakosorimachi and takeno

kimu-matsu = senna-ryoko

the reason why goro did the same monomane and skits in smasma, perhaps .. emm, somehow i miss gorokumi-mihokumi.

in different time zone .. kimura and miho


moment October 12, 2009

i’m cleaning my caps files…
lol, no wonder my notebook became slow… what a big file…
almost 1 year i didn’t organize those.

so who to start with…?
since baitong asked about nanako.. here for her.

nanako matsushima and yusuke santamaria came to Bistro SMAP on 29 June 2009.. for promoting Kyumei Byoto Season 4.
if not mistaken, that was third times she came to Bistro. really really enjoy this episode. i can’t stop smiling and laughing. feels warm. it’s like meeting old friends again.

the entrance part was funny. yusuke walked in..
“here i come!!… nana-chan”, he signaled her..
“haaaaaaait..”, she answered..
tak tak tak tak, in small run.. she came in. [aaa, so cute ^^].

nanako brought some ingredients/food seasonings for everyone to taste with carrot, cucumber, daikon, hard-boiled egg etc. i love the interaction of nana-yusuke-kimura.. they joked around. yusuke talked almost non-stop.. asked her a lot, teased her a lot. and treat this lady so well. also when nakai was not-so-sure, after knowing yusuke’s role as a genius doctor… nanako gave her back-up.. saying yusuke was really great doing the filming.



when i watched this lovely nanako-sorimachi:


reminds me of this takeno-amami.. hehe 😀



so obvious this rabu rabu smoke. i love seeing this combi’s LIVE reaction in Mezamashi News. when it came to takeno, amami was suddenly paying attention to the VTR, nervously excited to hear comment from him. and takeno.. kept o-hehehe, pause, o-hehehe again… Well, honestly it’s rare to see him saying something personal about his co-star. ~how cute amami, how fun amami… emm, alright. let see what’s next.


Thnx God, in Fumo Chitai drama… takeno-amami gonna have a thing! ^^


takakura August 1, 2009




shot0002the kakkoi-ness of takakura aka sorimachi takashi.
i’m looking forward to see him in upcoming BOSS sequel!

Latest info about takashi sorimachi:
Sorimachi gonna make a debut in jidaigeki drama as the lead role.
He’s gonna be “Yagyu Jubei” (a famous samurai/historical person).
the jidaigeki will be in TV Tokyo’s annual “Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki”.
it will broadcasting on January 2, 2010.
this 7 hours long-drama is tentatively titled “Yagyu Bukeicho”.

his supporting cast members include Hideki Takahashi as Jubei’s father, Yagyu Munenori, and Mocomichi Hayami as Jubei’s brother, Yagyu Munefuyu. btw, this also would be Moco’s debut in a jidaigeki role.

tmknbefore this, Sorimachi acted in jidaigeki dramas as supporting only which include a role as Oda Nobunaga in the 2002 taiga series “Toshiie to Matsu”, next to Karasawa, Nanako, Takeno and Amami.
{ah~ seems that my sorimachi, my kimura
and eguchi yosuke once acted a role as Oda Nobunaga^^}

anyway, both nanako-sorimachi already busy with their jobs now..
so leave ’em alone having peaceful life together with the kids.
nana and sorimachi are genki. so what’s the fuss.
hoping his career will turn back to normal.
more and more great success to come.
“sorimachi-san, prove
’em wrong.. will ya!”
step by step ~ fighting!!


Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 4 July 12, 2009

starting 14 july – 4 august, Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji SP (Special) will be broadcast. classic episodes from previous three seasons will be selected – especially related with nanako, eguchi and kimura tae. and the four guests who also participate are hiroyuki miyasako, sudo risa, mao inoue and yashima norito.

1461133 1462667

Season Four of Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji will start on 11 august.
frankly, up to now.. i still don’t know how to put my expectation.
but my sense could feel that this gonna be different from previous seasons.
here some of my notes:
[1] the theme song will be no longer brought by Dream Comes True.

news_thumb_DCT_Alatest news 16th july: DCT will be collaboration with new trio-band ‘Fuzzy Control’ for the theme song which titled “Ahead”. this also as a celebration of 20th Anniversary of DCT. looks like the song’s message will be something like ‘nothing change to move ahead’. aa~ i’m glad!

[2] unfamiliarity of the cast list.. i can expect the best chemistry from nana-eguchi-yusuke-tae… but i dunno how with kitano kii, nishihara aki and ishida takuya. anyhow hopefully itao itsuji could bring some sparkles.

[3] mizuta narihide still in the director list; together with kawake shunsaku and sato yuichi..  i love kawake shunsaku’s previous works after all.

[4] the theme of this season will focus on reality of the industry: “The Collapse of Medical Emergency Unit”. The whole story will be about the life of regular doctors demanding job physically and mentally exhausted by a critical shortage of personnel. this actually based on current situation which is happening in Japan due to increasing of practitioners’ resignation. something realistic, human motivated, life lesson – are what i’m going to see.
1465000 001466133
as a BIG fan of Kyumei Byoto.. if i could make a request.. i would like a VERY BIG REUNION! nanako, eguchi, kohinata, yashima, oguri, oizumi, daijiro, megumi, miyasako, sudo, sawamura, tanihara, hideaki, yasuko and toru. ALL in ONE SEASON. impossible? iya, muri kana…emm, i’m longing.222

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